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UFC Fight Night 130 live results: Stephen Thompson vs. Darren Till


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 130: Thompson vs. Till, emanating from the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

The Octagon debuts in Liverpool with their yearly traditional event on Memorial Day Weekend, bringing one of the best match-ups of the year in the headline position.

Former welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson goes for his second straight win and potentially another crack at the 170-pound title when he takes on the undefeated hometown hero, Darren Till.

Thompson, still the top ranked contender at 170 pounds, goes into enemy territory looking to build on his win over Jorge Masvidal in November. Till, the big attraction bringing the event to Liverpool, is looking to extend his 17-fight unbeaten streak that last saw him destroying Donald Cerrone in one round in October. This fight has some added intrigue after Till missed weight for the bout by 3.5 pounds.

Also among the fights on the card, welterweight Neil Magny takes on newcomer Craig White, Jason Knight takes on Makwan Amirkhani in featherweight action, and former TUF winner Elias Theodorous takes on Trevor Smith in a middleweight bout serving as the opener of the fight card.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 10:30 AM eastern time with preliminary action all the way thru the main card.


> Elias Theodorou (#15, 14-2, 6-2 UFC) vs. Trevor Smith (15-7, 5-4 UFC)

They trade early. They clinch and both land some body punches. Theodorou landing some uppercuts and knees as he has his back against the fence. Smith tried for a takedown but ate some hammerfists. Smith is bleeding from the nose as he eats a knee to the body. They are battling hard in the clinch. Theodorou lands some punches as they break the clinch. They clinch again and each land a knee. Theodorou lands a left as they break and then a side kick. Smith with a leg kick but eats a big knee right to the jaw from Theodorou. Smith lands a left hand. They clinch and each land to the body, Theodorou with some knees. Theodorou with more uppercuts in the clinch. 10-9 Theodorou.

Theodorou with a body kick. They trade punches in close range. They clinch and go to the mat for a moment before Theodorou scrambles to his feet. They clinch and Theodorou with some uppercuts to the body but Smith lands a knee to the body. Smith tries to drag the fight to the mat but they are scrambling around. There is a brief timeout but they are put back together in the clinch and Theodorou rocks Smith with some punches. Theodorou now in control of the clinch. They break and both men land some punches. Theodorou has a cut and the doctors check him out due to it being from a headbutt. They clinch again and both landing knees. 10-9 Theodorou, 20-18 Theodorou.

Theodorou landing some kicks to start the round and lands a spinning back fist. Theodorou lands and then eats a leg kick from Smith as he has scrambling away. Smith lands a knee to the body. Theodorou lands a left hand before they clinch. They trade knees. Smith gets a takedown and lands a couple of punches. Theodorou looks very tired. Smith has the neck as Theodorou is trying to reverse position. Smith trying a takedown but is giving up his back. Theodorou now in side control but Smith gets out. Theodorou gets the back as they get to their feet. They battle in the clinch to end the fight. Close round, close fight overall. 10-9 Smith, 29-28 Theodorou.

Official Result- Elias Theodorou def. Trevor Smith by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


> Gillian Robertson (4-2, 1-0 UFC) vs. Molly McCann (7-1, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Flyweights* (McCann missed weight by 1 pound)

Robertson looking to land the jab. McCann lands a left hand. McCann lands a right hand. They trade punches. Robertson goes for a single-leg takedown and gets it. Robertson in the half-guard. Robertson lands some punches from the top. Robertson goes to side control for a moment and continues to land some punches from the top. Robertson in the mount looking for a choke but landing some punches. She's now looking for an armbar as McCann is in trouble. Robertson gets the back and is looking for a choke. Robertson with some elbows from the top as she still has the back. McCann survives the round. 10-8 Robertson.

They trade and McCann goes for a takedown but they both scramble away. They scramble and Robertson gets the takedown. Robertson in the mount and landing from the top. McCann gives up her back and Robertson working for a choke. She has the arm underneath McCann's neck. It is locked in and Robertson chokes McCann out cold. That was a savage choke from Robertson who gets the win.

