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Lucha Underground 4-8-15 TV Report: Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno title match, Super Fly vs. Sexy Star mask vs. mask

By Jeremy Peeples,

Big Ryck, The Mack, and Killshot advanced in the new Trios tag team title tournament. Super Fly lost the fall, so Pentagon Jr. tried to snap his arm. Luckily, Sexy Star made the save. The show opens with a recap of the trios tournament and the Pentagon Jr. attack. We see the breakdown of the Son of Havoc/Ivellise/Angelico issues to set up them being a team tonight. Hernandez's debut and Puma finally beating Cage thanks to Konnan closes out the recap.

We get a cool shot of the ring and Cueto meeting with Puma and Konnan. Cueto, after rubbing his nose due to the character having an off-screen cocaine habit, wants the tag titles to mean as much as Puma's title, so he wants Puma to find two partners. He'll need them to face the man he facestonight, King Cuerno and his partners – we'll find out who they are later when they come out with Cuerno.

Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show and Vamp thanks us for riding with El Rey. Vamp said tonight's trios tag match was both “sane, yet insane!” in the funniest way ever. Havoc and Ivellise get dueling chants, and while Ivellise and Havoc argue, Angelico just looks annoyed. They'll face Drago, AeroStar, and Fenix. Vamp puts over the Fenix-Muertes casket match since it was the last time we saw Fenix.

Ivellise/Son of Havoc/Angelico vs. Drago/AeroStar/Fenix

Striker says that the winner here goes to the finals of the tourney. Angelico kicks the legs out from Fenix before a tumbling exchange leads to a double stomp from Fenix for 2. Ivellise comes in via a slap to the back, so Angelico comes back in and eats a punt, and then backdrops Ivellise to the apron. Big springboard DDT from Drago to Angelico gets 2. Wacky bit where Drago holds Angelico down and the other two do a top of the shoulder second rope dive that doesn't look smooth, and only gets 2.

Havoc comes in and runs wild with a running SSP for 2. Ivellise comes in via a slap to the face. Wheelbarrow DDT hits and gets 2 for Ivie! Angelico tags in via an ass slap, but eats a deja vu headsiccors from Aerostar. Drago steals a tag and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Fenix lifts up Drago for a corkscrew dive to the floor. Aerostar goes for a springboard corkscrew, but Angelico moves, so he hits Aerostar. Ivelisse hits a pop-up DDT on Fenix. Havoc does a flip dive, and then Fenix does a triangle dive to steal her thunder. Ivellise and Son of Havoc are crazy-over, and funnily enough, both on the 2011 Tough Enough show available on the WWE Network.

Ivie dives, and Fenix hits a punt to Angelico. ROPE WALK ELBOW DROP sends both men to the floor. That'll be a GIF on the Lucha Blog soon enough. Drago gets a chain of kicks to Havoc, but Havoc counters a double team attempt with a double handspring elbow. Havoc goes for a tag, but he gets stopped – then he gets back and Ivie short-arms him! Drago and Aerostar argue, giving Havoc the chance to make a comeback and win with the SSP. Ivellise looks incredibly pissed, and Striker chalks it up to the ex-lover not wanting to see Havoc happy. We get a quick recap of the Pentagon-Super Fly issue, which is of course leading to Super Fly vs. Sexy Star for reasons that had better be explained because that makes absolutely no sense.

We return to the Temple with Puma training and Konnan telling him that they've got her Hernandez on their side for the trios match, while Mundo says he'll be the third man. Konnan says he doesn't like Mundo, but if he gets out of line, they've got Hernandez to take him out. If he fails, then Konnan at least has his steel pimp cane to take him out. Mid-ring, Super Fly awaits Sexy Star. Striker says this was done by Cueto to break the partnership up – okay then, that works. Cueto says that Sexy showed mercy, but tonight, there will be no mercy and makes it mask vs. mask. Well, that's odd.

Mask vs. Mask: Super Fly vs. Sexy Star

Striker points out that this makes no sense, while Vamp says that it's a clear sign Cueto has no respect for lucha traditions. That was actually established in episode 1 with him being a Spaniard who is completely out of touch with Mexican traditions. Vamp talks about the mask being the identity of the luchador. Vamp says that Sexy's mask saved her from suicide, which fits the on-air character to some degree. She's now dressed as a rainbow-colored cheerleader and they get into a top-wristlock exchange. Super Fly nails some Yakuza kicks, but Sexy gets a Matrix duck and a very loose X Factor for 2. Fly gets a big slap, and Vamp says that that will just piss her off more and ties that once again into the character's abusive past. Fly eats a flying rana off the top by Sexy since Fly turns around cockily.

