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WWE Superstars results (10/2): The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension, 5 minutes of Cesaro

WWE Superstars

The Big Takeaway:

Cesaro lifted this show to a whole other (better) level with inventive and fun moves, beating Heath Slater. The Lucha Dragons went 100mph to steal one against The Ascension. Again.

Show Recap:

Cesaro beat Heath Slater (5:00)

Cesaro sections are out in droves and yet he’s here on this show. Well, all the better for me. And Heath Slater, actually, who he made look good here. They start out with wrist lock exchanges and Cesaro gets out of Slater’s by using a series of forward rolls round the ring. The crowd cheers on command. Cesaro just has to raise an eyebrow and people respond. So, Cesaro puts Slater in his own wrist lock and of course Slater tries the same, but gets cut off and thrown down to the mat. Then Cesaro puts him in a body scissors and then turns him over and over making Slater dizzy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone does this.

He waits behind the woozy Slater and then pounces on him with a European uppercut and covers him for two. Slater then rolls on the apron and shoulder barges Cesaro through the ropes to the gut and then chokes him with ropes. He comes back in and hits Cesaro with a super kick and covers him for two. Slater is annoyed and so starts to use forearm clubs to Cesaro’s neck and then puts him in a rear chin lock.

Cesaro gets out and starts to just dominate Slater with European uppercuts: running uppercuts, standing ones, drving ones, until he raises his finger to go for one more and Slater blocks it. Cesaro recovers and puts Slater into the Giant Swing for 30 reps and then locks in the Sharpshooter to make Slater tap.

The Ascension beat The Lucha Dragons (6:46)

I’m a little bit sick of this match now, there was a period where this was literally the main on this show every single week. We’ve had a reprieve but now its back. The Lucha Dragons are fine and can be really fun to watch but The Ascension slow everything down and make it fairly dull.

Konnor and Kalisto square off. Kalisto chases around the big guy and Konnor gets tired off this and so tags in Viktor. He gets hurricanrana’d, and then Sin Cara comes in and hits Viktor with a seated senton followed by a missile drop kick from Kalisto. Viktor kicks out of the cover and tags in Konnor who works over Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits two springboard cross bodies but on the second Viktor blind tags himself in and cuts off Sin Cara’s heat as we head to a break.

When we return, Viktor dumps Sin Cara outside and then goes out to slap and pummel him. Konnor tags in and puts on a rear chin lock. Kalisto meanwhile is cheerleading, desperate for the hot tag. Viktor comes in and they double-team Sin Cara with a Stinger Splash from Konnor into a drop kick from Viktor. Sin Cara finally dodges a charge and Viktor gets posted. Sin Cara goes for the tag but Konnor has snuck round and pulls Kalisto off the apron.

Finally, Kalisto gets the heat and comes in and hits Viktor with the Salida del Sol. Then he hits a cross body on Konnor, followed by an enzugiri. Konnor rolls outside and they set up for Sin Cara to dive through the ropes on to him. Konnor doesn’t catch him and I mean is barely near to him. It looks like it sucks for poor Sin Cara. In the ring, Viktor gets sunset flip powerbombed by Kalisto who hooks the leg to snatch a three count for the win. Good little match in the end.