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ROH TV taping results: Fallout from Death Before Dishonor


Image: @TraePops. Report submitted by reader Brian Reznick.

Show one --

- Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser came out for a promo. Bruiser introduced Young as the "Last Real Man" and the man who destroyed the golden boy of ROH.

Young took the mic and wanted a shot of his back, the "back of a man," to be shown with the welts he had from the pay-per-view. He said that he did what he said he was going to do, and that now he should get opportunities and ROH officials should put him back in the main event picture.

He and Bruiser wanted a third man to go after the six-man tag titles, but they couldn't find anyone man enough until they saw Death Before Dishonor. He announced that they'd be teaming with Minoru Suzuki and called out The Young Bucks and Hangman Page.

Matt Jackson said that they had to stop their autograph line to answer Young -- so he was costing them money. Page then grabbed the mic and accepted the challenge. They acted like they would do the match now, but he said they only wrestle in the main event.

- ROH World Television Champion Kenny King defeated Josh Woods to retain his title

King retained by stacking Woods for a pin after he locked him in a triangle choke. There were some chants for King early and a decent pop for his comeback.

After the match, King said that it was important to win the TV title in front of family. He's a fighting champion and will defend the title in every city. That led to Shane Taylor, Chuck Taylor, Punishment Martinez, and Mark Briscoe coming out separately. King would try to address them as they came out, but another guy would enter before he could.

King said he would wrestle any of them, noting that "this is my golden throne, and if you want some of this you'll have to bend the knee."

- Jay Briscoe came down for a promo. The crowd was chanting "Why Jay, why?" after he turned his back on Bully Ray at the PPV. Jay said everyone is asking why he did what he did, then Tommy Dreamer came out before he could explain his actions. Dreamer got a big "ECW" chant and the crowd chanted his name.

Dreamer said he wanted to talk to Jay and his wrestling family. He noted he wanted to talk about one of the toughest people he's ever met, Bully Ray. He shared stories of Bully Ray's toughness throughout his career, then let Jay know he messed up and he doesn't know what's going to happen.

- KUSHIDA and Scorpio Sky went to a no contest

KUSHIDA was over huge. After some early back and forth, Christopher Daniels came out with an air horn and Frankie Kazarian low blowed KUSHIDA from behind. The Addiction beat down both until Jay Lethal made the save.

Lethal told The Addiction that if they have a problem with ROH, they have a problem with him. He won't stand by while the company is disrespected. He called ROH the best company in the world and said he's not like guys who think the grass is greener elsewhere. He then challenged The Addiction to a tag match against him and KUSHIDA.

- The Young Bucks (with their dad), Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, and Hangman Page entered, with Shane Taylor walking Brandi to the ring and Cody paying him in cash outside. Taylor stuck around outside the ring during their promo.

Matt Jackson started the promo off, asking the crowd if they're here to see ROH or a taping of Being the Elite. Cody announced that he's signing the "most lucrative contract in ROH history" before then signing it. Cody said he'll defend the title tonight while he's in a suit. He made people think Dalton Castle would be his opponent, but they soon realized it would be Cheeseburger.

- ROH World Champion Cody defeated Cheeseburger to retain his title

Cheeseburger got a good pop as Cody introduced him as his opponent. The story of the match was Cody being cocky and almost losing, but he won by submission with the American Nightmare leg lock (an inverted figure four). He tried to get Cheeseburger to kiss his ring after, but Cheeseburger went for a handshake instead and Cody slapped him.

Taylor gave Cody his ring after the match, then Taylor carried Cheeseburger to the back.

- Bully Ray entered to no music or graphics and was wearing sunglasses. He did the whole promo in a low tone of voice and apologized for it, noting he's doing what the doctor told him to do. He built the promo like a possible retirement and said he's thinking about stepping away and has to think about his family. He thanked the fans and said he'll see us down the road.

Mark Briscoe then came out at the end and said something off mic before giving Bully Ray a hug.

