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TNA Impact Wrestling results: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy Last Man Standing title vs career match

Matt Hardy vs. EC3

Previously on TNA Impact:

Matt Hardy offered to put his career on the line against Ethan Carter III in order to receive one last shot at the TNA World Title.

On this week's show:

The main event will be TNA Champion EC3 vs. Matt Hardy in a title vs. career Last Man Standing Match. Also Knockouts champion Gail Kim will defend against Awesome Kong, plus “Miracle” Michael Bennett and “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis will make their Impact debut, and more on the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.


Impact kicks off with an awesome video package previewing the main event. Josh Matthews is pushing on commentary that this match would be the last time the two will meet.

- Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic. He says “that something just doesn’t feel right” in regards to the main event. He calls brother Matt to the ring. They’re pushing that this could be the last night that we see Matt Hardy. Matt convinces Jeff that he’s going to beat EC3 and there’s nothing to worry about. Jeff starts a “Hardy” chant. EC3’s music hits but out comes Tyrus. Tyrus is upset that Jeff called him stupid last week when he implied that Tyrus couldn’t read. Tyrus challenges Jeff to a match and he accepts.

Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus

Josh reminds us that Tyrus is the “de facto” number one contender for the TNA World Title. Jeff went to the top rope but lost his balance, fell and injured his knee. Tyrus dominates Jeff for the rest of the match. Tyrus goes for a steal chair and shoved the referee, which led to a DQ. After the match, Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Tyrus.

- Next week it’s Feast or Fired on Impact. We get a video package explaining the concept of the Feast or Fired Match.

- Backstage, TNA tag champs The Wolves talk about the past two years in TNA. They name several tag teams they have beaten which includes the Bro Mans, The Hardys, and Team 3D. Now they’re looking to face off with Beer Money. Crazzy Steve interrupts them and laughs manically. Suddenly, The Wolves and the cameraman are attacked from behind by a mysterious monster. We see only his boot. 

TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Before the match, Kong grabs the mic. Kong tells Kim that nobody cares that she’s married to the cook even though “he makes the best damn lobster raviolis I’ve ever eaten in my life.” This was in reference to Gail Kim’s husband, celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Kong dominated Gail in the early part of the match. Gail hits a crossbody off the top rope to the outside and takes out the entire Dollhouse. The Beautiful People run down and fight Marti Bell and Rebel to the back. Gail hits Eat Defeat on Kong, and throws Jade off the top rope onto Kong. Gail pins Kong to win the match and retain her title.

- They show Jeff injuring his leg earlier in his match with Tyrus.

- Back from commercial, we get scenes from the Kurt Angle Speaking Tour. Kurt talked about a match he had earlier in the year with Bobby Lashley and hopes to face him again.

- Beer Money head down to the ring and they’re looking for a fight. They call out Eric Young and Bram but instead, Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz come to the ring.

Beer Money vs. Jesse Godderz & Eli Drake

They brawl around ringside to start the match. Drake and Godderz get the advantage early on but Beer Money quickly puts an end to that. Beer Money hits the DWI to win the match.

- Backstage, Jeff is icing his knee when Matt, Reby, and Maxell come in to check on him. They convince Jeff to leave and go to the hospital to get the knee checked. Jeff wants to stay for the main event but Matt assures him he’ll be okay. Jeff leaves the arena.

- Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring. Kurt wonders who should be the next person he faces in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour. “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Lashley explains that 14 years ago Kurt Angle discovered him. Lashley then quotes Ric Flair and says, “To Be The Man, You Have to Beat The Man” and that Kurt Angle is the man. Lashley challenges Kurt Angle and Kurt accepts.

-Backstage Lashley is asked about his upcoming match with Kurt Angle, when a mysterious woman in a stunning/sparkling dress with purple hair interrupts. She says, “my pleasure is your pain.” She walks away and Lashley is checking her out hardcore.

“Miracle” Michael Bennett vs. Pepper Parks

-Maria Kanellis comes and introduces The Miracle. Bennett gets the advantage in the match with a sweet looking super kick. This was basically a squash match to showcase the skills and talent of Michael Bennett. “Miracle” Michael Bennett picks up the win.

TNA Champion Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy – Title vs. Career Last Man Standing Match

It’s main event time. Both Matt Hardy and EC3 come out alone. They use a lot of weapons, such as tables, chairs, and ladders. Matt hits a twist of fate from the apron through a table at ringside. Reby Sky is watching the match from ringside. Tyrus makes his way down to the ring. Instead of helping EC3, Tyrus turns on him and attacks EC3. He then goes over and hugs Matt. EC3 is playing the face, while Matt is now playing the heel. EC3 fights off both Hardy and Tyrus. Matt uses the TNA World title to knock out EC3. Matt is the new TNA World Champion. After the match, Matt is now a full blown heel and is insulting the fans. Matt hits EC3 with a one man con-chairto. Matt Hardy, Reby, and Tyrus pose on the entrance way with the world title to end the show. A double turn happens with Matt Hardy now the heel, while EC3 is now a babyface.

Final Thoughts:

A good show this week with a really solid main event, which was followed up by a major angle. The double turn was an interesting choice. Next week's show is built around the Feast or Fired Match with Booby Roode, James Storm, Rockstar Spud, Eli Drake, Jesse Godderz, Eric Young, Bram, Grado, Chris Melendez, Robbie E, Aiden O’Shea and Drew Galloway.