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Impact Wrestling live results: Juice Robinson & David Finlay appearance


Preview by Josh Nason

As announced at the end of Saturday's No Surrender, New Japan's Juice Robinson and David Finlay will be in the Impact Zone Tuesday night to make their intentions known.

The show will also feature Tommy Dreamer vs. Moose in an old school rules match. Dreamer was on the losing end of his match with  Impact World Champion Rich Swann Saturday while Moose is the next top challenger to Swann's title. In other action, X Division Champion TJP will defend against no. 1 contender Josh Alexander while Willie Mack, Daivari, Suicide and Trey Miguel will square off in a four-way.

Before the show, Impact will launch "Behind The Impact", a weekly pre-show that will focus on angles and interviews with Impact talent. Tonight's debut will feature Decay (Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve with Rosemary) vs. Team XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero).

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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Opening video recapped No Surrender, including the Good Brothers retaining against Private Party and Beer Guns. Rich Swann retained against Tommy Dreamer, followed by the beat down at the hands of Moose. And finally, the tease debut of FinJuice.

X Division Champion TJP defeated Josh Alexander to retain the title

Alexander won a title shot at TJP after winning the Triple Threat Revolver match at No Surrender. TJP defeated Rohit Raju to retain such title.

This was a great, fast paced, exchange of submission work and reversals. TJP went after Alexander’s arm, while Alexander focused on the back and legs. It wasn’t until TJP changed his game to aerial moves, that he managed to get some momentum, but it consequently made Alexander go for strikes as a counter. 

At one point, Alexander went for a Jay driller from the top rope, but TJP blocked it, went for the mamba splash, only to get countered by Alexander with an ankle lock. Finish saw TJP hit the detonation kick and mamba splash for the win. This was a great match.

Alexander lost the title shot he had just earned, so hopefully this is not the last time these two wrestle for the title.

- Gia Miller interviewed Dreamer about his recent meeting with D’Amore. Dreamer had requested a match with Moose after the attack from No Surrender, and the match will be Old School Rules.

- Backstage, Myers and Hernandez met up. Hernandez wanted his share of the money, which Myers properly paid. Hernandez also got paid to beat Cardona in tonight’s match. After Myers left, Bahh approached him and tried talking Hernandez to gamble. Hernandez agreed to invest in Bahh.

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card, hyping up the debut of Juice Robinson and David Finlay, who will be taking on Reno Scum.

Trey Miguel defeated Willie Mack, Suicide, & Daivari

These are four of the eight participants that lost the Triple Threat Revolver match at No Surrender. Now that Alexander has lost his title shot, these four are looking to get on the winning side and start building up numbers to get a title match.

Ok match, aside from a couple of minutes that Daivari and Suicide got together, it was all mostly 3-way action with someone always being taken out. No one in particular looked impressive, but everyone did get a chance to show off a little bit. At the end, Miguel hit a meteora on Daivari for the win.

Backstage, Callihan waited for Miguel. He told him that Miguel has no passion and that he always fails when it matters. Miguel sucked it up and walked away.

- Ace Austin walked up on D’Amore and TJP having a talk. Austin brought up that he won the Super X Cup and he still hasn’t had his title shot for the X Division title. D’Amore said that next week, they’ll have a 6-man match, with the winning team advancing to a 3-way #1 contendership. Austin said he wouldn’t jump D’Amore’s hoops.

Matt Cardona defeated Hernandez (with Brian Myers)

Prior to No Surrender, Cardona inserted himself between Myers and Edwards’s issues, when Myers hired Hernadez to take out Edwards, Cardona made the save for Edwards. At No Surrender, Myers pinned Cardona, and tonight, he hired Hernandez to take out Cardona for good.

Match saw Cardona dominate the match until Myers distracted the referee, allowing Hernandez to low blow Cardona and cut him off. Hernandez worked over Cardona’s back for a bit before making a comeback and winning with the radio silence. Nothing match. 

Gia Miller interviewed Cardona after the match. She asked about Myers, but Cardona cut her off to say that he’s not here for Myers, and wanted to wrestle for himself. Myers cut him off to tell Cardona that Impact was his. Due to the distraction, Hernandez attacked Cardona, which brought out Eddie Edwards for the save. Cardona poked Myers' eye accidentally.

