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Impact Wrestling results: World title match, Taya Valkyrie returns

Impact Wrestling results: Impact World title match, Taya Valkyrie returns

Opening video touched upon Tessa getting suspended for attacking Gail Kim, Brian Cage's rampage, and the build up of Kross vs Johnny for the Impact World Championship match, among other things. 

Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann defeated El Hijo del Vikingo in a non-title match

Great athletic back and forward match, Vikingo had a great performance and a support from the fans. Match started with a series of reversals and counters, going to a stand off. Vikingo early on, got a lot of unique looking offense in, dropping Swann with a tope con giro. Before getting back in the ring, Swann hit a springboard tope to take control.

Back in the ring, Swann worked over Vikingo’s back, changing his usual style into more of a submission style. Swann locked in an Abdominal Stretch and a Boston Crab. Vikingo on the other hand, kept the high fly style, making a small comeback.

Vikingo countered a top rope splash, catching Swann mid-air and dropping him with swinging Side Slam, getting a near fall after Jackhammer and small-package pin. Finish saw Swann hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count before hitting a second rope 450 to take the win.

After the match, oVe came out to the ring. Sami Callihan cut a promo on Swann congratulating him for all his latest accolades, but made note that all of that is thanks to him. Callihan once again offered Swann the oVe shirt. Callihan explained that when Swann was younger and homeless, it was Callihan that saved Swann and they became Swann’s family.

Swann once again, rejected oVe’s offer and walked away.

Josh Matthews and Don Callis announced that in three weeks, Team AAA Mexico will take on Team Impact on a four-on-four elimination match. Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, Puma King, and Aerostar represent Team AAA Mexico. Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh, and Sami Callihan will represent Team Impact Wrestling.

Melissa Santos made her Impact debut interviewing Killer Kross and Moose. Kross said that tonight, Johnny Impact’s legacy finally dies and his begins. Moose said that Brian Cage is stuck in immigration and won’t be able to do anything tonight.

Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan were interviewed by Santos. They said that they have been training to finally defeat Allie and Su Yung next week. Santos asked about Rosemary’s role, suddenly there was some camera issues and the monitors behind the wrestlers displayed a message that said that this wasn’t Hogan or Grace’s fight.

Impact Knockout’s Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Keyra in a non-title match

Keyra jumped Taya to begin the match, but that momentum didn’t last long as she countered a headscissors with a back breaker and proceeded to kick Keyra from all sides for a two count.

Keyra landed a huge running dropkick to Taya, if she got knocked out, I wouldn’t be surprised. Taya came back hitting a big one arm backplex and the running knees to the corner for a two count. Taya went for the moonsault, but Keyra blocked her and hit one herself for a two count. Northern Lights suplex by Taya for another two count.

Finish saw Taya hit a sitdown powerbomb and a vicious Curb Stomp before locking in her STF for the submission win. Good return for Taya, some spots were botchy, but they edited them out.

After the match, Josh Matthews interivewed Taya in the ring. Taya greeted the Mexican crowd in spanish. She said that she will defend the championship to everyone backstage, and told Tessa that when she is allowed to come back, she will be waiting for her.

Back from commercial, Rich Swann was interviewed backstage, he accepts to Melissa that Callihan’s claims are true, but there is more to that story. Swann had a great Hayabusa t-shirt on.

The Rascalz did their That’s 70’s Show skit. Zachary Wentz talked in spanish (voice over), tripping out the rest of the gang. They said that they’ll win all their matches tonight.

We got a Scarlett Bordeaux training montage. Her in-ring debut is in 3 weeks.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) w/Gama Singh

Dezmond and Raj started the match, with the former getting some offense in, showing off her athletic ability. Wentz and Raju got tagged in, with Rohit getting control of the match when Raj blindsided Wentz.

Desi Hit Squad worked over Wentz for a while constantly relying on dirty tactics like distracting the ref. Wentz eventually managed to make a comeback, getting an opening to tag in Dezmond, who came in and ran wild over Raj Singh.

Rascalz hit their kick combo on Raj and followed with a huge flying plancha over the top rope on to both Rohit and Raj.

Back in the ring, Desi Hit Squad got a two count after an assisted DDT on Xavier. As they went for their finisher, Wentz saved Xavier, got rid of Rohit, and hit the Hot Fire Flame on Raj for the win. Good showing for The Rascalz.

Backstage, Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Impact. He said he was proud of Taya for coming back. He said that she inspired him to finally take out Killer Kross and he was fully focused on him and Moose. Good promo.

Back from commercial, LAX are in the club house. Konnan said that next week, Taurus and Daga are coming in, and that LAX will team with Daga to take on the Lucha Brothers and Taurus.

Trey Miguel defeated Ethan Page

Match started during the commercial, as the show came back, Ethan Page had control over the match, but Trey Miguel made a comeback hitting an Asai Moonsault.

Back inside the ring, Page once again regained control, working Trey’s back, using his power advantage to easily cut off Trey every time he tried to get some offense in.

Eventually, Trey Miguel managed to sneak in a neckbreaker, leveling Page. Trey followed up with a X19 and a split-legged Moonsault for a two count. Page hit a suplex for a two count.

Finish saw Page go for a fireman’s carry from the top rope, but Trey escaped and hit a 619 and a Fresh To Death for the win.

We got a recap of last week’s Eli Drake promo on Eddie Edwards, where he challenged him to bring back the old Eddie Edwards. Backstage, Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards are talking. Drake tried to talk Eddie to bring out the old Eddie for the big Team AAA Mexico vs Team Impact match. He told Eddie that next week, Drake got them a tag team match against The Rascalz.

Impact World Champion Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross (w/ Moose) ended in a no contest

Good match, Kross looked like a dominant monster who could have captured the championship if not for Brian Cage’s interference, which also gives Johnny a second ‘fluke’ defense in a row.

Match seemed like it was going to start off slowly, but Johnny hit a huge forearm as they were squaring off, triggering Kross’s viciousness to kick on. The match saw Johnny’s speed go against Kross’ power, as Johnny would dodge and move around Kross, landing a few moves here and there, but then Kross would caught him off, hitting a big power move and break Johnny’s momentum.

Back from commercial, Kross was in control of the match. Kross is chipping down Johnny with a series of forearms, kicks, and chokes around the ring. Johnny went for a tornado DDT, but Kross countered it to a throw before going for a modified Cobra Clutch.

Johnny finally started to mount a comeback as they got into a strike off. Johnny hit a big springboard kick and running knee for a two count. Kross kept tossing Johnny around, getting several near falls here and there, working toward the Krossjacket submission.

Johnny managed to cut off Kross and hit the sliding German, but as he went for Starship Pain, Kross blocked him. Johnny hit a huge springboard Spear for a two count when Kross got his leg on the rope. Johnny once again went for Starship Pain, but Kross dodged and locked in the Krossjacket Choke, but suddenly Brian Cage came in and took out both Kross and Johnny.

Cage hit Moose with the F5, exchanged lariats with Kross. Cage and Johnny ended up teaming up to take out Kross and Moose before getting face to face to close the show.

Overall, a good show inside the ring. There were many storyline developments, but most of them small.

As a side note, Don Callis hosted the Twitch stream during the show, giving additional thoughts on the match ups and answering fan questions. Scarlett Bordeaux joined him after the show for a quick Q&A.