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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Drew Galloway defends the title against Jeff Hardy

Galloway vs. Hardy

Previously on TNA Impact:

Last week, new TNA World Champion Drew Galloway proclaimed that people would start looking at the TNA World title and Impact Wrestling differently. He promised to put TNA on the map again. Perhaps he’s on to something, as ratings have been going up ever so slightly the last two weeks and started to do so the night he won the title. In last week’s main event, Jeff Hardy was victorious in a gauntlet battle royal featuring the promotions top stars to earn a shot at the TNA World Title.


Tonight’s Impact features a huge main event, as Drew Galloway will defend the TNA World Title against Jeff Hardy.

Show Recap:

-Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to Impact as Matt Hardy, Reby, Tyrus and Rockstar Spud make their way to the ring.

- Matt is demanding his return match for the TNA World title and wants it before Jeff gets his shot in the main event. Suddenly “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis, looking stunning, interrupts and introduces “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Bennett calls Matt old and tells him to relax. Bennett thinks neither Matt nor Jeff deserve the title shot; he does. Reby and Maria argued back and forth. Reby called Maria “fire crotch.” Reby had to be held back from attacking Maria who didn’t back down. Matt and Bennett tease fighting each other but they’re interrupted by the catchiest music in wrestling and Ethan Carter III.

EC3 was hilarious here referencing The Three Stooges and prayed to the Lord of Professional Wrestling to find a place for Bennett’s wrestling career in the afterlife. EC3 wants to face Bennett but the Miracle isn’t interested. Instead, Matt Hardy challenged EC3 to face all members of The Matt Hardy Brand (Hardy, Tyrus, Spud and Reby.) EC3 agreed to the match.

Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy, Reby, Tyrus & Rockstar Spud

Mike Bennett and Maria are sitting at ringside. EC3 dominates the early moments of the action until the heels take over. The story of the match is that EC3 has nobody to tag while the heels tag out when they’re in trouble. Reby gave EC3 three slaps across the face but has yet to get in the match officially. EC3 makes his own comeback and takes out Tyrus. EC3 got the Cobra Clutch on Spud but Mike Bennett ran in for the DQ. The heels beat down EC3 until Beer Money ran out for the save and cleared the ring.

Beer Money takes the mic and says they’re not out here to stop the fight. Beer Money & EC3 challenge Matt Hardy, Tyrus and Mike Bennett to a six man and its starts after the commercial break.

Ethan Carter III and Beer Money (Bobby Roode & James Storm) vs. Matt Hardy, Tyrus & “Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Reby Sky, Rockstar Spud and Maria Kanellis

Back from commercial and the match is in progress. Storm has the advantage on Bennett until Tyrus beats Storm down on the outside. The heels isolate Storm and prevent him from tagging out. Roode gets the tag and he runs wild taking out the heels. EC3 goes after Bennett but he hides behind Maria. EC3 chases Bennett to the back. Beer Money gets the double suplex on Tyrus, which gets a big reaction from the crowd. Tyrus saves Matt Hardy from the DWI and Hardy hits the twist of fate on Roode for the win.

-Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim about last week’s Knockouts Match, where Jade apparently became the number one contender for the title. Gail announces another number one contenders match between Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne.

-Back from commercial and in the back, BroMans talk about their surprising reunion as a team. They're interrupted by Eli Drake, who says he has business to take care of.

Number One Contenders Match for Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Josh and The Pope mention that Velvet and Madison are best friends. The story here is that last week Maria made a number one contenders match, so Gail made a number one contenders match too. Josh wonders who will be the number one contender, the winner of this match or Jade. The crowd was mostly dead for this match but there was a small Velvet Sky chant. They had a back and forth match which ended suddenly when Madison scores the pin on Velvet.

Post match, Velvet teased being upset about the loss but instead she raised Madison’s hand and they embraced.

-Backstage, TNA World Champion Drew Galloway promised to beat Jeff Hardy and retain his title tonight.

-Back in the arena, Josh asked Pope for his prediction for tonight’s main event but Pope seemed distracted. He told Josh that he has something to get off his chest. The Pope entered the ring as we cut to commercial.