- We got our weekly AEW commercial with Khan and Schiavone. Khan said he got nothing for St. Valentine, but instead he gave many gifts, one of which was money to Impact, that he passes as charitable donations. They run down the card for Dynamite, teasing that the forbidden door is open and anyone can show up now.

- Havok and Nevaeh talk about losing another shot at the tag team titles at No Surrender. Dashwood and Kaleb with a K walked up to them and teased them in her usual Dashwood way. Havok and Nevaeh are still not on the same page.

FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) defeated Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

This is FinJuice’s debut on Impact Wrestling, and the return of Reno Scum after some months away from the promotion. 

This was a good introduction for Robinson and Finlay, even with Reno Scum getting so much offense on them. Match saw Reno Scum cut off Finlay for a couple of minutes before Robinson got the hot tag. Finish saw Robinson pin Thornstowe after a Superplex by Finlay, and a top rope splash from Robinson.

Robinson, who had dropped off Wrestle Kingdom due to injury, looked healed and in good condition.

After the match, the Good Brothers came down to welcome FinJuice. They made fun of FinJuice, calling them young boys. They teased them for remembering when they had to carry Anderson’s and Gallows’ bags over in Japan. 

Robinson told them that this isn’t 2015 and they’re not young boys anymore, and instead invited them to get some beers, FinJuice had the first round as long as Anderson could keep up.

- Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera shared a drink. Raju blamed Shera for losing the X Division match at No Surrender. Shera eventually pushed him off, but accidentally fell into James Storm and spilled his beer. Storm took out Raju, so Shera and Storm got face to face. Sabin broke off the fight before it got violent. No match was pacted, but we could be getting Desi Hit Squad vs Beer Guns soon.

Swinger invited Storm and Sabin to his Swinger’s Palace. They did some comedy with Alisha and Fallah Bahh, who got kicked out for not having money.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) defeated Nevaeh

This match was booked after Dashwood antagonized Nevaeh and Havok earlier. 

Nevaeh had the power advantage until Kaleb aided Dashwood to get some heat. Nevaeh made her comeback and started chasing the finish, but she could keep Dashwood down for the 3 count, and as frustration set in, Dashwood hit a taste for Tenille and the spotlight kick for the win. Ok match, nothing special.

Nevaeh’s losing frustration will continue for now.

- We got a promo by Violent By Design. Deaner addressed Jake Something about being invited to join them and he had chosen to be something else, and because of that, he’ll be punished. At No Surrender, he got the pin, but he lost the war. Deaner told EY and Doering that this is family business, and next week, he’ll defeat them in a tables match, and if he fails again, he’ll suffer the consequences of his failures. Good promo.

- Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee tried to stop Susan from challenging Jazz to match,they told her to manage her emotions and instead, she walked up to D’Amore and asked for Susan and Lee to get a shot at the Knockouts tag team titles. D’Amore decided that next week, Lee and Susan get a match against Jazz and Grace for the #1 contendership match for the tag titles.

- Brown & Striker ran down next week’s card. Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Black Taurus vs Willie Mack, Josh Alexander, & Trey Miguel, and Deaner vs Jake Something in a tables match.

Moose defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Rules match

After the main event ended at No Surrender, Moose ran down and attacked the Impact World Champion Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer. With Swann being out tonight, Dreamer decided to do something about it and challenged Moose to an Old School Rules match.

Commentary sold it perfectly, Moose is a dangerous man, give him a weapon, and he becomes more dangerous, and that was the story of the match. Moose beat up Dreamer from the get go, Dreamer had some early shots in, but they didn’t do much damage to Moose. 

Dreamer had to rely on the groin claw in order to finally slow down Moose and get a desperation cutter to get him down. Dreamer got a couple of weapon shots in before Moose cut him off again. Moose ended up setting a table that he got speared through, but he recovered again and finished off Dreamer for the pin. Not good enough for a main event, it was somewhat boring.

After the match, Moose posed as the show went off the air.