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Lucha Underground 5-6-15 TV Report: Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo

By Jeremy Peeples,

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Last week, Drago lost to Prince Puma and can no longer wrestle in the Temple. Drago didn't get a retirement ceremony - instead, he blew up! Hernandez helped Puma win because Puma avoided a charge that nailed Drago, so he's conflicted. Hernandez also revealed that he doesn't care about Puma and just wants the title, and he's now the top contender after winning a triple threat match. Johnny Mundo and Alberto continued their war of words, which results in a match tonight for them. Cueto also threatened The Crew with "the monster" - his brother, if they fail him again.  It was a very Cueto-heavy show, but still quite enjoyable.

We get a recap of all of Mundo and Alberto's interactions to start the show and see Hernandez's win last week. The Trios champions' win was shown, including the dive, and Cueto threatening The Crew with the monster. Johnny and Alberto meet with Cueto. Mundo says he deserves a shot, and Alberto says he wants it. Mundo and Alberto think they're more deserving than "Fernandez" because he didn't beat either of them and Cueto says they're the best in the business. Cueto makes Mundo vs. Alberto to determine who faces Hernandez in a new number 1 contender's match. So yes, they're doing a new number 1 contender's match before the prior top contender got a title shot.

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Vamp says that The Crew wants revenge against the "dysfunctional underdogs". Havoc and Angelico face Cortez and Cisco, with Ivelisse on the floor on crutches due to her broken foot.

Match 1 - Son of Havoc and Angelico vs. The Crew

Havoc avoids a corner charge and gets a pair of armdrags. Havoc hits a Muta handspring elbow on Cortez for 2. Angelico tags in and eats a slap. Angelico gets a jumping knee that lands flush. Cisco comes in and chops away, but eats a flying kick for 2. Ivie is on the floor on crutches barking orders from the bleachers.

Havoc comes back in and takes Cisco down, but Cisco gets the knees up for a standing SSP. Havoc gets a 450 flip out of the rudo corner and tags in Angelico, who comes back strong. Jumping knee to Cortez leads to a spinning knee strike. Cortez avoids the Fall of the Angels, but Angelico avoids the sunset flip with a double stomp for 2. Cisco hits an uppercut, but gets low-bridged.  Havoc gets a moonsault on the floor. Ivie talks smack to Cisco, and Angelico flip dives onto the pile.

Pop-in knee to the jaw gets two for Angelico. Angelico hits Castro with a bunch of kicks, while Cisco comes in and makes a save. Havoc tags in and tosses Angelico out before hitting a froggy crossbody to their opponents mid-ring. Flapjack>Codebreaker gets the win for the rudos! Striker says that he'll have hell to pay with Ivie for that one. Crowd chants "you still suck" at The Crew. Mundo vs. Alberto is hyped up.

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Daivari is in Cueto's office texting away. Daivari comes from a wealthy family, but Daivari says he likes to inflict violence. Cueto makes Daivari-Texano next. Puma and Konnan meet with Hernandez. Konnan tells him it wasn't cool to get involved in Puma's match, and he doesn't appreciate Hernandez seemingly going for him in that match. Cueto says he'd love to see Hernandez vs. Puma - but things changed a bit tonight. Cueto says they'd better get along, because they'll be facing Cuerno and Cage tonight.

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Match 2 - Delevar Daivari vs. Texano

Delevar Daivari is now from Beverly Hills and is in the corner sipping cognac and Striker says that Daivari left wrestling and got into the private sector and made a ton of money. Texano jumps Daivari and they brawl for a bit before Texano gets DQed for tossing the ref down, and Daivari spits at him. Well, that was weird. I'm digging Daivari's new all-gold gear and them coming up with a logical backstory for him though. After a break, skyline shots of LA take us back to the Temple with Cage and Cuerno mid-ring with Hernandez and Prince Puma.