- The Kingdom defeated Motor City Machine Guns & Jonathan Gresham

The crowd loved some of the big spots towards the end, but the finish came when Chris Sabin was rolled up by Matt Taven after being distracted and being hit with The Kingdom's staff.

Show two --

- Marty Scurll defeated Jay White

Both guys got chants early, but there were more for Scurll. The crowd liked the match a lot. Scurll won with a roll-up.

- Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus defeated The Tempura Boyz

Ferrara and Titus entered with outfits similar to the main characters from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. They did a solid impression of the characters while walking around.

The match was good and fast-paced. Ferrara and Titus won when Titus lifted Sho Tanaka into vertical suplex position and Ferrara came off the top as Titus brought Sho down in a face crusher.

- Mark Briscoe defeated Chuck Taylor, Punishment Martinez, and Shane Taylor in a four corner survival match for a future TV title shot

The match started with there being two legal men who had to tag in and out, but that disappeared after awhile. Chuck wanted to start but tagged out immediately to avoid Martinez. Mark tagged in, Martinez flattened him, and Chuck blind tagged Martinez. They kept teasing a Martinez-Shane Taylor standoff, but they would get interrupted.

It devolved quickly with no more legal men. For the finish, Mark leapt off of Martinez's back in the corner to hit the Froggy Bow on Chuck. This was a great match and the crowd loved it.

Jay Briscoe came out to confront Mark after. They argued off mic.

Women of Honor --

- Kelly Klein defeated Stella Grey

Klein won with a guillotine.

Show three --

- Jonathan Gresham defeated TK O'Ryan by DQ

Cody came out to do commentary for this. The Kingdom had conspiracy signs during their entrance, and Motor City Machine Guns came out to stop them from attacking Gresham during the match. MCMG and The Kingdom were in the ring until MCMG were thrown out by the ref. He threw The Kingdom out after when they started celebrating, but they argued their ejection and never left.

Gresham used a series of pin attempts and appeared to have the match won, but Vinny Marseglia pulled the ref out before three. The Kingdom eventually beat down Gresham for the DQ, causing MCMG to come back out and chase them off.

- Cody did a promo at the commentary table, claiming that he is a company man now and wants to give a chance to a young guy who had his opportunity ruined by The Addiction. He then called out Scorpio Sky.

- ROH World Champion Cody defeated Scorpio Sky to retain his title

Cody asked Sky to kiss the ring. He did it, but then went for a schoolboy when Cody turned to celebrate. Sky ran wild early, but Cody was able to get the advantage. He used the Yes Lock at one point, leading the crowd in "Yes" chants. Cody reacted to a "Stardust" chant from a fan and eventually gave them the middle finger.

Sky hit a German suplex into corner, but Cody pulled the referee in between them and then raked Sky's eyes after pushing the ref away. He then locked in the American Nightmare to retain.

- Jay Lethal & KUSHIDA defeated The Addiction

Daniels and Kazarian did a promo to start, with Kazarian explaining why they hate the fans. Daniels started talking until KUSHIDA's music cut him off. Daniels was pissed about that. 

This was a great match. The Addiction tried to take a countout because they didn't want fans to see the match, but KUSHIDA and Lethal stopped them with dives.

Near the end, Kazarian hit his finisher on KUSHIDA, with Lethal then hitting the Lethal Injection on Kazarian. Daniels hit the Fallen Angel on Lethal, but KUSHIDA was able to use a reversal into the hoverboard lock to tap out Daniels. Great finishing sequence.

Show four --

- ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Hung Bucks (The Young Bucks & Hangman Page) defeated Silas Young, Beer City Bruiser & Minoru Suzuki to retain their titles

They had a great match with a million spots. It ended when Page hit the Rite of Passage on Bruiser to retain. That came after they had Young in a Meltzer Driver position, with Page hitting the shooting star from the apron to finish it.

Suzuki, Young, and Bruiser yelled at each other after. Suzuki decked Bruiser before the ring crew came out, then he beat the ring crew up and got on the mic to tell the crowd that he would be back. That got a huge pop.