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CMLL Arena Mexico results: Matt Taven returns: Mistico; Dragon Lee: Mascara Dorada

Matt Taven

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With a slight hangover from the anniversary show, the atmosphere on Friday night in Arena Mexico seemed subdued compared to last week which isn't unusual coming off the biggest show of the year.

Matt Taven returned to the ring after being sidelined with an injury over a year ago. He appeared healthy and tested his knee with a few high flying moves.

Another notable aspect of the show concerned Caristico. Heading into Friday night, he was double booked for both Arena Mexico and an Elite show in Naucalpan.

After all the speculation about which booking he would choose, Caristico actually did a double shot and appeared on both shows. He took part in a trios match in Arena Mexico, and reportedly showed up in Naucalpan in time to appear on that show as well.


The show in Arena Mexico opened with a minis match.

Stukita & Astral defeated Pierrothito & Pequeno Nitro

In the first fall, Stukita did a lionsault on Pierrothito and pinned him. Astral also applied a leglock submission on Nitro for the tecnicos to win the fall.

For the second fall, the rudos dispatched Astral so they could work over Stukita. Nitro softened up Stukita with a double foot stomp and Pierrothito submitted him with a sharpshooter. Astral then jumped in, only for him to take a codebreaker and get pinned by Nitro for the rudos to win the second fall.

Stukita did a splash from off the top turnbuckle on the ramp. He applied a leglock on Pierrothito while also bridging backwards to cover him for a pinfall. Nitro was outside the ring and counted out so the tecnicos won the deciding third fall.

Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso & Soberano Jr. defeated Tiger, Virus & Okumura

The rudos won the first fall as Okumura applied a STF to submit Pegasso, and Felino pinned Soberano after a backstabber.

To even up the falls, the tecnicos won the second when Panther scored a pin after slingshotting into the ring and dropkicking Okumura in a corner.

This all flowed well to build towards larger highspots in the third fall. Using a hurricanrana, Pegasso then cradled Virus to pin him. Soberano springboarded off the middle turnbuckle and did a quebrada to the outside on Okumura. Tiger then squared off with Panther, and Panther submitted Tiger with the Lagunero knot.

Angel de Oro, Titan & Rey Cometa defeated Ephesto, Hechicero & Vangellys

The rudos captured the first fall. Hechicero hoisted Angel de Oro for a backbreaker and held him for Ephesto. Ephesto jumped off the middle rope with an ugly guillotine legdrop and pinned Angel de Oro.

Rey Cometa did an unbelievable corkscrew plancha to the outside in the second fall. Angel de Oro won the fall for the tecnicos when he cradled Ephesto for the pin.

Angel de Oro was injured in the third fall, bringing the match to a halt. Before that, the match was going along very well until Angel de Oro took a buckle bomb and fell to the mat.

Everyone stayed clear of Angel de Oro. Cometa and Titan did stereo Asai moonsaults to buy some time. The rudos got back in the ring and bumped the referee, shoving him down for a disqualification to end the match.

El Felino defeated El Valiente

Felino brought an actual toilet seat to the ring with him for whatever reason. He held it up, displaying it like it was a title belt. To each his own.

They brawled on the floor briefly before getting back in the ring. Not for long as Valiente did a dive through the ropes. Moments later, Felino jumped off the top turnbuckle with a plancha.

Back in the ring, Felino leapt off the top with a flying elbow drop. He then covered Valiente for the pin in a one fall match.

Mr. Niebla, Matt Taven & Shocker defeated Volador Jr., Maximo Sexy & Mascara Dorada (Gran Metalik)

Playing the cowardly heel, Taven refused to tag in at the outset. He begged off and threatened to leave. He changed his mind though.

Mascara Dorada ran wild with dives and amazing high flying moves. Maximo kissed Taven as they stood on the ropes, causing Taven to fall backwards and Volador pinned him. Maximo then also rolled up Shocker and pinned him for the tecnicos to win the first fall.


(Photo: Mascara Dorada flying over the top rope on Mr. Niebla)

There was some comedy with Niebla and the minis as they got involved. Shocker squared off with a mini. Maximo also did some comedy bits.

The rudos went on to win the second fall. Taven did a springboard into a kick on Dorada. He followed that with a swinging neckbreaker and Taven pinned Dorada. Shocker also submitted Maximo with an abdominal stretch.

They saved the best for last in the final fall with big dives and such. Maximo went through the ropes. Volador went over the ropes. Dorada springboarded into a senton. Taven cleared the ropes on a dive to the outside.

The rudos won the deciding third fall when Mr. Niebla pinned Volador after a flying legdrop off the top.

Mistico, Caristico & Dragon Lee defeated La Mascara, Negro Casas & Euforia

The first fall started with a brawl and the rudos cleared the ring. Mascara ripped at Dragon Lee’s mask. Nailed with an elbow suicida moments later, Mascara briefly fled the scene but returned later.

Tecnicos went on to win the first fall. Mistico applied La Mistica on Euforia for a submission and Caristico used a la magistral cradle on Casas for a pinfall.


(Photo: Caristico diving on Negro Casas)

In the second fall, Mistico wiped out his own partner, Caristico, on a dive outside the ring. That could possibly lead to something down the road, but this is CMLL so  it is anyone’s guess if that happens.

Mascara squared off with Dragon Lee. They exchanged stiff chops and strikes. Apparently feeling vengeful over losing his mask last week, Mascara unmasked Dragon Lee. Mascara was immediately disqualified, giving the fall and the match to the tecnicos.


(Photo: La Mascara with a forearm smash on Dragon Lee)

Next Friday night in Arena Mexico is the legends show.