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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Open Fight Night returns

Previously: Bobby Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards in a 30-minute iron man match to win the World Heavyweight title.

Tonight: It’s the return of Open Fight Night. Jeff Hardy, The DCC, Trevor Lee, and Eli Drake will all be making open challenges in that order.

Show Recap --

The Broken Hardys came down to the ring. The Seven Deities have told Matt that The Hardys must win all the tag team gold in the world. Matt mentioned that several teams were too scared to come to Total Non-Stop Deletion so they must go and find them.

He mentioned The Bucks of Youth, The Day of New, and The Family of Wyatt. The Seven Deities have provided The Hardys with a transportation device so they can go from place to place winning the tag team titles.

Jeff then made his open challenge and called out World Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley knew Jeff would call him out and was prepared to defend the title. This meant that nobody else could challenge for the World title nor could anyone challenge for the tag titles. Jeff sent Matt to the back so he can do it on his own.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy to retain his title

Lashley missed a charge in the corner and Jeff took over. They brawled on the floor and Lashley gave Jeff a sick looking powerbomb on the steps. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate and hit the Swanton bomb for a very close near fall.

Jeff hit a second Swanton bomb but Lashley got his leg on the bottom rope. They brawled on the floor. Jeff ran and leapt off the steps to rock Lashley with a dropkick. Jeff went for a flip dive to the floor but Lashley rolled underneath the ring and Jeff landed hard. Lashley hit the spear to pick up the win.

After the match, former World Champion Eddie Edwards interrupted Lashley's celebration. Edwards congratulated Lashley and challenged him to a rematch. Lashley agreed to the match but if Edwards loses he doesn’t get another title shot.

- In the back, Tyrus and Eli Drake were discussing their open challenge for later. Tyrus promised that they’re going to shock the world.

- Backstage, Rosemary offered Brandi Rhodes a spot in Decay but Brandi declined. That angered Rosemary.

- A Day in the Life of Aron Rex showed Spud and Rex arriving in a golf cart. Spud rolled out the carpet for Rex.

Sienna (w/ Maria Kanellis) defeated Brooke

The match started with Brooke running wild on Sienna. Brooke chased Maria around ringside but got caught with a clothesline from Sienna. Brooke climbed to the top rope as Sienna distracted referee Earl Hebner, which enabled Maria to shove Brooke off the top. Sienna hit the Silencer for the pin and the win.

- A Day in the Life of Aron Rex continued with Rex getting his makeup applied. Spud complimented Rex and it ended with Spud and Rex saying that he looks “Rexellent.”

- The DCC came out to make their open challenge. They called out Decay and challenged them to a falls count anywhere match.

The DCC defeated Decay (w/ Rosemary) in a falls count anywhere match

All three members of The DCC were in the match. They brawled around ringside and in the crowd to start the match. Crazzy Steve climbed up into the stands and dove off onto The DCC. Abyss spread thumbtacks in the ring and Steve brought in a barbwire board. Rosemary blew green mist in Eddie Kingston’s eyes and Abyss chokeslammed him in the thumbtacks.

Abyss tried to chokeslam James Storm on the barbwire board but Storm fought it off. Bram hit Abyss with a beer bottle and Storm superkicked Abyss into the board. Bram and Storm hit a spiked piledriver on Steve through a table that was wedged between the apron and barricade for the win.

- In the back, Maria and Mike Bennett congratulated Braxton Sutter for an amazing date with Laurel Van Ness last week. Sutter had a terrible time on the date but Maria wants Sutter to propose to Laurel. Maria will do something to Allie if he doesn't.

- Grand Champion Drew Galloway came out and said he’s going to make the Grand Championship the number one title in the world. Moose interrupted and pointed out that Galloway had to cheat to beat him. Moose wanted a shot at the title but Galloway already had an opponent.

Grand Champion Drew Galloway defeated Rob Ryzin to retain his title

Rob got in some early offense until Galloway rocked him with a big boot and dominated the rest of the first round. Galloway hit the Future Shock DDT to win the match in round one.

Trevor Lee defeated DJ Z in a ladder match to win the X Division Championship

Trevor Lee called out DJ Z for Open Fight Night. DJ Z came out selling the injured leg from last week. DJ Z knocked Lee off the ladder and followed up by hitting a DDT off the ladder. Shane Helms passed a chair to Lee who used it to knock down DJ Z and worked the leg.

Lee then put DJ Z’s leg in the chair and locked the chair in the bottom rung of the ladder. DJ Z was trapped and couldn’t get out, which enabled Lee to climb up the ladder to win the X Division title.

- In the back, Robbie E challenged Aron Rex to a match right now but Rex would only face him next week.

Ethan Carter III defeated Eli Drake (w/ Tyrus)

Before the match, Tyrus called out Ethan Carter III to face Eli Drake. EC3 had a large purple bruise on his side. Drake jumped EC3 to start the match. EC3 fought in his jeans and sold his ribs the entire match.

They fought at ringside and Drake continued to work over EC3’s ribs. Drake tried to use a baseball bat but EC3 fought him off. Suddenly, EC3 rolled up Drake to win the match.

After the match, Drake grabbed the bat and went crazy beating EC3 with it. The lights went out and The DCC appeared in the ring. They teased fighting Drake and Tyrus but instead attacked EC3. Drake and Tyrus were celebrating when DCC jumped them too. The DCC gave EC3 a spike piledriver on a steel chair to end the show.

Next Week: The only thing announced for next week is that Aron Rex will go one-on-one with Robbie E.