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WWE Smackdown June 11 spoilers: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

For Thursday night's show:

- Dean Ambrose came out holding the belt, and talked about yesterday's Raw show. Seth Rollins came out and said that if Ambrose doesn't give him back the belt, he'll take it. Ambrose then put the belt down and left the ring. Rollins came in, only to find it was a toy belt. Ambrose then said how he thinks he may have left the belt in New Orleans because the last few days have been a blur. But he promised he'd find it by Sunday and bring it to Columbus.

- Kane came out and announced Dolph Ziggler vs. Rollins. Earlier they had already announced Roman Reigns & Randy Orton & Neville vs. Kane & Sheamus & Kofi Kingston.

- I-C Champion Ryback b The Miz with shellshock. Big Show came out after the match and said he would be taking the title on Sunday.

- Orton, Reigns and Neville did an interview all saying they were going to win Money in the Bank. 

- King Barrett b Jack Swagger.  They were building up Barrett vs. R-Truth as R-Truth put on the crown and cape and danced on the announcers table.

- Michael Cole interviewed Lana.  She talked about how she has such a good time with Dolph Ziggler.  Rusev came out and again and wanted her back.  She told him that it's over between the two of them.  Rusev started screaming and throwing a tantrum.

- WWE Champion Seth Rollins b Dolph Ziggler using the tights.

- Paige b Alicia Fox

- Roman Reigns, Randy Orton & Neville b Kane & Sheamus & Kofi Kingston via DQ.  Everyone was fighting after and Neville climbed a ladder and grabbed the briefcase.