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TNA Impact spoilers from last night in Orlando

After the show that aired last night went off the air, they taped what I was told was about three-quarters of the 5/15 show:

Robbie E b Jessie Godderz in ten seconds

Jessie wanted a rematch.  Robbie pinned him a second time.  Jessie asked for another match. Robbie won that one as well.  Jessie attacked Robbie after the match and left him laying and argued with DJ Zema Iion

Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards b Austin Aries & Bobby Roode in the first match of the best-of-five series.

EC 3 said he's now the No. 1 contender after beating Ken Anderson.  Anderson came out and said it was Tyrus who won the match for him.  This set up where Anderson faced Tyrus and if he beat Tyrus, then on the next show he gest EC 3.  EC 3 said no.

Ken Anderson b Tyrus

Magnus said he would not apologize for hitting James Storm with a guitar because everyone in TNA knows what Storm is up to.  He asked Storm to come out.  Abyss came out instead and they brawled.  Manik and Khoya came out with Khoya hitting Magnus with his cane to lay him out.

This was the open of the show taped here.

Kurt Angle came out with Chris Melendez and said Melendez was a hero.  He said he wrestled at the Olympics for this country but Melendez put his life on the line.  He asked Melendez to be his partner and asked The Rising to come out.  He thanked them for helping him keep the title.  Angle said anyone willing to fight for the sport of pro wrestilng is okay with him.  Galloway said there would be a day when they would have a match.  Angle agreed.  Eric Young  came out and wanted a rematch saying Bully Ray, Melendez and The Rising cost him the title.  Angle turned him down saying he made his bed with the BDC and lost.  Young said Angle was afraid he can't beat him.  Angle then agreed to an I Quit match with no interference.  But they announced the main event would be a hardcore war and then Bobby Lashley speared Young and Angle announced Lashley would be on his team.