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Impact Wrestling live results: Three-way World title contender's match


Thursday's Impact Wrestling is headlined by two high stakes matches that will crown new number one contenders for two different title matches at this month's Turning Point.

Matt Cardona, Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey will clash in a three-way match to determine the next challenger to Impact World Champion for Moose. Edwards and Morrissey have feuded in recent months, while Cardona and Moose had a backstage brawl recently.

As a result of another feud that has been ongoing for months, FinJuice and Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) will meet yet again with a shot at the Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers on the line. Impact VP Scott D'Amore decreed that there must be a winner.

After Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K complained to Impact management about their treatment in the company, D'Amore awarded the two with matches Thursday. Rayne will face the next contender for the Knockouts title in Mercedes Martinez while Kaleb will take on Minoru Suzuki.

Also, The Undead Bridesmaids (Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren) will face former Knockouts Tag Team Champions Decay (Havok & Rosemary) as current champions The IInspiration try to soften up the former titleholders ahead of their Turning Point rematch.

The BTI pre-show match is Savannah Evans vs. Rachael Ellering.

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BTI pre-show: Savannah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz) defeated Rachael Ellering (with Jordynne Grace)

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Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & Chris Bey) (w/ Hikuleo) defeated FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) to earn a Tag Team title shot at Turning Point

Both teams have been chasing the titles, held by The Good Brothers. Last week, FinJuice came close to earning that fair shot they have been asking for, only for the Bullet Club to come out and interrupt the match. Scott D’Amore instead signed this match to crown the number one contenders.

This was similar to the match these teams have had in the past months. FinJuice started strong against Bey, but when Robinson was in there, Hikuleo and ELP started to distract him and eventually, they cut him off from his corner. 

Bullet Club worked over Robinson for a couple of minutes. This was mostly ELP doing some of his shenanigans, but it wasn’t long before Finlay got the hot tag. FinJuice isolated Bey for their offense, eventually going for the Doomsday Device. After a distraction from ELP and Hikuleo, Finlay instead went to take them out, leaving Robinson in the ring to get reversed by Bey, superkicked by ELP and pinned. 

After the match, Anderson and Gallows came out and brawled with Bullet Club, ending with Hikuleo taking out Gallows as Bullet Club controlled the ring. 

-- Gia Miller interviewed D’Amore about the three-way main event to find the new top contender for the World title. She asked why Josh Alexander wasn’t added to the match. Before D’Amore could answer, he was confronted by Alexander about it. D’Amore told Alexander that he wasn’t getting a shot until he fixed his focus issues. So instead, he was going to book Alexander vs. Minoru Suzuki so he could deal with him. Later on, he can continue his chase for the World title.

-- We got a recap of last week’s BTI where Sam Beale pinned Brian Myers. Afterward, we got a new installment of Myers’ lessons where he berated VSK and Zicky Dice for losing last week. It was mostly a comedy skit with Dice getting slapped every time he or VSK talked. Myers ended the segment challenging Beale to a one-on-one match. 

Minoru Suzuki defeated Kaleb with a K

There is no story to this match as it was just a quick squash to showcase Suzuki. Kaleb ran away from Suzuki at first and then tried to attack, but Suzuki easily blocked him and turned it into a submission. Suzuki won with the GSP.  During the match, we saw Alexander watching from the back.

-- Miller interviewed Moose about his potential challengers at Turning Point. Moose ran down the names, but in the end, he wasn’t concerned since he was the most dangerous man in all of professional wrestling.

Decay (Havok & Rosemary) defeated Undead Bridesmaids (Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren)

This match came from Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration after they convinced the Bridesmaids to take on Decay prior to the IInspiration’s title defense at Turning Point against the former champions in Decay. 

The match started with Decay taking out both Bridesmaids, but at that point, both Cassie Lee and Jesse McKay came out to interrupt and set themselves up on the ramp to watch the match. 

With the distraction, the Bridesmaids were able to jump Decay and take control, separating Rosemary from her corner. The Bridesmaids showed some tag team work with a couple of double team combos, but Rosemary was still able to make a comeback against Lauren and tag in Havok. Decay got the win with the backbreaker and spear combo on Lauren. 

After the match, The IInspiration came down to the ring, but avoided crossing paths with Decay.

-- Heath and Rhino cut a promo about Heath’s rough year being out with an injury. Heath said that the tension between them and Violent By Design wasn’t over. Rhino said he wanted revenge against Eric Young, so they challenged VBD. Great promo by Rhino.

-- We got footage of last week where Madison Rayne and Kaleb complained about losing to Mickie James. D’Amore approached them and booked Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Madison Rayne

Martinez is the current number one contender to the Knockouts Championship, held by Mickie James.

