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Impact Wrestling results: Slammiversary go-home show

Impact Wrestling results: Slammiversary XVIII go-home show

Opening video recapped Jordynne Grace’s win over Kimber Lee, as well as Purrazzo’s promo. It also showed Callihan vs Josh Alexander, which showcased the new union between Callihan and Shamrock.

Kylie Rae, Alisha Edwards, Havok, Nevaeh, & Susie defeated Tasha Steelz, Kiera Hogan, Kimber Lee, Rosemary, & Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Nevaeh started the match by spearing Tasha, cutting her away from her corner and hitting a double team with Havok. Havok tossed Tashar to Kiera Hogan to tag in. Hogan, Taya, and Lee all came in and were taken out by Havok with a single strike.

Outside the ring, all the heels ganged up on Nevaeh until Susie hit a senton on them, followed by Havok tossing Alisha military style on them. Havok followed with a dive, and just as Rae was going for her dive, Taya returned to the ring and cut Rae off. 

Rosemary and Taya worked over Kylie Rae for a bit, mostly strikes and Rosemary locking in the upside-down. Taya hit an assisted german on Rae for a two count. She followed up with the running hip and knee attacks for another two count. 

Tasha tagged in and choked Rae, Hogan then tagged in next and cut off Kylie Rae from making a comeback. Kimber Lee tagged in and went straight for kicking Rae in the back, getting a two count from it. Kylie finally managed to dodge one of Lee’s attacks and got to her corner.

Susie tagged in and ran wild on Kimber Lee, hitting the arach-rana for a two count. Everyone came in to take out each other with their finishers until the last two were Rae and Lee. Rae superkicked Lee, allowing Susie to hit the panic switch for the win.

After the match, Susie was having a small breakdown, hinting that a little bit of Su Yung was coming out. Taya and Rosemary attacked Susie and Rae, while the rest of the women started to brawl with each other. At the end, Kylie Rae superkicked Rosemary and Taya to send them out of the ring.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down the card for Slammiversary XVIII and some of tonight’s bouts.

We got a video from Dayton, OH with Ace Austin and Fulton heading to Fulton’s old gym to train, with Fulton being quite reluctant to come back to Ohio after leaving oVe.

We were told that Rhino and Hernandez have been in an arm-wrestling match since last week, with neither giving up.

Backstage, Moose asked Hernandez and Rhino to tag with him tonight. They both rejected him. Before Moose left, he slapped Hernandez, causing him to lose his grip and lose the arm-wrestling match. Rhino wanted his money, but Hernandez wouldn’t have it and told Rhino he’d be in the parking lot.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Suicide vs Kenny King vs Chris Sabin from Slammiversary 2013.

The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Jake and Larry D started the match with a collar and elbow lock-up, but neither man had the advantage. They traded a couple of shoulder blocks until D managed to drop Jake, only for him to recover and hit a scoop slam on D. He then tagged Cody for the assisted senton for a two count.

Cody was easily overpowered by Larry D, sending him to the corner to tag in Acey. He came in and dropped Cody several times before hitting a crossbody for a two count when Jake broke it up. 

Acey pounced Cousin Jake out of the ring and tagged Larry D for the tandem shoulder block. Cody, however, escaped and faked Acey on to the floor outside the ring. Cody hiit a big boot on Larry, but wasn’t able to follow when D swept him, hit a curb stomp, and powerbombed him. But when Cody was up for the powerbomb, he blind tagged Cousin Jake who rolled up D for the win. The Deaners push is continuing. Good match, but somewhat short.

After the match, XXXL attacked The Deaners. They hit a second rope Romero elbow on Cousin Jake to leave him laying.

Rohit Raju was training in the back when Moose approached him, asking to be his tag team partner tonight. Raju complained that he is always everyone’s last choice, but he still said yes.

Johnny Swinger hyped up Chris Bey in the back. Swinger went to the referee that banned him from ringside to complain. The referee, trying to avoid lawsuits, accepted Swinger as Bey’s second for Slammiversary.

We got a video package recapping the story between Chris Bey and Willie Mack.

After the video, Swinger overheard Chris Bey talking trash about him to Gia Miller. Swinger told Bey that he was on his own on Saturday. Interesting that the turn would come before the match.

