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ROH TV results: Four corner survival match for ROH World title shot


A video package recapped last week's ROH World title match between Rush and Shane Taylor, including post-match comments from La Faccion Ingobernable. Kenny King shamed Taylor for thinking he wasn’t loyal to LFI. Rush came in and said whoever they decide to throw at him will be conquered just like the rest.

Dalton Castle defeated Josh Woods in a Pure Rules match (9:44)

Beforehand, Woods said he fairly submitted Castle in their last match and bragged about beating three former world champions in the past month (Castle, Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal). Castle said he’s not trying to dwell on the previous loss, but it still is on his mind sometimes. He also admitted he was disappointed in himself and pitied himself for not being in any of the ROH rankings. 

Castle and Woods exchanged a few headlocks and waistlocks. Woods dominated the majority of the grappling ground game and eventually applied a gorilla lock which prompted Castle to use his first rope break. Castle rolled out of the ring and baited Woods to follow him which Castle capitalized on by throwing him over the barricade.

After a commercial break, Woods delivered multiple running strikes to Castle in the corner. Woods hit a beautiful butterfly suplex that got a two count. Woods applied another gorilla lock and Castle used another one of his rope breaks. Both men made it back to their feet and exchanged open palm strikes which bought Castle enough time to attempt a Bang-A-Rang. However, Woods reversed it into a roll up that got a two count.

In the closing sequence, Castle faked a back injury. Woods came over to check on him and Castle took advantage, rolling him up for the win. 

After the match, Castle left the ring quickly and a wild Silas Young appeared out of nowhere. Woods gives him a shove and asked where he had been. Young critiqued his ability to win big matches and offered to reform the “2 Guys, 1 Tag” team. Young walked off and Woods looked pretty happy to see him. It was great to see Young back.

Jay Lethal defeated Matt Taven, Jay Briscoe and EC3 in a four corners survival match to earn a ROH World title shot at the 19th Anniversary Show

This match was contested under lucha rules, meaning only two competitors could be in the ring at the same time. 

All four men adhered to the Code Of Honor except for EC3 and Jay Briscoe. Briscoe went right for him, stomping on him in the corner. They spilled to the outside while Taven and Lethal went at each other in the ring. Taven hit a nice dropkick on which sent Lethal reeling to the outside while Briscoe and EC3 got back in the ring. EC3 threw Briscoe into the turnbuckle and nailed an incoming Lethal with a clothesline.

Back from the commercial break, Briscoe caught a running Lethal and threw him into Taven in the corner. EC3 sent Taven to the outside and made himself the legal man with Briscoe. The two ran the ropes for a moment before EC3 caught him with a Thesz Press, unloading constant fists on Briscoe. Briscoe made it back to his feet eventually and both Taven and Lethal entered the ring. Every man hit a strike on one another which lead to all four being down.

EC3 rolled out of the ring and Taven went to the top rope. Lethal followed Taven to the corner and attempted to superplex him, but Briscoe yanked him off. Briscoe tried the same thing, but Lethal yanked him off. This went on a few more times before they decided to team up and suplex Taven. EC3 ran in and completed the dreadful tower of doom spot.

Lethal was the first one up and applied a figure four to Briscoe. EC3 grabbed Taven and power bombed him onto the still tangled Lethal and Briscoe. EC3 and Briscoe spilled to the outside again and brawled to the backstage area. After that, the cameras cut where we saw Vita Von Starr sitting on the barricade outside the ring. Taven was motivated and hit two running knee strikes, but still couldn’t put Lethal away. Von Starr tried to hop up on the apron a few times which distracted Taven enough for Lethal to hit a cutter followed by a Lethal Injection for the win. He moves on to face World Champion Rush at the 19th Anniversary PPV this month.

Final Thoughts:

As the build for the huge 19th Anniversary PPV continues, ROH surely earned some buys with this episode.

Josh Woods is a really good amteaur wrestler and always seems to have entertaining matches, no matter who they’re with. It’s also really nice to see Silas Young back as he's always an entertaining promo and his work with Woods as a team is fun. The four corners survival match was a lot of fun as well. I’m starting to come around to the EC3 character now that his promos and his agenda make more sense. He’s also ripped as hell. Lethal winning was the right call as every other person in the match has something else going on. It was interesting to see him take advantage of Taven’s distraction though -- something i wouldn’t consider very Foundation-like.