-Back from commercial, The Pope is in the ring. He talks about being happy-go-lucky Pope recently but needs to go back to the old Pope. “The Destroyer” Lashley comes out and tells Pope to go back to commentary. Lashley wants Pope to apologize for sticking his nose in his business. Pope cuts a passionate promo and challenges Lashley to a fight. Pope and Lashley end up brawling, with referees and officials trying to pull them apart. Lashley gets the better of Pope. Lashley sets up for the spear but Pope moves and Lashley falls to the outside. Pope hits a cross body onto Lashley on the outside. Security runs down to break it up but they keep fighting.

This was a really good segment, with Pope as the underdog and Lashley as the heel. Pope was full of passion and was great overall. Also, the brawl was pretty wild and exciting.

-Next, we get another creepy music video for Decay featuring Marilyn Manson. 

-Back from commercial, Jeremy Borash has now joined Josh on commentary.

-Eric Young and Bram make their way to the ring. EY and Bram tease dissension after last week when Bram accidentally eliminated EY in the gauntlet battle royal but EY says everything is okay. EY wants Jeff Hardy to win the world title tonight so he can beat Jeff for the title. They’re interrupted by The BroMans.

Bram & Eric Young vs. BroMans (Robbie E & Jesse Godderz)

BroMans charge the ring and attack the heels. EY and Bram cut off BroMans and get the advantage. They isolate Robbie E until he makes the tag to Jesse. Jesse runs wild and takes out both Bram and EY. Bram holds Jesse for EY but Jesse moves and he nails Bram in the face. The BroMans win with the Bro Down and Jesse surprisingly scores the pin fall on EY.

-Josh says we’re getting the celebration for Grado getting his TNA job back after the commercial.

-Backstage, Grado and Mahabali Shera discuss plans for the party, which Grado has spent $5,000 on. Al Snow shows up and for no apparent reason, attacks both Grado and Shera. Al breaks the arm of Grado with a pipe. Josh doesn’t understand why Al would do this. He's not the only one.

-In the ring, Gregory Shane Helms and X Division Champion Trevor Lee call out Eddie Edwards. J.B says that Eddie has no direction since his partner Davey Richards got injured. Shane praised The American Wolves as one of the greatest tag teams. Eddie is going to focus on his solo career and wants to go after the X Division title. Shane and Trevor Lee avoid answering Eddie’s challenge for the X Division title. Instead, Shane wants to tag with Eddie to challenge Beer Money for the tag titles. Shane is going to give Eddie a week to think about it.

-Backstage, an irate Pope challenges Lashley to a match next week on Impact.

-Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring for the main event, which comes up next after the commercial break.

TNA World Champion Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy

Josh mentions that this is the first meeting between Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy. They shake hands before they lock up. The story of the match is that they have a mutual respect for each other. Jeff sends Drew to the outside and hits a dive to the outside to get the advantage.

Back from commercial, Jeff is still in control of the match. Jeff hits the twist of fate and goes up for the swanton bomb but Drew tripped Jeff up. Drew hit the claymore kick but only got a near fall. Drew was standing on the second rope and had Jeff on his shoulder in a power slam like position. Jeff countered and flipped Drew off the turnbuckle. This was a pretty scary looking spot. Jeff got another two count. Jeff set Drew up on the steal steps on the outside. Jeff went for the swanton bomb but Drew got his knees up. Jeff struggled to his feet and Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for the win to retain the World Title.

Post match, Jeff and Drew embraced, while Drew celebrated his first title defense. Matt Hardy came out and announced that next week, he gets his return match for the TNA World title. Drew was willing to defend the belt right now and called for the bell. EY and Bram ran out and helped Matt attack Drew and Jeff.  Drew hits the claymore on EY & Bram and Jeff hits the twist of fate on Matt. Jeff then challenged Eric Young next week in a Six Side of Steel Cage match.

Final Thoughts:

TNA put on another solid Impact this week. The show had its ups and downs and can drag at times. However there are a lot of positives such as, their attempt to create new stars and provide compelling matches. Time will tell if TNA can build on this small bit of momentum that they have.

Next Week on Impact:

Next week’s show has a loaded line up with PPV caliber matches. TNA World Champion Drew Galloway will defend against Matt Hardy. Also, Jeff Hardy goes one on one with Eric Young in Six Sides of Steel. Additionally, The Pope will battle it out with “The Destroyer” Lashley. Plus, Eddie Edwards must decide if he wants to tag with Gregory Shane Helms to challenge for the TNA Tag titles.