We got a recap of Deonna Purrazzo’s debut and feud with Jordynne Grace.

Jimmy Jacobs moderated the contract signing between Purrazzo and Grace. Purrazzo told Jordynne that she wanted her to understand that she was stepping in the ring against The Virtuosa, with greatness and sophistication. Jordynne responded by telling Purrazzo that she needed to understand what she had gotten herself into right now and slammed Purrazzo’s face to the table. Jacobs stopped Jordynne from following Purrazzo after she ran off.

We got a recap of The North’s feud with Ken Shamrock that led to them having to defend their tag titles against Shamrock and Callihan.

Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock cut promos about what they think about each other, putting each other over as tough dudes. Callihan told the story of the scorpion and the frog, which kinda hints that he is going to turn on Shamrock during the match instead of winning.

Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve defeated Moose & Rohit Raju

Dreamer and Rohit started the match with some wrist control wrestling until Dreamer hit a suplex to take down Rohit and tag in Steve. 

Rohit cut off Steve with a kick and tagged in Moose, who came in and tossed around Steve with a fallaway slam. Moose went for the corner tackle, but Steve dodged and tagged in Dreamer for a quick team move. Moose and Dreamer gave us a preview of their upcoming match, mostly striking each other and Moose being cocky. 

Dreamer sent Moose and Rohit to the floor. Steve went for  a dive, but Moose was able to catch him in midair. Dreamer hit a baseball slide into Steve, taking out Moose in the process. Dreamer went for his own dive, but Rohit returned and took him out with a clothesline. Rohit kept Dreamer down until Moose returned to work on Dreamer with more stomps and strikes. 

Moose went for a second rope axe handle chop, but Dreamer caught him with a punch and a DDT. Rohit and Steve tagged in. Steve ran circles around Rohit, snapped his neck, hit a side leg sweep and locked in a submission, but Moose broke it off. 

Dreamer and Moose brawled to the floor while Rohit went after Steve, but Steve recovered and hit a second rope DDT for the win.

We saw Ace Austin and Madman Fulton arrive at their old gym.

Out in the parking lot, Hernandez and Rhino started brawling for the roll of money that was up for the arm-wrestling match. Rhino quickly hit a low blow on Hernandez and took the money. Hernandez recovered and tried to choke out Rhino with his bandana. Rhino recovered and tried to choke out Hernandez. 

They kept brawling with garbage cans and traffic cones. Eventually, Rhino gored Hernandez into a fence. They eventually decided to split it instead. This was a good brawl, but too long for a story that was built with one minute of arm-wrestling.

We got the video package about the Impact World title being vacated and the separate packages on Ace, Eddie, and Trey Miguel.

We got a further look into Eddie Edwards career, with him talking about the ups and downs of his career and life and how everything has led him to the Impact championship. This was great.

Matthews and Rayne made the final rundown of the Slammiversary XVIII card. Don Callis is returning to the announcing booth on Saturday.

Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz were seen walking down the streets of Dayton, realizing that Ace Austin was around their old gym. They arrived while Ace was berating the gym’s staff/ Wentz attacked Fulton and provoked him, so Fulton chased down Wentz, leaving Ace Austin alone for Trey to confront. 

Trey and Ace started brawling around the gym. At one point Ace tossed a chair at Trey, getting some time to dominate him and trash talked, but Trey recovered and continued to brawl. Ace used a broom to attack Trey, once again gaining the upper hand. 

Ace used the chair again and choked out Trey. Ace went after the ribs, then chopped him around. It was all Ace Austin until Trey managed to dodge a chop, sending Ace into the cement pillar. They brawled some more around chairs and into a small stage where Trey was to finish off Ace.

However, Fulton re-emerged. Fulton and Trey had a short staredown, but Wentz came back just in time to back up Trey, sending Ace and Fulton packing to close out the show.

After the show, we saw the Slammiversary XVIII teaser commercial, with someone sending in a signed contract to Scott D’Amore. D’Amore was happy with the contract, saying that Slammiversary had just gotten more exciting.

Final Thoughts --

Good go-home show, it made small touches on all the announced Slammiversary matches, either by segments or video packages. The show took a break from delivering hints on debuts and returns, but it allowed the current participants to get their final words in. Nothing outstanding wrestling wise.