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Lucha Underground results: Dragon Azteca battles Chavo Guerrero with Rey Mysterio as special ref

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We get a recap of the Rey-Chavo-Azteca Jr. issues and the Worldwide Underground's issues with Sexy Star. Joey Ryan turning his back on Cortez Castro is shown, and we see Puma do Vampiro's bidding in attacking Mil Muertes. Sexy Star looks at her title backstage before Dario talks to her and she says she will never be afraid again.

He says that if she truly has no fear, she'll cash it in to face Matanza - but tonight, she teams with Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago against the Worldwide Underground. Mundo runs after Taya in the locker room, but she isn't there - so he introduces himself to Sexy Star and says he's taking her title.

Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Prince Puma

They start off with strikes, which Vamp says is due to him having more aggression now. Puma chops away and locks on a sick neckbreaker submission. Puma hops up top and gets pulled down before eating a shotgun knee strike to the back of the head. Puma lands the northern lights suplex into the brainbuster for 2. Muertes runs down, but gets stopped by Puma. Puma hits the inverted piledriver and wins with Mil's own move the Flatfliner. He jumps after Muertes and Catrina holds him back.

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Castro goes into Dario's office and Dario tells him that he wants to find "the real killer" of Mr. Cisco. Dario says maybe it's Big Ryck since he burned his eye with a cigar. Dario tells him the show must go on, and he wants him to win it for Cisco. Striker says that this is a bonus match - and he will face Pentagon Dark.

Pentagon Dark vs. Cortez Castro

Cortez lays in some chops and sends him into a corner to stomp a mudhole into him. Pentagon kicks his leg hard twice and sends him down each time. Pentagon makes him pay for his few chops with one giant windup one and a package piledriver ends it. Pentagon snaps his arm after the match while the crowd chants for Pentagon. Pentagon says it doesn't matter who wins tonight between Chavo and Azteca. He will take them out because he is Pentagon Dark and he has zero fear.

Sexy Star, Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago vs. The Worldwide Underground

Striker talks about how Sexy Star has inspired a generation. Sexy and Taya tumble around to start for a bit. Jack and Drago tag in to resume their rivalry. Jack flips around a lot before tagging in Black, who eats a variety of legsweeps. Aerostar double-jump dropkicks Mundo before Fenix darts around and takes Mundo down. Sexy is tagged in and legdropped down onto Mundo. Jack comes in and dominates Sexy, hitting the flying finger gun to the butt. Taya hits a corner back elbow and the shotgun knees.

Mundo goes to superkick Sexy, but she sucks and the kick hits PJ. Drago is tagged in and hits a knee on the second rope to land a springboard codebreaker before Fenix dives onto him for 2. Sexy blind tags herself in and eats an STO. Mundo charges, but eats a Fenix superkick, and he then corkscrew dives onto the floor.

Striker gives Taya a thousand nicknames while she attacks Sexy. Evans gets a jackknife backslide and wins. In their lair, Mil and Catrina kill Sinestro De La Muerte via a neck snap and she gives him the lick of death. She wants him to do the same thing to Prince Puma. El Dragon Azteca Jr. comes down while Striker calls him a rising star, and calls Chavo insecure.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo works on the arm and head to start things off. Chavo's chinlock leads to Azteca flipping out of it and Vamp saying that he mocks Chavo, but he respects him. Chavo locks on an inverted Rings of Saturn and turns it into a crucifix for 2. Chavo gets kicked to the floor and baits Dragon in to toss him into the barricade.

Chavo stomps on the arm, which Vamp says goes back 500 years to hurt you - but not kill you. Azteca responds to this attempted maiming with a springboard armdrag.

Chavo locks on a rolling half crab, which he says led to a tap. Rey says no, so Chavo complains. Chavo decks him, so Rey hits him and Azteca ranas him to win. Rey 619s Chavo and raises Azteca's hand high - so he will face Pentagon Dark. Black Lotus says she will send the Black Lotus tribe to kill Pentagon Dark, and we see her gaggle of ninjas.

I wonder if the Black Lotus tribe was just all those wacky lucha ninjas that got their asses kicked in season two?

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