Match 3 - Hernandez and Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno and Cage

Hernandez tries to play nice with Puma by raising his hand, but Puma's not feeling it. Hernandez and Cage start things off with a headlock and shoulder charges. Hernandez hits an outside-in tackle. Puma tags in and gets caught off a dive by Cage. He flips out of a toss and Cuerno comes in. A double backflip headscissors hits Cuerno and Cuerno gets his knees up for a standing SSP. Cuerno gets a TKO, which is just a setup for a basement dropkick and a 619 by Cage. Cage gets a delayed Jackhammer for 2. Puma kicks away at each and gets a blue thunder bomb on Cuerno.

Hernandez tags in and charges each guy down before he tosses Cuerno onto Cage on the floor and hits the Deadman's dive on the floor. Puma goes for a dive, but Hernandez struts into his path. Konnan sides with Puma on that one. Hernandez tags in and gets 2. Puma tags in and Hernandez prevents him from diving into Cuerno, so he does it. Hernandez lets him take his shot later and gets an overhead belly to belly that gets 2 for Puma. Puma goes for an alarm clock, but Cuerno jumps out of it and gets a kick.

Puma avoids the pumphandle gutbuster, but Hernandez comes in and pounces Cuerno and eats the discus lariat. Arrow of Death to Puma on the floor, but Hernandez pulled him into the path of it. Hernandez kicks Puma down on the floor and Border Tosses him into the apron. Konnan gives him grief for this and it's nice to see things turn out a bit differently. Initially, you'd think that Hernandez would be Konnan's favorite due to their greater time together, but Puma won him over - so things took a turn for the better with this story. Weapon X to Puma gets the win.

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Black Lotus threatens to leave her master, who tells her that she can leave if she beats him. He tells her that her parents were defenseless, but she won't be if she stays. The candle in the foreground burns out and she zips up her bag to seemingly leave anyway. Alberto comes out first with his AAA Mega title. A big "El Patron" chant breaks out and he goes along with it - that nickname does work really well for chants. Mundo comes out and Vamp hypes this up as one of the biggest matches in LU history.

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Main Event - Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo

They start off with a tie-up and we get a headlock exchange. Alberto gets a shoulder charge and takes him down. Striker likens their rivalry to being kind of friendly, while Vamp says that they won't even change in the same room. Alberto pounds away in the corner. Mundo takes him down and punches away before sending him to the floor. Alberto crotches him with the ring skirt and gets a big enzuiguri. That only gets 1 though in the ring, so Alberto wears him down with a chinlock. Alberto pulls him down by his hair and kicks him in the ropes. Alberto grinds at the throat with his boot.

A back suplex hits for Alberto, but the second rope moonsault misses and Mundo clotheslines him. Mundo gets a flying Chuck for 2. Alberto gets chinlocked and headbutts his way out of it. Alberto sends him over and he lands awkwardly on the steps trying to nail the landing. Alberto dives onto Mundo on the floor and we see the smashed steps from Mundo's landing.

Mid-ring, they go back and forth on kneeling punches. Mundo doubles him up off a kick, but he eats a clothesline. Backstabber hits for Alberto and goes for a German, but sends Alberto to the floor to eat a tornado dive. Alberto stops the End of the World and gets the inverted superplex for 2.5! Alberto signals for the armbar and gets a big "si!" chant. Mundo gets a series of cradles for 2 before landing the basement knee strike and the End of the World for 2.9 because Alberto grabs the rope! Alberto gets a flash armbar, but Mundo flips into the rope with his foot.

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Crowd chants "this is wrestling" while Alberto kicks away in the corner. Alberto slams him into a tree of woe, but he waits too long and misses a corner shoulder charge. Mundo gets a double stomp to the back and 2.5! The crowd chants "this is awesome!" and Mundo just stares ahead. A tumbling routine from Mundo leads to the kneeling superkick from Alberto and the win. I liked this - they kept shooting and it was just a matter of which bullet got the kill.

This was excellent. Katrina goes to a casket and says that death is defined is the permanent end, but the time for sleep is over. Mil Muertes rises again and puts out all of the candles in the room with his revival. He also has new all-white contacts to give him an other-worldly look. This was a fantastic show with two really good matches.

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