Arm drag sends Fly to the floor and eats a dive off the top from Sexy. Sexy gets a Yakuza kick of her own. MASSIVE chop from Sexy on the floor. Sexy gets a mid-ring Codebreaker for 2. Sexy gets the mount and just bitch slaps him a few times. Fly gets a running back elbow and a legdrop. Fly comes back with a massive slap that sends her down. Sexy gets a tornado DDT and a 2 count. Fly gets a falling powerbomb, but misses a moonsault and a la majistral gets the win! After the break, he'll be unmasked.

Back in the ring, Sexy begs him to not unmask. She pulls the mask off, but won't look as she does it. They don't reveal his name and age, but did show his sliced-up face. Pentagon jumps Sexy and sends her to the floor. It allows Pentagon to hit the package piledriver to Fly and then do the arm snap. Sexy swears revenge while the medics treat Fly. Puma vs. King Cuerno is next.

Mid-ring, Melissa Santos introduces the title match. Prince Puma comes out first with Hernandez and Johnny Mundo. Puma now has a puma head on his head, which Striker says is to mock King Cuerno. Striker says that if Puma doesn't stop defending his title weekly or bi-weekly, he'll never get to a legendary “Punk, Bockwinkel, or Sammartino title reign”. King Cuerno comes down looking awesome with a smoke-filled intro. Striker says his partners are out now, and it's Cage and Texano. The two sets of trios stare down, and while it seems odd to have a singles world title match set up a trios semi-final match, if any group can make it work, Lucha Underground can.

Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno

The partners leave the ring and Cuerno circles the ring. Collar and elbow tieup is won by Cuerno, who gets an arm ring, and Puma flips out of that. Vamp says Mundo is pissed about Cuerno getting a title shot before him, which he should be since he won the cage match. Cuerno gets another arm wringer that Puma escapes with chops sending Cuerno to the floor. Puma tries a dive on the partners, but they toss him into a Cuerno neckbreaker.

The partners staredown while Cuerno makes a neck-slicing motion over Puma's throat. Cuerno punches and kicks away on the mat. Vamp is asked about neck injuries and he says he broke his neck three times. Beautiful dropkick hits for Cuerno, but only gets 2. Cuerno goes for a Garvin stomp before waiting for him to stand and hitting a hard kick to the upper thigh. Heel partners attack Puma on the post before Mundo talks to the referee. What a horribly ineffective partner.

Puma gets a European uppercut and comes back with diving clotheslines. Big AJ-style corner forearm is avoided, but leads to a kick and then a counter kick sending them to the floor. Mundo hits a flip dive to the goons and winds up going head to head with Cuerno. Cage rolls Cuerno back in while Hernandez protests and Striker hypes this up as a Godzilla battle. Puma goes for a springboard and he just gets slammed down awkwardly because something didn't quite go right. Blue thunder bomb hits for 2 for the champion. Springboard 450 misses leading to a set of rolling Germans from Cuerno into the delayed vertical suplex for 2. Crowd says “this is awesome” leading to Vamp saying of course it is! A high kick sends Cage down and then sends Cuerno down mid-ring. Puma stops at the buckhead, but climbs up and hits the 630 splash for the win!

This was pretty good stuff in the ring with a lot of storytelling for the other guys thrown in too. Hernandez and Puma argue a bit over the distraction Hernandez provided before a big brawl breaks out between the partners. This was a pretty fun episode of the show overall, even if the whole Super Fly vs. Sexy Star thing was a mess. While it makes sense in-storyline for Cueto to be against Sexy Star, and to disrespect lucha traditions, it was a poor way of handling things.

This was the first mask vs. mask match on the show and they didn't even do the whole ceremony – it came off a bit like WWE doing the stip when they had Sin Cara Azul against Sin Cara Negro, but without little black marks on a boot. They at least made the mask loss into a somewhat big deal and tied it into the Pentagon deal as well, but it feels like the whole thing was just an excuse to set up the armbreaker attack, and a mask vs. mask stipulation match shouldn't be used for that.