Official Result- Gillian Robertson def. Molly McCann by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:05 of Round 2

> Brad Scott (11-5, 3-4 UFC) vs. Carlo Pedersoli (10-1, 0-0 UFC)

They trade early and Pedersoli lands a body kick. They trade kicks. They are trading and Pedersoli lands a head kick. Pedersoli misses a left hand. Scott lands a leg kick. Pedersoli with a side kick. Scott with a body kick but eats a counter left hand from Pedersoli. They trade body kicks and Scott drops Pedersoli with a left hand and then drops him again after he got up. Pedersoli got back up and then started wagging his finger at Scott. Scott with a knee to the body. 10-9 Scott.

They trade early on. Pedersoli landing some big body kicks. Pedersoli keeping Scott at a good range with side kicks and body kicks. Pedersoli with a big left hand. Scott lands a combo but eats another body kick. Scott with a leg kick. Scott lands a right hand. Pedersoli with a spin kick. Scott with an inside leg kick. They trade kicks. They trade kicks. They trade punches and Scott with a body kick. Pedersoli with a late takedown. 10-9 Pedersoli, 19-19.

Scott with a front body kick. Pedersoli with a left hand. They trade punches and kicks. Pedersoli with a head kick that gets blocked. Scott with a leg kick. Pedersoli with a side kick to the body of Scott. Scott lands a right hand but eats a body kick from Pedersoli. Pedersoli with another body kick and gets a takedown. Scott has the neck and looks for a choke but sweeps the fight back to the feet. Pedersoli with another brief takedown but Scott drags it back up. Pedersoli with the clinch advantage against the fence. They break and Scott with a body punch. Pedersoli with a final late takedown. They tade on the ground. 10-9 Pedersoli, 29-28 Pedersoli.

Official Result- Carlo Pedersoli def. Brad Scott by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

> Lina Lansberg (#14, 7-3, 1-2 UFC) vs. Gina Mazany (#15, 5-1, 1-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Mazany with a body kick but Lansberg grabs the leg and gets a brief takedown. They are clinched against the fence. They break for a moment and Mazany lands a right hand before another clinch. They trade positions and Lansberg lands some knees. They break. Lansberg with a head kick. They clinch again and Lansberg has control of the positioning. Lansberg with a knee. They trade knees. Lansberg lands an elbow and they are broken up by the referee. Lansberg with a body kick. 10-9 Lansberg.

They trade early before they clinch against the fence. Not much happened before they were broken up by Marc Goddard. Mazany gets a takedown against the fence but Lansberg gets to her feet. They break for a moment before clinching again. Mazany with thigh punches and they are split away. Lansberg with a body kick but Mazany counters with a right hand. They clinch again. Lansberg with a knee to the body. Mazany with a left hand after they break and then she gets a takedown. Lansberg right back to her feet and lands a knee in the clinch. This is not a pleasing fight. Lansberg lands a late knee. 10-9 Lansberg, 20-18 Lansberg.

They come out firing kicks before they clinch. They trade knees but are really just holding each other before being broken up. Story of this fight. Lansberg with a high kick. They trade punches. Mazany with a spinning elbow and they end up clinched. They break away and Lansberg with a body kick. Mazany with a body kick. Mazany with a right hand and then another and they clinch yet again. Lansberg with some knees. Mazany with a body kick. Not an exciting fight to say the least. 10-9 Lansberg, 30-27 Lansberg.

Official Result- Lina Lansberg def. Gina Mazany by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

> Dan Kelly (13-3, 6-3 UFC) vs. Tom Breese (10-1, 3-1 UFC)

Kelly with a leg kick. They trade punches and Kelly is trying to land that left hand. Breese lands a left hand. Breese lands a combo. Kelly with a leg kick. Breese lands a combo. They trade punches. Kelly with a leg kick. Breese with an uppercut that hurts Kelly and then lands a punch that drops Kelly and he finishes Kelly off with more punches on the ground. Big win for Breese after a long layoff.

Official Result- Tom Breese def. Dan Kelly by TKO (punches) at 3:33 of Round 1


> Eric Spicely (10-3, 2-3 UFC) vs. Darren Stewart (7-3 1 NC, 0-3 1 NC UFC)

Spicely just misses a big overhand right. Stewart lands the jab. Spicely with a body kick. Stewart back to landing the jab. Spicely lands a flush right hand and then goes for a takedown. Stewart with a knee to the body of Spicely. They trade knees before breaking. They trade right hands. Spicely with a couple of kicks. They trade punches. Spicely lands a left hook. Stewart with the jab. Spicely lands a couple of leg kicks. They trade late. 10-9 Spicely.

