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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos pt. 3 results: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Prince Puma


The show begins with a recap of season two's big events, including Vampiro being on medication, the rise of Rey Mysterio Jr., and the possible fall of Dario Cueto's empire.

Backstage, Vampiro asks Pentagon Jr. if he's ready and Pentagon says yes. Vampiro says he sees fear and must destroy the man who was destroyed. He sends Pentagon into a cave, where there are many versions of Pentagon, who all get their asses kicked.

Vampiro tells him to find the darkness within, and then gets destroyed by Pentagon, who is now Pentagon Dark. The trios title match is our opener tonight.

Aerostar, Drago, & Fenix vs. Trios Champions Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, & Jack Evans for the titles

Drago lands some slick kicks and a big DDT. Mundo is legal, but Black runs in and misses a moonsault. Aerostar hits a corkscrew dive mid-ring and a double jump corkscrew dive. Evans gets a hot shot and thumbs Aerostar in the ass.

Tons of flying gets stopped by the heels slowing things down and cheating a bit, then Evans hits a running nut shot to Fenix. Aerostar hits a Mexican destroyer off the top to Mundo and then dives off of Fenix onto the pile on the floor. A Fenix frog splash gets two and Mundo fouls him.

Belt shots aplenty for the heels, who celebrate far too early and play air guitar while actual guitar plays in the background. Another belt shot gets a near fall for the heels. Angelico returns and crotches Mundo, while Black gets kicked outside and eats a big dive.

Flying trust fall by Aerostar takes out Black and Evans. Angelico breaks a crutch on Mundo and Fenix hits the Fenix Driver to win it! Fenix is now the first triple crown champion in company history.

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Black Lotus vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.

Lotus uses her speed to pull Azteca down by his mask and hits an armdrag. Azteca hits a big kick on the apron, but misses a flip dive and eats an enzuigiri. Azteca responds by tossing her hard into the barricade. She is tossed in and hits a basement dropkick, then a series of kicks.

Azteca goes up top, but Pentagon Dark comes down in new all-black gear and threatens to snap her arm. He does it before doing the same to Azteca. Vampiro says this is the formal introduction for Pentagon Dark, and it's a great way to have him regain his season one badass vibe.

Pentagon Dark says he is here to destroy. And he has destroyed Ian and brought Vampiro back. Pentagon Jr. is dead and has been replaced by Pentagon Dark. He swears to destroy Matanza Cueto tonight. This ruled!

It is now time for the Lucha Underground title match, as Dario brings Matanza down.

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Pentagon Dark vs. Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto for the title

Pentagon brings the fight and chops away on the floor before kicking Matanza down. Matt Striker talks about Pentagon Jr. being destroyed by Matanza, before Vampiro says he is dark now. Pentagon hits an AA on the floor. Holy smokes, that looked tough to hoist that big mutha up.

Pentagon chops the daylights out of his chest, then more leg kicks. Matanza charges the post but misses. Pentagon chops away and gets a chair from Vampiro, before playing it like LA Park and hitting him in the back.

Dario yells at Matanza to recover for the family. Matanza tries to reverse a whip into the chairs, but that gets reversed and Striker hypes up how no one has done what Pentagon Dark has done so far.

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Matanza gets tossed into more chairs, damn are they ever putting this character change over perfectly. Matanza is literally a murderer in this story, but Pentagon Dark has found a place inside him that allows him to dismantle Matanza.

Pentagon sets him up for shattered dreams, but he hits a monkey flip , it's a shame too since Striker's "monster's balls" line was on point. Matanza finally gets something going after tossing his head into a corner-mounted chair. Matanza hits a standing moonsault and then a standing shooting star press for two.

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Rewind German suplex gets nothing because shoulders aren't down. Matanza hits a backflip fallaway slam for two. Pentagon grabs another chair and smacks Matanza's head.

Pentagon hops off the second rope into a Mexican destroyer before Vampiro casually shows off a barb wire bat. Dario pushes Pentagon out of the way to avoid the bat shot and Pentagon tries to snap his arm, but Matanza hits him with the bat. Wrath of the Gods wins it for Matanza! Vampiro comes in but gets shoved off. 

Taya vs. Ivelisse

Ivelisse dominates in the corner with forearms but gets tripped on the apron. Taya gets chucked into a chair and kicked at. They fight on the barricade and Ivelisse dives off of it onto Taya. They go back into the ring after a ton of brawling in the crowd.

Ivelisse hits a snap German suplex and a sunset flip bomb, but the lights go out and Catrina shows up. Catrina has a new look and hits Madison Rayne's Rayne Drop, then Taya hits a northern lights suplex and a double stomp to win.

Prince Puma's history is recapped from episode one with Konnan putting him over. Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out in his El Rey gear that he also wore at URFight, while Puma is in darker black, red, and yellow gear.

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Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Prince Puma

Puma's tumbling exchange around Mysterio keeps the speed fast while Mysterio can stay fairly grounded. Mysterio gets a brief edge off an armdrag and they staredown. Mysterio goes for a spinning headscissors, but Puma flips out of it!

They mirror each other with kicks, but Mysterio gets a sick running kick for two. Mysterio goes for a deja vu rana, but Puma holds on and does a double knee gutbuster, then locks on a sick standing bow and arrow.

Mysterio sends him over the top with a headscissors, where they roll, and then Mysterio sends him into the ring apron with another headscissors. Mysterio gets the slip'n slide dive to the floor. Mysterio gets the Thesz press off the top and gets two off a second rope crossbody.

Puma elbows him, but eats a modified 619, then Puma gets the northern lights suplex and the brainbuster for two. They fight up top and Mysterio hits a rewind rana. It's amazing to see him bust out new stuff at this point.

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That only gets two, which Vampiro says is due to him not hooking a leg. Puma lands some European uppercuts, while Mysterio goes for the wheelbarrow bulldog that Puma turns it into a lumbar check and a blue thunder bomb for two!

Puma ducks a 619 and gets tons of boos when he puts Mysterio into the 619 position. The 323 hits and Puma follows it up with a springboard 450 for two! Puma hits the modified GTS and gets two. Corner dropkick hits, but Puma misses the 630 after giving Mysterio a moment to heal.

Mysterio hits a snap rana for two, then hits a 619, and wins with the springboard rana! 

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Striker sends the show off before Pentagon Dark hits Vampiro with the bat and superkicks Striker. Vampiro gets sliced open with the bat and Pentagon throws him into the ring to say that he is the new master. He licks Vampiro's blood and says it feeds him before KOing Vampiro with a basement dropkick.

Vampiro is left bloody, but before the show goes off the air, the cops take Dario away.

This wasn't quite as amazing as the original Ultima Lucha show, even with it having four hours of content instead of three. 

Mysterio vs. Puma was outstanding, but everything else was largely just there outside of Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza standing out as a great hardcore brawl, though it was hurt by the season having tons of them.

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