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TNA house show report 9-17 York, PA

By Joshua Sites

I was at the TNA house show tonight at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA.


Tyrus b. DJZ by pinfall in a nothing match. Nobody knew Tyrus by his TNA name. Everyone was yelling Brodus and Funkasaurus.

The Wolves b. Abyss/Manik by pinfall in a decent match. Wolves were kind of over.

Gail Kim b. Awesome Kong by pinfall. Kong doesn't look like she's moving around too well. After the match, she went into the empty ringside seats and started throwing chairs like she was in Japan. Except there probably would have been people in the seats in Japan.

Tommy Dreamer b. Eli Drake by pinfall. Dreamer came out to his old ECW music and he got the biggest pop of the night for anyone not named Hardy. Nobody knew who Drake was. They brawled in the crowd and Dreamer had little kids slap Drake and dump popcorn on him.

Bobby Roode b. Mr. Anderson and Drew Galloway in a 3-way. I believe Roode pinned Anderson. This was the best match of the night. Roode and Galloway came across as big stars and deserve much more than this. Anderson held his own in the match too. This was the 4th match of the night that featured nut shots by the way. Gotta go for the easy heat.

EC3 w/Tyrus & Jeff Hardy b. Matt Hardy by pinfall. EC3 and Jeff Hardy played up the personal assistant thing with EC3 telling Jeff not to do something and he did it anyway. Jeff started "EC3 sucks" chants, etc. EC3 pinned Matt via inside cradle after a Tyrus distraction and Jeff hitting Tyrus on the back with a chair. Then the Hardys put EC3 through a table via a Matt splash off the top rope to send the crowd home happy. The only thing physical Jeff did was the chairshot and a few punches.


Joshua Sites

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