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TNA live results 1/5: Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III, Bobby Lashley vs Eric Young


Nearly one year after their debut on Destination America, TNA Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV and is live from Bethlehem, PA, Tuesday night. The show is rumored to feature some possible returns of major stars and debuts of new talent. Already announced for tonight is the conclusion of the World Title Series with Lashley taking on Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young in the semifinals. The winners will meet in the finals to crown a new TNA World Champion.

Also, Bobby Roode defends his King Of The Mountain Title and The Beautiful People take on The Dollhouse. Plus, the character behind the “Miracle” vignettes should be revealed tonight. 

All this and more on Tonight’s TNA Impact debut on Pop TV at 9pm.


We start off with a good video package, and a quick preview of the World Title Series and the four participants in the semi-finals. 

Impact’s Pop TV debut features a new opening video package and theme song written and performed by Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins. Of course, Corgan isn’t just a rock star, but is also TNA’s Senior Producer of Creative and Talent Development. It’s a pretty sweet beat and nice opening.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show. They’re ringside tonight and not at Impact Central. Josh calls Pope the most entertaining color commentator.

Dixie Carter in the ring. She said "they chose” Pop TV for many reasons and gets some “Thank You Dixie” chants. She says wrestling is a vital part of pop culture and that a vital part of wrestling is the World belt. Cue the most annoyingly catchy music in wrestling: “Trouble, Trouble, Trouble”. EC3 and Tyrus cut her off. He gets booed but it turns into “EC3” chants. EC3 says he’s not champion because of Dixie. Please don’t let this end with Dixie getting arrested. Matt Hardy comes out. They recap the TNA World Title situation since Bound For Glory. This seems to imply it’s going to be Hardy vs. EC3 in the finals. Eric Young jumps Hardy and gets tripled teamed by Young, EC3 and Tyrus. Lashley finally hits the ring for the save. Hardy hits a sick dive off the top rope taking out EC3, Tyrus and Lashley.

- During the commercial, Young beats down Hardy.

TNA World Title Tourney Semifinal Match 1: EC3 vs. Lashley

Josh runs down all the hashtags and Twitter handles we should follow. Lashley and EC3 go back and forth. Lashley hits his spear but EC3 rolls to the outside. Dueling chants for EC3 and Lashley. Tyrus slams Lashley on the outside. Pope is very mad that Tyrus interfered and is sick of it. Josh plugs Schitt’s Creek starring Eugene Levy. It’s a pretty good show. Tyrus distracts Lashley and EC3 rolls him up for the win. EC3 advances to the finals.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is walking to the ring.

- Bobby Roode walks into the arena earlier in the day. He talks about his King of the Mountain match and that the challenge is open to anyone.

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle walks to the ring. Angle gets emotional from the crowd response. Kurt mentions that he is retiring. The crowd chants, “One More Match.” Kurt names guys he’s had great matches with like Rock, Austin, HHH, Undertaker and AJ Styles (which gets the biggest pop out of all the names). Kurt announces a farewell tour and wonders whom he should face. He names Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. He handpicked his opponent for next week's Farewell Tour. Is the whole Tour happening in one night? His opponent is going be Drew Galloway who comes out. Drew is honored that Kurt chose him.

They get interrupted by Jesse Godderz. He takes a selfie (I think I’ve seen that before). Eli Drake interrupts. Eli says that Jesse is really popular with 13-year-old girls and calls Angle a dinosaur. They’re both mad that Angle didn’t mention them as part of the future. This all leads to a Kurt and Drew brawl with Jesse and Eli.

- Backstage, Young cuts a promo. He says Hardy isn’t showing up and wants him counted out. Hardy comes out.

TNA World Title Tourney Semifinal Match 2: Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young

They brawl on the outside. Hardy is currently showing no signs of injury from earlier in the night. Eric Young is in control of the early part of the match. Hardy gains the advantage. Eric Young hits the piledriver on the outside of the exposed floor. There’s a light “holy shit” chant. Jeff comes out to check on Matt but EY takes out Jeff with a sliding dropkick. Matt scores with the twist of fate out of nowhere for the win. The final match will be Matt Hardy vs. EC3 (although they kind of gave that away in the opening segment).

