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Impact Wrestling results: Team JB vs. Team GOAT

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Previously: Bruce Prichard ordered Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash to choose teams to face each other in the culmination of their feud.

Tonight: Team JB (Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan & Magnus) battles Team GOAT (Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus). Plus, Braxton Sutter & Allie take on Sienna & KM.

Show Recap --

Reno Scum defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. and Decay (w/ Rosemary)

Luster the Legend ran wild on Decay until Abyss cut him off with a chokeslam. Laredo Kid took out Abyss with a springboard dropkick and Adam Thornstowe followed up with a dive to the floor. Luster tossed Crazzy Steve into Garza Jr., who was trapped in the Tree of Woe. Reno Scum used the surfboard/double foot stomp on Steve to win the match.

- On commentary, Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews argued throughout the previous match. Mathews promised to leave the commentary booth if his team doesn’t win later. Mathews took off to the back to take a phone call after the match.

- In the back, Andrew Everett argued with Shane Helms and X Division Champion Trevor Lee. Everett goaded Helms into being the fourth man in the four-way match later.

- Bruce Prichard came out to reveal the fan vote to determine the number one contender for the Impact Championship. It was between Ethan Carter III, Matt Morgan, and James Storm. Storm won and an angry EC3 charged out to the ring.

Prichard told EC3 to take a look in the mirror and ask himself what happened to the guy he used to be. Prichard pointed out that EC3 not only lost to Alberto El Patron, but he also tapped out. EC3 promised to take Prichard’s advice and will decide what to do next.

Allie & Braxton Sutter defeated Sienna & KM

KM worked over Sutter until Sutter gave KM a suplex in the corner and Allie tagged in. Sienna scooped up Allie, but she got tripped up and Allie scored the win.

After the match, the fury was unleashed when Kongo Kong made his debut. Kong beat down Sutter in the corner. Laurel Van Ness ran in and teamed up with Sienna to beat down Allie.

Mathews returned to commentary during the match. He had a very important phone call about his team he had to take.

Knockouts Champion Rosemary defeated Santana Garrett

Rosemary was in control of the match until Garrett made a comeback. She got in a flurry of offense, then missed a handspring moonsault. Rosemary hit the Red Wedding to win.

- Angelina Love and Davey Richards made out like their careers depended on it backstage. The Interviewer guy asked if they had any remorse for beating down Eddie Edwards and Alisha last week. They didn't and went back to making out.

Andrew Everett defeated Marshe Rockett, Suicide and Gregory Shane Helms

Helms spent the match on the floor and would jump in whenever a guy was down alone in the ring. Helms finally came in, but Everett dominated him and sent him to the floor.

Rockett missed a huge crossbody and Everett hit the Shooting Star Press to win. After it was over, Trevor Lee and Helms jumped Everett, but Everett hit the Frankendriver on Lee.

Davey Richards (w/ Angelina Love) defeated DJZ

Richards knocked down DJZ and went to the floor to celebrate with Love. DJZ hit a dive, then followed up with a crossbody for a near fall. DJZ attempted the ZDT, but Richards pushed him off and hit a vicious kick. Richards locked on the ankle lock to win the match.

Eddie Edwards and Richards tried to brawl after the match, though security kept them separate. Alisha ran down and brawled with Love before referees broke it up.

- The video package for Veterans of War aired again.

Team JB (Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan & Magnus) defeated Team GOAT (Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus)

Mathews enthusiastically cheered on his team and argued with JB throughout the match.

Lashley teased starting with El Patron but tagged out to Drake. Adonis and Bram tagged in and went back and forth. Magnus came in and unloaded on Bram. The heels took over on Magnus until El Patron came in and ran wild.

The heels isolated Adonis and cut him off from his corner. Tyrus missed a Vader Bomb and Matt Morgan got the hot tag. El Patron nailed Tyrus with a superkick. Lashley took out El Patron with a spear. Magnus made the blind tag, then Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Bram. Magnus came off the top with an elbow drop on Bram for the victory.

JB celebrated and danced at ringside. The rest of the babyfaces on the roster came out and celebrated Mathews leaving. Mathews was clearly very upset.

Next Week: Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defends against “The Cowboy” James Storm.