They trade punches early. Spicely with a leg kick. Stewart rocks Spicely with a right hand and is rushing after him but eats an uppercut from Spicely. Stewart drops Spicely with the jab and is swarming on him and Stewart finishes him on the ground. Big win for Stewart as it is his first UFC win in his fifth UFC appearance.

Official Result- Darren Stewart def. Eric Spicely by TKO (punches) at 1:47 of Round 2

> Claudio Silva (11-1, 2-0 UFC) vs. Nordine Taleb (14-4, 6-2 UFC)

Silva right away with a left hand and they clinch. They break and trade kicks. Taleb just misses a head kick. Silva tries a body kick but Taleb grabs it and gets a huge takedown but they get right back up. Taleb with a big body kick. Silva with a leg kick. Silva lunges for a takedown but Taleb gets away and lands a knee to the body. Taleb with a leg kick but Silva grabs it and gets a takedown. Taleb rolls to the leg and grabs it but Silva now landing punches from the top and moves to the mount. Silva with some elbows from the top and Taleb gives up his back. Silva working for a choke and has a squeeze in. Silva has the choke around the neck and Taleb taps out. Big win for Silva as he's been out of action for almost four years.

Official Result- Claudio Silva def. Nordine Taleb by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:31 of Round 1

> Jason Knight (17-4, 4-3 UFC) vs. Makwan Amirkhani (13-3, 3-1 UFC)

They trade punches and Knight comes on the attack with kicks. Amirkhani rocks Knight with a right hand and misses a flying knee and Knight pulls guard. Amirkhani with some punches from the top. They get to their feet. Amirkhani lands a right hook that hurts Knight. They trade punches. Knight just misses a wheel kick. Knight with a front kick to the body. Knight drops Amirkhani with an uppercut and Knight rushes in but Amirkhani scrambles to his feet. Amirkhani lands a right hand but Knight drops Amirkhani again. Amirkhani gets in the rubber guard of Knight as Knight looks for a triangle choke. Amirkhani holding on and surviving. Knight had a triangle locked in for a second. Fun round. 10-9 Knight.

Knight with a body kick. Knight is talking trash to Amirkhani while standing. Amirkhani with a left hand. Knight with some leg kicks. Amirkhani with a leg kick of his own. They trade right hands. Amirkhani lands a big right hand and then gets a takedown. Amirkhani in the guard of Knight. Amirkhani with a hammerfist as he gets to his feet. They trade punches and Amirkhani gets a body lock and scores a trip takedown. Amirkhani in side control against the fence. Knight looks for a late triangle but Amirkhani lands a hammerfist to end the round. 10-9 Amirkhani, 19-19.

Knight with a leg kick. Amirkhani grabs Knight and gets a takedown. Knight with some heel taps to the back of Amirkhani as he has Amirkhani in his guard. Knight trying for some offense from the bottom but Amirkhani defending well from the top. Knight currently winning the round by being more active off his back. Marc Goddard stands them up as neither were being active on the mat. They land big right hands at the same time and Knight was rocked. They clinch and Amirkhani gets the back of Knight. Knight rolls for a kneebar but ends up on the bottom. Amirkhani with a big elbow from the top. Knight is cut open with just thirty seconds left. Amirkhani in north-south position. Amirkhani with a knee to the body and big right hand. That may get him the fight. 10-9 Amirkhani, 29-28 Amirkhani.

Official Result- Makwan Amirkhani def. Jason Knight by split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

> Arnold Allen (12-1, 3-0 UFC) vs. Mads Burnell (9-2, 1-1 UFC)

Allen with a big left hand to start. Allen lands another left hand. Allen landing but Burnell covering up and Burnell lands a right hand. Burnell shoots for a takedown but Allen is defending it. They break. Allen lands a left hand. Burnell with a body kick. They are trading and Allen with a leg kick and Burnell with one of his own. Allen with a straight left hand. Burnell gets a takedown and is in the guard of Allen. He passes to half-guard. Allen able to scramble to his feet and lands a left knee. Burnell with a late takedown but Allen right back up. 10-9 Burnell.