- Backstage, somebody in a hoodie is shown walking but his face isn't visable. Josh wonders who it could be.

- Back from commercial, EY is mad that he lost the semifinal.

- EC3 approaches Jeff and says that Matt has lived in Jeff’s shadow. Jeff denies that Matt lived in his shadow.

- Roode comes out for his KOTM match. Bram accepts the open challenge. Bram says that “2006” will be his year.

King Of The Mountain Champion Bobby Roode vs. Bram

Bram dominates Roode, and gets a two count with a roll up holding the tights. Josh says Bobby has promised to have a great “2015". Does anyone in TNA know what year it is? Roode hits the Roode bomb and gets the win, retaining the title. They then accidentally played the start of Beer Money's music, giving away the upcoming surprise.

EY hits the ring and attacks Roode. Bram and EY double-team Roode which leads to James Storm making his return to TNA who came through the crowd for the save. Pope and Josh wonder if he works for TNA. Turns out the rumors about his return are true.  Storm is upset that TNA gave him the “Biggest Disappointment” Slammy…er... Impact Award. Storm says that he and Roode drank a lot of beer and made a lot of money together. They’re teasing a Beer Money reunion. Storm offers Roode a beer. Crowd encourages him to drink the beer. It’s a really big deal to Josh. They have a beer together and the crowd loves it.

- JB is with the Beautiful People backstage. Angelina is 7 months pregnant, so the Beautiful People get to pick Angelina’s replacement tonight.

- Back from commercial, Beer Money challenges Bram and EY to a match to this Friday’s PPV (which is the first mention of the PPV this whole show.)

The Beautiful People vs. The Dollhouse

Angelina’s replacement is Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Josh promotes the Knockouts Calendar. Pope claims he bought so many they’re might not be any left. All the Knockouts are in the ring brawling. The crowd is a bit flat. Gail rolls up Jade for the win. The Dollhouse attacks Gail and The Beautiful People after the match. Awesome Kong comes out for the save. The Dollhouse is scared but they don’t leave the ring. Kong turns heel and attacks The Beautiful People! Kong takes out Kim. The Dollhouse and Awesome Kong pose over the fallen body of Gail Kim.

- Josh promos The Miracle vignettes. The Miracle is coming up next.

- Back from commercial, Josh and Pope start talking but they’re cut off.

The lights go out in the arena and the First Lady of Wrestling Maria Kanellis appears on the stage. She says that fans have been praying and hoping for the person who will save wrestling. The crowd pops for that. She introduces “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Maria looks great and Mike's wearing a sweet looking hat. He calls himself a superhero, a bad mo’fo and “your pro wrestling Jesus.” He cut a really good intense promo and came across like a big star.

- The camera seceretly catches Matt Hardy with his family backstage. He promises to win the title for his family.

TNA World Title Final: Matt Hardy vs. EC3

After the ring intros, Matt and EC3 send Jeff and Tyrus to the back. EC3 has the advantage on Hardy. Pope points out that Matt Hardy and EC3 is how the title controversy began. Hardy goes for the Side Effect on the ring steps but they botched the spot bad and both fell awkwardly off the steel steps. The crowd is solidly behind Matt. Hardy hits a series of Side Effects but still can’t put EC3 away. EC3 hits two TKOs in a row. Pope says they’re having a “Match of The Year" candidate. They both kick out of each other’s finishers. EC3 hits the One Percenter off the tope rope for the win! EC3 is the new TNA World Champion.

Josh points out that EC3 won the title without the help of Tyrus.

Hardy walks pass his wife and child on the ramp. They stop on top of the stage. Matt’s wife seemed to scream something in his ear. Hardy walks off. She then looks back and the camera zoomed in on her face. The show ends with EC3 posing with the world title.

Final Thoughts:

Not a bad debut for Impact on Pop TV tonight but also nothing really spectacular of note. “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria’s debut was done well. The main event was a good match that the crowd was into. Also, the new theme song is kind of fun.