The match wasn’t that good. Martinez started with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. She tried to follow with a crucifix bomb, but Rayne escaped, hit a code breaker, and cut off Martinez for a bit with a cravat and some knees. 

Martinez came back with a tiger driver for another near fall, followed with some strikes and a short DDT. Rayne got a near fall with an enzuigiri and a blockbuster, but couldn’t keep her down. Mercedes finally got the win with a jumping knee and a schoolgirl pin. 

After the match, Rayne jumped Martinez and dropped her with a ripcord cutter. Afterwards, she attacked Martinez with a chair until James came out for the save. That was a lot of offense for Rayne against the number one contender. After Rayne left, Martinez no-sold the attack and dropped James with her driver.

-- Steve Maclin cut a promo talking about losing in the last few weeks, but that he is still unpinned and unsubmitted. He said he deserved to be in the X-Division title match at Turning Point. Trey Miguel confronted him and told him if he wanted to get pinned, all he needed was to ask. Miguel asked D’Amore to make it a triple threat at Turning Point. D’Amore instead told Maclin that if he can defeat Laredo Kid next week, he gets added to the match.

-- Beale addressed Brian Myers and accepted his challenge for next week. He talked about learning so much from him and knowing him well after having followed Myers for months. He told Willie Mack and Rich Swann to stay in the back, because he needed to take on Myers by himself. 

Rohit Raju (w/ Raj Singh) defeated Rocky Romero

We saw footage from last week where Raju confronted Romero about jumping in line and getting a shot at the X-Division title, so he challenged Romero to a match.

It started with both men showing off and wrestling with some mirror spots into the standoff. It wasn’t long before Romero gained the advantage with his sneaky style and some lucha ranas. 

The match continued back and forth except Raju managed to hurt Romero’s back and arm and thus gained more and more control as they went on. Singh also helped Raju every time that Raju could distract the referee.

Romero made a comeback with the forever lariats. Romero hit a double footstomp on Raju for a two count, followed with a backslide, but Raju blocked. Romero hit a satellite DDT for yet another near fall. Raju got a near fall himself with a flatliner, but as he tried to capitalize, Romero locked in an armbar, prompting Singh to distract the referee. Romero took out Singh and hit a sliced bread on Raju, but he still couldn’t get the win. 

The finish finally saw Raju block a tornado DDT, hit a drive-by kick, and get the win in a really good match. 

-- Hernandez told Johnny Swinger that he asked D’Amore for a match against The Demon and Decay for next week. John E. Bravo brought in Fallah Bahh to be the third man for the team.

-- Chelsea Green cut a promo about becoming the new number one contender to the Digital Media title, so D’Amore booked Green vs. Jake Something vs. Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Alisha Edwards. The winner gets a shot at Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace.

-- Also next week, Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Iinspiration vs. Undead Bridesmaids in non-title action; Laredo Kid vs. Steve Maclin for a spot at the Turning Point X-Division title match; the return of Deonna Purrazzo and in the main event, Suzuki vs. Alexander.

Eddie Edwards defeated W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona to earn an Impact World title match

After last week’s main event, D’Amore booked this match where the winner gets a shot at Moose in the Turning Point main event. As previously explained in the show, D’Amore decided to not give Alexander the spot until he fixed his focus issues.

With Morrissey being the biggest man, both Edwards and Cardona went after him first, but he easily took them out with boots. He tossed Edwards to the floor and worked on Cardona in the ring. Edwards recovered and he and Cardona managed to take down Morrissey for a bit, but Morrissey quickly recovered and took them down with a double chokeslam. 

Morrissey maintained control, keeping Edwards out of the ring and working on Cardona. Later down, Edwards returned when Cardona had been taken out to the floor and managed to get some offense in, but it wasn’t long before Morrissey stopped him with a fallaway slam. 

Edwards made a comeback and traded strikes with Morrissey, but he couldn’t keep up. Cardona and Edwards once again teamed up and took Morrissey down with a code breaker and blue thunder bomb combo, but neither man could capitalize. 

Morrissey dropped them with a double suplex, followed by a tower of doom spot where Cardona got a near fall over Morrissey. Cardona kicked out of a black hole slam from Morrissey. Finally, Edwards and Cardona finally got rid of Morrissey, sending him to the floor and for the first time tonight, Cardona and Edwards exchanged strikes. It wasn’t long before they dove on Morrissey. 

Back in the ring, Cardona missed an avalanche radio silence and while Morrissey lay on the floor, Edwards hit a BKP to Cardona for the win. This was a great showing for Morrissey, regardless of the winner as he was clearly the best man in the match.

It will be Moose vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World title at Turning Point.