Burnell gets a quick takedown to open the second round. Burnell working from the top. Allen able to get to his feet but Burnell takes him back down. Allen gets up and they break. Allen lands a combo. Burnell with the right jab. Burnell gets another takedown. Burnell with some punches from the top. Allen unable to get out from the bottom. 10-9 Burnell, 20-18 Burnell.

Allen lands a left hand but Burnell gets the takedown. Allen gets to his feet but Burnell with another takedown. Allen able to get back to his feet. Burnell has him locked against the fence and is working hard for another takedown and he gets it. Allen gets to his feet. Burnell was trying for another takedown but Allen grabs the neck and has a front headlock locked in. Allen has a choke locked in and is squeezing tight. Burnell drops to the mat but the choke is in tighter and Burnell taps! Wow! Allen was going to lose this fight if it went to the judges but he gets the comeback win.

Official Result- Arnold Allen def. Mads Burnell by submission (front choke) at 2:41 of Round 3

> Neil Magny (#9, 20-6, 13-5 UFC) vs. Craig White (14-7, 0-0 UFC)

They trade kicks. They clinch and White has Magny pinned against the fence. White trying for a trip takedown. Magny reverses positions. Magny trying hard for a takedown but White able to keep his balance. We have a timeout due to a low blow but back to action. White clinches with Magny against the fence right away. Magny with a knee to the body and he reverses a takedown attempt from White. Magny in the mount and was working an arm-triangle. Magny gets to his feet and blocks upkicks from White. White gets up and lands a right hand as he rushes in. Big knee to the face from Magny gets White to the mat and Magny is landing lots of punches and he gets the stoppage. Big finish by Magny to get the win.

Official Result- Neil Magny def. Craig White by TKO (strikes) at 4:32 of Round 1

> Stephen Thompson (#1, 14-2-1, 9-2-1 UFC) vs. Darren Till (#8, 16-0-1, 4-0-1 UFC)
Welterweights* (Till missed weight by 3.5 pounds)

They trade leg kicks early. Till misses a head kick. Thompson with a body kick. Till with a leg kick. Both being pretty patient so far. Till with a body kick and Thompson counters with a combo. Thompson lunges in with a right hand but Till ducks under it. Thompson with a right hand to the body. Thompson with a body kick. Thompson with a leg kick. Pretty patient first round overall. 10-9 Thompson.

They trade kicks and Till just misses a straight left hand. They trade high kicks. This is a chess match in the Octagon. They trade kicks. They clinch briefly and Till lands a knee. Till barely misses a hard left hand. Till with a high body kick. Till with some low kicks. Thompson just misses a head kick. Till with a right hand. Thompson with a side kick and just misses a wheel kick. Still an interesting chess match going on here. 10-9 Thompson, 20-18 Thompson.

Super close fight right now. Till almost landed a right hand but Thompson snuck away. Thompson with a body kick. Till with a body kick. Till doing a lot of stalking but not able to connect on much outside of leg kicks. Thompson lands a right hand. Thompson lands a flush right hand. They trade punches and Thompson misses a head kick. Thompson with a right hand and Till lands a left. Thompson lands a combo ending with a kick. Till with a leg kick. Accidental eye poke by Thompson. Thompson with a left hand followed by a side kick. Till lands a big left hand. 10-9 Thompson, 30-27 Thompson.

They trade early. Thompson with a right hand. Till lands a left hand. Thompson switching stances constantly has kept Till from being able to mount much offense. Till lands a punch. Till misses the left hand. They trade and Till gets the clinch and has Thompson against the fence. They break after nothing happening. Till lands the right double jab. Thompson with a leg kick. Till coming forward and lands a left hand. Another close round. 10-9 Thompson, 40-36 Thompson.

Both land some leg kicks. They are still playing a chess match here. Both landing leg kicks but neither can land that changing punch. Thompson lands a right hand. Thompson with a body kick. Till lands a left hand and then drops Thompson with a left hand and grabs the neck but Thompson gets back to his feet. Less than two minutes left. Thompson lands a big left hand and Till shakes his head at him. Thompson gets a brief takedown to slow Till's momentum. Neither man not doing much in the final seconds of the fight. This is going to be interesting on the cards as I see Thompson doing enough to solidly win the fight, but you never know. 10-9 Till, 49-46 Thompson.

Official Result- Darren Till def. Stephen Thompson by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)