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WWE Superstars results: Brie vs. Naomi, Bo Dallas loses again

Titus O'Neil

The Big Takeaway:

The Divas had a perfectly decent match, with Brie going over against Naomi. Bo Dallas and Titus O’Neil failed to deliver much in the main event.

Show recap:

Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) beat Naomi (w/Tamina) (5:17)

Its been a few weeks since we’ve had Divas action on Superstars. The Divas revolution has meant that, much to many a dismay, they’ve front-loaded Raw with this sort of stuff. And actually, this wasn’t half bad. They start off with a wristlock exchange. Naomi athletically reverses and takes Brie to her knees. Brie flips out of the hold and uses a fireman’s carry into a wristlock on the mat. She then uses her Daniel Bryan tribute kicks, but finally gets caught by Naomi and is single-legged to the mat.

Naomi runs into an elbow and then Brie goes up top. Naomi pulls her off and covers her for two. Naomi then takes over with stomps on Brie and uses a guillotine slingshot on the bottom rope into a cover for two. Naomi puts on a rear chin lock and keeps her down with knees to the back. Keeping the lock on, she uses a running bulldog into the turnbuckle but Naomi then misses the split-leg moonsault.

Brie gets the heat with forearms and clotheslines and goes up to the second rope and hits a missile drop kick. She fights off Tamina, but runs into an enzugiri. Brie uses those Daniel Bryans kicks again but runs into a high knee and gets covered for two. Naomi then misses the Rear View and Brie is able to use the Bella Buster for the win.

Titus O’Neil (w/Darren Young) beat Bo Dallas (6:05)

Dallas comes out for a promo. He tells Titus not to be so depressed for being eliminated from the WWE World Championship tournament. Dallas says the WWE Universe thinks he wasted his opportunity and that they think he should have had his spot, telling him to Bo-lieve.

They lock up and Dallas is thrown off. Then Dallas goes for a headlock, but is again thrown off. Dallas gets in a kick to the gut and capitalizes with clubbing blows and punches to the corner. Titus gets angry and turns things around with huge open palm chops. Dallas goes for a walk, which turns into a victory lap. He runs into Young on the outside and Dallas tells him to move. Young ducks a clothesline and O’Neil rolls out to clobber him with a clothesline of his own. We head to a break.

O’Neil scoop slams Dallas as we return and then applies a chin lock. Dallas works out but is scoop slammed again. Dallas hits a neckbreaker and then clubs O’Neil to the back of the neck with a running forearm. He clotheslines Titus for two and then puts the rear chin lock back on. O’Neil works his way out and slings Dallas hard into the turnbuckle. O’Neil gets the heat with clotheslines and a big boot. He throws Dallas across the ring and whips up some support from a very receptive and willing crowd and then hits a Stinger Splash. With Dallas in the middle of the ring, O’Neil hits the Clash of the Titus for the win.