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Impact Wrestling results: Eli Drake defends in Mexico


Previously: Bobby Lashley made his final appearance after picking MMA over pro wrestling. Lashley and American Top Team then beat down Moose. Also, Johnny Impact defeated Low Ki to become the number one contender for the GFW Global Championship.

Tonight: GFW Global Champion Eli Drake defends his title in Mexico. Plus, Ethan Carter III & Eddie Edwards face El Hijo del Fantasma & Pagano.

Show Recap --

An in memoriam for Bobby “The Brain” Heenan aired.

- Johnny Impact stormed into the Impact Zone searching for Eli Drake. He called out Drake and demanded his title shot right now. Instead, KM came out with a referee and told Impact that Drake is still in Mexico. Impact claimed that he saw Drake’s car and that he’s just scared. This eventually resulted in a match.

Johnny Impact defeated KM

Impact put his Global Championship title shot on the line. He got in a flurry of offense early until KM took over. Impact then made a comeback and used the Thursday Night Delight to score the win.

- In the back, Pagano was talking to an unseen person and went over the plan for later.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Ava Storie

Valkyrie dominated the match and easily beat Storie. After it was over, she took the mic and said that she came here to win the Knockouts Championship. This brought out Rosemary, who wanted a title shot too. They ended up brawling and Sienna, Allie, and Taryn Terrell all joined in. Gail Kim ran out for the save and the faces cleared the ring.

- In Tijuana, OVE found the location of LAX’s hangout spot at the gentleman’s club. They partied with some ladies before LAX showed up and they agreed to a match next week.

- Global Forged episode two aired next. Scott D’amore continued his search for new talent. He watched hours of matches and sit-down interviews. Only three competitors will advance to the finals.

- Joseph Park has been getting Grado a lot of work. He’s been working independent shows and is making great money, with clips of Grado at an event being shown. Colt Cabana made a very brief cameo in the background.

Pagano & El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Ethan Carter III & Eddie Edwards

The faces were in control until EC3 let his temper get the better of him and the heels took over. They isolated EC3 in their corner. He made a brief comeback and almost made a tag, but Fantasma yanked Edwards off the apron.

Edwards finally got the hot tag and ran wild. He had the match won, but the referee was distracted by EC3 and Pagano on the floor. Texano came out and helped the heels win.

After the match, the heels beat down the faces until James Storm came out for the save.

- Backstage, Dutch Mantell was interviewed. He believes Lashley is finished with wrestling. He also said he hopes he’s seen the last of Dan Lambert and ATT.

- In the back, Johnny Impact approached Pagano, Fantasma, and Texano looking for Eli Drake. They told him that Drake is in Mexico. Impact challenged Texano to a match and agreed to put his title shot on the line.

Kongo Kong defeated Mahabali Shera

Kong dominated the early part of the match. Shera made a brief comeback, but Kong cut him off and connected with a cannonball in the corner. Kong hit a splash from the top turnbuckle for the win.

Johnny Impact defeated Texano

Impact was in control of the match until he missed an attempt at the Thursday Night Delight. Texano took over and beat down Impact, but he made a comeback with a moonsault to the floor. Texano briefly regained the advantage until Impact fought back. Impact used a sliding German suplex and Starship Pain for the win.

- Sienna, Taryn Terrell, and Taya Valkyrie barged into Karen Jarrett’s office. She booked a six-woman tag match for next week against Allie, Gail Kim & Rosemary.

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake defeated Mascara de Bronce in Mexico to retain his title

Bronce got in some early offense, then Drake slowed down the pace and gained the advantage. Bronce tried to fight back, but Drake was in firm control. Bronce caught Drake with a hurricanrana for a two count. Bronce charged at him, but Drake caught him in the Gravy Train for the win.

Next Week: Impact presents Victory Road. The lineup features:

  • GFW Global Champion Eli Drake defending against Johnny Impact
  • X Division Champion Trevor Lee defending against Petey Williams
  • Sienna, Taryn Terrell & Taya Valkyrie vs. Gail Kim, Allie & Rosemary
  • GFW Global Tag Team Champions LAX defending against OVE