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Impact Wrestling results: New Knockouts Champion crowned


Previously: Dan Lambert & Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm & Moose when Lambert pinned Storm.

Tonight: Rosemary faces Laurel Van Ness for the vacant Knockouts Championship. Plus, Johnny Impact, Alberto El Patron & Petey Williams take on Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & a mystery partner.

Show Recap --

Allie defeated KC Spinelli, Sienna, and Madison Rayne in a fatal four-way number one contender's match

Early in the match, the other three women ganged up on Allie. Allie made a brief comeback until Sienna took over. Sienna set up Rayne for the AK 47, but Allie snuck up from behind and rolled up Sienna for the victory. Allie will receive a future title match against the Knockouts Champion.

Dezmond Xavier & Taiji Ishimori defeated Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

The faces were in control early until the heels took over and isolated Xavier, then Ishimori got the hot tag and ran wild. The heels put Xavier in the tree of woe and set up Ishimori for a double-team move. Xavier knocked Konley off the top turnbuckle and Ishimori rolled up Lee for the win.

- Gail Kim winning a gauntlet match to become the first Knockouts Champion at Bound for Glory 2007 was shown. The order of entry was: Jackie Moore, Ms. Brooks, Shelly Martinez, Awesome Kong, ODB, Angel Williams (Angelina Love), Christy Hemme, Kim, Talia Madison (Velvet Sky), and Roxxi Laveaux.

Kong completely dominated the match and destroyed the other competitors. ODB, Kim, and Williams then worked together to eliminate Kong. The final two were Kim and Laveaux. Kim used a version of the Celtic Cross to win the championship.

Johnny Impact, Alberto El Patron & Petey Williams defeated Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & Kongo Kong

Before the match, Jimmy Jacobs came out and teased being the mystery partner but instead introduced Kongo Kong.

Impact and El Patron teased dissension throughout the match. The heels isolated Williams on their side of the ring. Impact and El Patron worked together to take out the heels, but El Patron turned on Impact and gave him the backstabber.

Williams attempted a hurricanrana on Kong, but he caught him and powerbombed Williams into the crowd. Impact hit the Starship Pain on Drake before El Patron broke up the pin. El Patron used the frog splash on Drake for the win.

- Joseph Park met with his cousin Chandler Park in the back. Chandler wants to become a wrestler, though Joseph is skeptical.

- James Storm and Moose came down to the ring to call out Dan Lambert and Bobby Lashley. Lambert has given American Top Team the night off. Moose challenged Lashley, but Lashley said he'll face Moose on his own terms. Storm challenged Lambert to a match, but Lambert only accepted when Storm agreed to put his career on the line.

Lambert spit in Storm's face and Moose and Lashley fought to the back. Storm backed Lambert into the corner, but KM made the save. Storm knocked out KM with the Last Call superkick.

Laurel Van Ness defeated Rosemary to win the Knockouts Championship

Rosemary was in control until Van Ness sent her into the ring post. Rosemary made a comeback with the Upside Down and exploder suplex on the floor. Rosemary tried to spit the mist, but Van Ness blocked it with her hands. She rubbed her hands in Rosemary’s eyes and hit the Unprettier to win the Knockouts Championship.

- Konnan and Sami Callihan met for their one-on-one sit down. Callihan searched the streets for Konnan and found him on a bench. Konnan wants a shot at the tag team titles. Callahan said he accepts as long as Konnan and LAX leave if they lose and OVE takes over all of LAX’s territory.

Before Callihan left, he threw a fireball in Konnan’s face.

Next Time: In three weeks, Eli Drake defends the Impact Global Championship against Alberto El Patron on the first Impact of 2018. Plus, Dan Lambert faces James Storm in a career vs. career match. The next two weeks will feature the best of 2017.