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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Lashley vs. Edwards inside Six Sides of Steel


Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, former ROH star Moose made his debut by interfering in the champion vs. champion main event between Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards.

Tonight on Impact:

Tonight, Impact makes its debut on Thursday nights at its new time of 8 p.m. EST.

In a rematch from last week, TNA world champion Lashley takes on X Division champion Eddie Edwards in a title vs. title match inside the Six Sides of Steel cage. Also, the Bound For Glory playoffs kick off tonight to determine the number one contender for the TNA title at Bound For Glory.

Show Recap:

- We kick the night off with Jeff Hardy hanging out at his motorcycle course. He reminisces about the night the Hardys won the tag titles and when he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident on the course.

Broken Matt Hardy appears and convinces Jeff to ride his bike, again attempting the dangerous stunt. Jeff starts to attempt it and we cut to black.

- In the Impact Zone, TNA champion Lashley makes his way to the ring. Lashley is upset about Moose coming into “his” company and costing him the X Division title. The Miracle comes out to tell Lashley that he’s going to win the BFG playoffs and win Lashley’s title because of Moose.

This brings out Moose, but Eddie Edwards ran out and jumped Moose from behind. All four brawled around ringside.

Dixie Carter appeared on the big screen and told them all to stop. She said if either Miracle or Moose interfere in the main event then Miracle will get fired. 

Also, Miracle’s BFG playoff match is right now and Moose is banned from ringside.

Jeff's music hit, but instead Broken Matt came out. Matt said that TNA must have his written consent to use Jeff’s image because he is now Matt’s intellectual property. Matt then showed the rest of the footage of Jeff on his motorcycle attempting a stunt.

In the video, Jeff crashed his motorcycle and Matt laughed.

Matt brought out an injured Jeff who came out to new music. The music had someone, which might have been Matt, singing about being obsolete. As Jeff walked to the ring, Reby screamed obsolete at Jeff. 

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs. Jeff Hardy

Matt and Reby are at ringside for the match. The story of the match is that Jeff is injured because of the motorcycle accident from earlier. The Miracle dominated the entire match and beat Jeff with the cutter. Miracle advances to the semi-finals of the BFG playoffs.

Post-match, Matt and Reby jumped in the ring and demanded Jeff leave, then demanded that Matt's BFG playoff opponent come out.

Broken Matt Hardy w/ Reby vs. “The Cowboy” James Storm

In a cool spot, Storm ran off the ring steps and launched himself over the guardrail onto Matt who was in the crowd.

Finish came when Storm set up for the Last Call, but Reby hit Storm with a hammer and Matt hit the Twist of Fate for the win. Matt advances to the semi-finals of the BFG playoffs.

- We get an in-depth look at Ethan Carter III's quest to win the BFG playoff and go on to win the world title.

- In the back, Moose doesn’t care what Dixie said and he’s going to fight Lashley anyway. Miracle reminded him that if he interferes that Miracle is fired but Moose just walked away.

- EC3 and Drew Galloway had a face-to-face in the ring. Galloway points out that the only way they could face off in the BFG playoff is in the finals. EC3 insulted Galloway so vulgarly it was bleeped out. They weren’t going to wait and wanted to fight now.

This brings out King of the Mountain champion Eli Drake. Drake told Galloway to leave because he’s got a match with EC3. 

King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake vs. Ethan Carter III

Another good BFG playoff match. Finish of the match came when EC3 rolled up Drake to get the pin. EC3 advances in the BFG playoffs.

- We get a fake infomercial featuring “The Fixer” Tyrus. He’s offering his services to anyone who needs a fixer.

- All the Knockouts are in the ring. Gail Kim took the mic and said that Maria was scared to face her. Since Kim can’t get a match with Maria, she wants a title match with Sienna. Maria says whoever takes out Kim will get a reward. Jade and Marti end up brawling. Madison Rayne turned on Kim and gave her a reverse DDT.

- In the back, Bram was getting ready for his BFG match. Rosemary showed up and they passionately held one another, they basically porno-frenched to say the least.

- Backstage, The Tribunal jumped Mahabali Shera and left him on the ground withering in pain.

Bram vs. Drew Galloway

This was a good hard-hitting fight. Finish came when Galloway hit a sick looking tornado Future Shock DDT to score the pin. Galloway advances to the semi-finals in the BFG playoffs.

Six Side of Steel Cage Match: TNA World Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley vs. TNA X Division Champion Eddie Edwards

The match can only end by pinfall or submission. 

This was a great match. As Lashley entered the Six Sides of Steel, Edwards hit a dive through the door on Lashley to start things off. They brawled around ringside briefly and then finally entered the cage with Lashley in control.

Edwards had a short period of offense but Lashley cut him off. Edwards hit a crazy hurricanrana off the top on Lashley. Edwards was hanging on the top of the cage and Lashley gave him superplex. Lashley hit two spears to win the match.

Lashley is still TNA world champion and is now the X Division champion too.

Post-match, Lashley set up for another spear on Edwards, then EC3, Broken Matt, Drew, Miracle, and Moose all came out for a big brawl to end the show.

Next Time on Impact:

On next week's show it’s the semi-finals of the Bound For Glory playoffs. EC3 takes on Broken Matt and Mike Bennett faces off with Drew Galloway.