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UFC: "The Notorious" Conor McGregor Ep. 3 Review - Conor Does the Vince Walk

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By Jeremy Peeples,

Part one looked at Conor hyping up his fight in Ireland, while episode two showed him strike a big deal with the UFC and hype up his fight with Poirier. Episode three focuses on him taking over Vegas for his first PPV fight. Conor says he loves the pressure he puts himself under and that he'll destroy him in one round. Poirier says he hates Conor's trashtalk and he looks forward to making him pay. They cuss each other out during a media staredown. He tells a CBS affiliate that he goes into things ruthlessly and Conor says he's going to try and get The Terminator to walk out with him. Sure, folks can walk out with Steven Seagal, but who cares about him? It's all about the Governator and The McGregornator!

He tells his girlfriend that he's wanted as a Bond villain, but he just wants to do fun stuff. Conor tells Lorenzo that he'll make it look easy. Lorenzo's looking forward to meeting his father. Conor's father and sister talk smack about Poirier while making pea soup - since that's what Conor says he'll turn his head into. These folks seem like such a fun bunch as long as you aren't fighting Conor.

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Conor's family and friends come into his room to congratulate him on the show being all about him while 3,000 fans show up and many chant "Ole, Ole, Ole!" during the weigh-ins. Conor is cheered wildly, while Poirier is booed heavily. A fan yells that Conor is going to be sent back to England by DP - ha! A group of Irish fans sing about Conor on the streets leading to Conor watching with his girlfriend and saying this stuff is crazy. Conor says he loves that when one Irishman goes to war, they all do.

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On fight day, Conor's sister Erin braids his hair. Conor realizes it and is pissed, but she makes him let her finish. His girlfriend Dee chuckles at this horrible thing atop his head. Conor does some light workouts two hours before the fight and Herb asks him if he has any questions about the fight. Herb goes through exactly what is a fair blow for him and what is a foul - I dig this, it's something they should clarify before each show since it isn't as clear as "a shot to the back of the head". They go to the UFC equivalent of the Gorilla position and get their cues for the walkout.

Conor drapes himself in an Irish flag amid a mix of cheers and boos. Conor does a cartwheel during his introduction by Bruce Buffer. Herb gives them both their introduction and they skip the glove touching. Conor goes for a high kick, but it's evaded. He lands a spinning back kick to the body though. Conor eats some shots that have no effect, while his big left hook does damage. Conor runs wild and tears through him. Rogan calls him legit. Conor cuts his post-fight promo and says that featherweights don't understand what it's like to be hit by him. He says he's the new generation of the fighting Irish, and they all go to war.

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We go backstage immediately after the fight and Conor says that he lost half a tooth from an old injury and now it's gone again. He takes Irish flag promo photos and says he's not quite happy with the finish - he wanted cleaner shots that weren't behind the ear. Conor takes some fun photos with folks and instructs one guy to never touch an Irishman's whiskey. At the post-fight presser, Conor comes in and Dana says the pimp is here. Conor is asked if his shot was a clean blow, and Conor says what Herb said to him and that it was a totally legal shot.

Conor says he didn't hate Dustin, but it was odd of him to hear that Dustin hates him. He says he's cocky, but humble in victory and defeat. He's grateful for what he's been given and appreciates Dana and the Fertitas. We see a montage of him signing photos and then close with the greatest thing ever - Conor doing the Vince McMahon walk while singing "No Chance in Hell"!

This was the best episode so far, and an absolute must-watch for a lapsed MMA fan who got into MMA years ago for the pro wrestling aspect of it. SevereMMA has done an outstanding job with this series so far, so hopefully it gets replayed a ton.

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