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Perro Aguayo Jr. passes away in Tijuana hospital after match last night (Updated)

Perro Aguayo Jr., one of the biggest stars in Mexican pro wrestling, shockingly passed away after a match in Tijuana last night at the age of 35.

The son of one of Mexico's all-time most charismatic performers, Aguayo Jr. had started wrestling as a teenage and became an immediate star, and was AAA's top heel performer.  Aguayo Jr. was the top heel as well during CMLL's last big run in the Mistico era.

There has been footage that has surfaced leading to the death last night of Perro Aguayo Jr. in a match in Tijuana with Rey Mysterio Jr. & Extreme Tiger (Tigre Uno in TNA) vs. Manik (T.J. Perkins of TNA) & Aguayo Jr.

Aguayo Jr. had gotten back in the ring after taking a spinning head scissors where he bumped to the floor from Rey Mysterio Jr. Mysterio Jr. gave him a low dropkick to the back to set up the 619.  It is not clear whether Aguayo Jr. was selling or not when he first hit the ropes to get ready for the 619.  He may have already been injured falling on the ropes, or, while selling, and being positioned badly, when Manik fell into the ropes to set up a double 619 spot, that was when the ropes whiplashed him, although it was likely the first spot immediately.  

Sources who were at Hospital del Prado in Tijuana have said that the initial cause of death was cervical spine trauma coming from when the ropes snapped his neck.

He was already out when Mysterio went for the 619 and Mysterio Jr. saw he was in trouble and didn't hit him.  The belief was he was knocked out and they continued the match, although went right to the finish.

Konnan, at ringside, was trying to revive him and they eventually carried him out and paramedics arrived to the show, before he was rushed to the hospital.

The death will surely get significant media publicity in Mexico where he has been one of the top wrestling stars for nearly two decades, but with a lot of footage already out, it will probably get covered in the U.S. media as well. While not the same circumstances, the death is very eerily similar to that of Mitsuharu Misawa in the ring in Japan in 2009.

Listen to's breaking news audio on the death of Perro Aguayo Jr with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer.