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Lucha Underground results: LU title change, Chelsea Green debuts


The Takeaway—

Fenix continued his path of insanity, but he seemed to show some restraint when confronted by Melissa Santos this week. However, when Dragon Azteca Jr. came out, he snapped and laid him out with a Dark Fire Driver. He also did the same to Aerostar, the man that brought him back from the dead, in their match.

Dragon Azteca Jr. lost his Gift of the Gods Championship to Marty the Moth because of the attack from Fenix.

Paul London murdered the other members of the White Rabbit Tribe off screen as a sacrifice to Killer Kross. Kross, noting that the tribe has lost two members, asked London to show him the way to the Lucha Underground Temple.

Pentagon Dark successfully defended his title in a three-way dance, but after the match, due to a ruling by Antonio Cueto, Marty the Moth cashed in his Gift of the Gods Championship and defeated Pentagon with the help of the debuting Chelsea Green.

The Recap—

Matt Striker opened the show saying that if this was on pay-per-view, they’d be doing a pitch, but they’re giving it away for free. Time will tell if that’s a responsible business decision. Striker announced Marty the Moth vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.

Vampiro announced the main event as Pentagon Dark vs. King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes in a Three-Way Dance of Destruction.

Fenix defeated Aerostar

Fenix nearly killed Aerostar in the opening seconds of this match, but Aerostar followed up with a few moves and a codebreaker. Fenix countered with a jumping spin kick and then a cutter, but Aerostar kicked out. Fenix started hitting ground and pound on Aerostar, which was very uncharacteristic. Aerostar got up and hit a headscissors takedown and followed up with a plancha to the outside of the ring.

Fenix did a cartwheel off the apron, then picked up Aerostar and smashed him into one of the guardrails at ringside. Fenix passed by Melissa Santos on the outside, and looked at her with anger. Fenix hit a dropkick, sending Aerostar onto the ground before sending him back into the ring, hitting a moonsault and a Swanton Bomb for a two count. Fenix took out Aerostar with a kick, and the crowd looked on horrified.

Aerostar managed to turn Fenix, picking him up into a Canadian Destroyer and then hitting a slingshot DDT. That was incredible. Fenix kicked out. Aerostar hit a series of big boots, but Fenix ate them all and kept getting up. Fenix kicked out after a Code Red. He drove Aerostar to the corner before hitting a dropkick and a Black Fire Driver for the pinfall!

Santos spoke to Fenix after the match, saying “This isn’t you!” -- and he left the ring and grabbed her. He seemed to calm down a little, but Dragon Azteca Jr. came out and stood between them. Fenix then beat up Azteca before hitting a Black Fire Driver on the floor!

Antonio Cueto said that he was now a believer in Dragon Azteca Jr., and he thought he was going to defend his title all the way to Ultima Lucha. Cueto, however, stripped him of the title since he couldn’t fight.

Dragon Azteca Jr. said he was going to fight, even in pain, and Cueto was impressed. He decided that the match would happen now, and Cueto told Santos to announce the competitors.

Marty the Moth defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. to win the Gift of the Gods Championship

Marty the Moth looked a lot different than normal here, seeming very intense. He opened the match with a big boot to Dragon Azteca Jr. and threw him across the ring. Marty yelled at the referee trying to stop the beatdown. Azteca Jr. hit an arm drag, but Marty caught him while he was trying to do a wheelbarrow and tossed him into the turnbuckle before pulling on his mask and driving his face into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Dragon Azteca shoved Marty to the outside, hit a flying hurricanrana to the outside, and then landed a massive tope con giro. Dragon Azteca hit a DDTJ, but Marty kicked out. Dragon Azteca went for a hurricanrana, but Marty blocked it before hitting a massive implant DDT and pinning him to win the championship.

Paul London showed up to talk to Killer Kross, and he talked about how he sacrificed the other White Rabbit Tribe members to impress him. Kross had an idea, since they were short two members, and asked to be led to the Lucha Underground Temple. It looks like Killer Kross is coming soon.

Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark defeated King Cuerno and Mil Muertes in a Three-Way Dance of Destruction to retain his title

Pentagon and Cuerno tried to double team Muertes a bit, but Muertes is a monster and beat up both men with lariats in the corner before chopping the crap out of Cuerno. Cuerno and Pentagon hit a double superkick that took Muertes to the ground before attempting a dive. Pentagon cut Cuerno off with a kick, then hit a tope con giro on Muertes.

Cuerno hit a suicide dive on Pentagon before Muertes hit a shoulder block on him. Muertes ripped at Pentagon’s mask and left his face partially exposed. Pentagon ran at Muertes before getting hit with an arm drag up and over the guardrail into the front row! Cuerno and Muertes ended up back in the ring, and Cuerno hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Muertes before Muertes hit a powerslam. Pentagon came in and started fighting with Muertes again.

Pentagon dodged out of the way from a spear, and Muertes hit the ring post and Pentagon hit two slingblades soon thereafter. Pentagon climbed to the top rope and hit a big double stomp on Muertes. Cuerno hit a sunset flip and rolled through into a knee strike on Pentagon. Cuerno hit the Thrill of the Hunt, but Muertes broke it up. Muertes hit a chokeslam on Cuerno, but Pentagon hit two backstabbers on Muertes before hitting a package piledriver on Cuerno for the pinfall victory! I expected more from this match, but it was still very good.

Marty the Moth rolled into the ring and immediately attacked Pentagon. Marty hit Pentagon with his own title before hitting an implant DDT. Marty then hit a curb stomp on Pentagon.

Antonio Cueto came out and said that Marty had a good idea last week, and the Gift of the Gods Championship could be exchanged for a title match at any time, instead of one week in advance.

Marty the Moth defeated Pentagon Dark to win the Lucha Underground Championship

Marty immediately covered Pentagon, but Pentagon kicked out. Marty attacked, but Pentagon kicked out again. Marty tied Pentagon’s mask to the middle rope, as the crowd showered him with boos. Marty untied the mask after beating on him for a little bit, but Pentagon kicked out again.

Pentagon chopped the crap out of Marty when Marty tried to do a move off the top rope. Pentagon jumped off the middle rope and hit a Canadian Destroyer.

Marty the Moth rolled to the outside of the ring. The debuting Chelsea Green then came into the ring and hit a Canadian Destroyer on Pentagon! Marty the Moth hit a package piledriver on Pentagon and got the pinfall.

Your new Lucha Underground Champion is Marty the Moth. I’m not a fan of this. We’re going to have to see how it goes.