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Lucha Underground June 17 TV results & recap: Puma vs. Johnny Mundo Iron Man title match

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, Drago was awesome from the beginning of the show until the end and won a multi-man match to get a future Lucha Underground title shot. However, Catrina strangled Cueto to give Mil Muertes a shot at Drago's shot. Catrina also debuted her Disciples of Death trios team, who beat a team of wacky babyfaces. Tonight, we'll get Dario Cueto's latest invention - the all-night long match that apparently other companies have called an iron man match.

This week's show begins with a recap of Johnny Mundo's feud with Alberto, Mundo's heel turn where he threw Alberto through Dario's office window, and a bit of his issues with Prince Puma. They had the first main event in the company's history, and their match tonight will be the sole focus of the event. Mexican Dubwiser plays us into the Temple. Vamp, in a black and blue bowling shirt calls Striker sexy and Striker runs down tonight's event. Mundo is already mid-ring, as is Puma.

Main Event - Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo - Iron Man Match for the Lucha Underground Title

They stare down and we get a win counter in the bottom left-hand corner instantly. There isn't a clock there, however. After some mid-ring exchanges, Mundo gets a crotch lift slam for 2. Crowd chants "f*ck him up, Puma", which goes unbleeped. Mundo kicks him, but Puma ducks down and gets a flipping headscissors, but eats a kick on the apron and goes to the floor. Puma avoids a dive and hits one of his own on the floor. Dramatic music takes us to a break eight minutes into the show, without a single fall.

We get a countdown clock, showing 33 minutes and some change and Puma gets 2 off a cradle. Snap victory roll cradle gets a pin for Puma, bringing us to 1-0. Mundo gets some ground and pound, while the crowd chants "Johnny Puto" at him. Puma recovers and gets a standing moonsault for 2. In the corner, Puma gets a chop and kicks Mundo coming in for an attack. Mundo starts working on the arm with a series of kicks, but Puma comes back with a cutter. Mundo cheats with the ropes to get a pin and even things up.

We have 28:10 left on the clock after a break and Puma gets 2 off a schoolboy. They fight up top and have a boo/yay punch exchange. Puma wins and sends him onto the apron for a pop-over rana ala Sami Zayn's DDT, but over the top off the apron. Johnny goes under the ring and gets pulled back out, revealing a chair and toolbox - resulting in Striker making a Hornswoggle joke since that's the one thing he didn't find. Fireman's carry slam from Puma through the toolbox! Mundo crowbars him to the gut and then to the head. Mundo sends him in and gets a win, giving him a 2 to 1 edge. Vamp tells him to cover him now, while Striker says it's all ego preventing that. Moonlight Drive gives him a 3 to 1 edge. Flying Chuck leads to Striker now wondering about concussions. End of the World hits for a 4 to 1 edge. 

Mundo gives him time and Puma gets Konnan rolling lariat into a DDT, but Mundo puts his foot on the rope. Mundo gets a "goddamn!" neckbreaker on the apron, as dubbed by Vampiro before an ad break. Mundo gets a ladder and lines it up with Puma's head to blast him once again in the skull. Mundo puts the ladder up on the balcony area so he can set a table up. Mundo smashes Puma into the entrance way while Vamp tells Mundo to just wait it out. Mundo climbs up to dive, but Puma meets him. Puma slams him onto the floor, resulting in a nasty thud.

Puma sets up three tables do destroy Mundo. Make that four. Well, they found new wrinkles for an iron man match - and it's made for a great 40 minutes so far. Puma prepares for a superplex off the structure, but gets superkicked off the structure and right onto the floor - just missing the tables. Mundo jumps to the bandstand and grabs the mic. He rattles off the 4-1 score to get heat and Vamp says he's just killing time. He tells the band to sing while he drinks water and the clock winds down from 13 minutes. Puma's had enough of this shit and grabs a 2x4 and smacks Mundo on the head. He el kabongs Mundo with a Mexican flag-painted guitar that TNA should've tried selling when Jarrett was AAA Champion and spears Mundo off the structure through the tables, getting a giant "holy shit" chant from the fans and Striker.

We get the second replay in show history, and Puma has only 11 minutes to work with to retain his title and overcome the 4-to-1 disadvantage. He drags him to the ring and gets a win, so it's now Mundo with 4 wins and Puma with 2. Mundo punches away while Vamp talks about Puma's arm being hurt a bit. A boo/yay punch exchange leads to a Frye/Takayama exchange and a double lariat. One man alarm clock hits and he gets 3 off a Cradle Shock. Striker yells a whole bunch of sporting cliches in five seconds.

Mundo runs out the clock on the floor, but eats a kick mid-ring, and avoids a Phoenix splash. Mundo runs up the steps to avoid contact, but Alberto attacks him! He kicks him down the steps and tosses him into the office and then the announce table - which has its own camera, so that looked awesome. Puma hits the Cradle Shock for 3 yet again. Alberto says he's here and his issue with Mundo isn't over yet. If Mundo wins, he'll take his title and he'll be ready for Puma, too.

Three minutes remain and cradles get 2, while a C4 from Mundo gets 2. Mundo goes for the End of the World, but it misses with 48 seconds left. Pushing dropkick hits Mundo, setting him up for the 630. It hits and he gets the final pinfall for a 5-4 victory.