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Sting injury, USADA vs Hauser

We've got a double issue of the Observer this week because of coverage of so many big shows and all the stuff that has come out of the past week with WWE.

Our lead story covers the Sting injury, the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar Hell in a Cell match and the interesting back story and questions it brings up, lots of long-term looking at where WWE is headed as well as full coverage of the Night of Champions show.  We also cover the second season news for Lucha Underground, the Atlantis vs. La Sombra mask vs. mask match, Akira Hokuto's announcement about her breast cancer, Bellator's Dynamite show and what went right and wrong, New Japan's Destruction in Okayama, ROH's All-Star Extravaganza, the Pro Wrestling NOAH angle where they tease the end of the company, USADA responds to Thomas Hauser, Josh Gross' story on the Vitor Belfort drug test and why it's not nearly as simple as people are making it out to be, AAA's next major show and record low ratings.

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer: September 14, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Huge Weekend Preview, WWE/CMLL/ROH/Bellator

The Wrestling Observer ranges weekly from 35,000 to 50,000 words covering pro wrestling and MMA internationally. Each issue has coverage and analysis of all the major news, plus every issue breaks major news stories before the Internet sties and has the most complete look at the pro wrestling and MMA business anywhere, plus history pieces available nowhere else.

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The Wrestling Observer ranges weekly from 35,000 to 50,000 words covering pro wrestling and MMA internationally. Each issue has coverage and analysis of all the major news, plus every issue breaks major news stories before the Internet sties and has the most complete look at the pro wrestling and MMA business anywhere, plus history pieces available nowhere else.

Our lead story covers the WWE weekend, notably the Sting injury and Undertaker-Lesnar announcement.

We go through the injury, including Sting's interview comments after the fact and his description of Seth Rollins and the injury, as well as his current thoughts on if he will wrestle again.  We also talk about what he does and doesn't know, what he's said publicly about the injury, why the match wasn't stopped, and what we can learn from it.

We also look at how the Lesnar vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell match changes WrestleMania, and look at those potential changes.  We look at the different directions they can go with the key talent for next year's show.  We also look at the rest of Hell in a Cell as far as what is on the books and what name isn't listed yet in the top matches.  We look at the problem in the arena at the end of Night of Champions.

We've got complete Night of Champions coverage, with records, business, poll results, match-by-match coverage and star ratings.

We've got details on season two of Lucha Underground, including when filming starts, the location, changes that will and won't be visible, the little bits of information out, two major deals they have either finalized or are close to finalizing, ratings, announcing and how this announcement affects other promotions.

We've got a rundown on a huge match in Mexico, the Atlantis vs. La Sombra match.  We look at the good and bad of the match from a business perspective, excitement perspective, the future of Sombra, what was lost by CMLL, what hurt the show itself, the farewell of Dark Angel before WWE, the  iPPV numbers, teases for big matches and full coverage of the show with star ratings and poll results.

We also look at where in WWE to expect changes in a few months, the reaction to the ratings, the next WWE Network special and its updated show, ticket sales for Hell in a Cell, updates with Dwayne Johnson, a very cool marketing idea by WWE Network for the holiday season, Alberto El Patron talks going to WWE, WWE's talk with another former star and where that stands, what WWE star is returning to TV shortly, and more on WWE and Evolve.  We also have updates on WWE legal issues, the fan who hit the ring at Night of Champions, what's up with Cameron, Arnold's favorite wrestler, NXT women's division, WWE stock, Raw and Smackdown coverage, as well as notes from all the WWE and NXT weekend shows and business notes.

We look at who Akira Hokuto was and why she's so well known in Japan, and her announcement of battling cancer.

We've got a look at the Bellator Dynamite show, including what was to be learned from the show, what happened with the ratings and more.  We look at the tournament, update on King Mo, how every match did in ratings and what lessons were learned.

We also look at the announcement of Fedor Emelianenko fighting on New Year's Eve, the return of big-time non-UFC MMA to Japan in the ring, and more on Sakakibara's first show as he opens a new promotion.

We also cover the big shows from Bellator, New Japan, ROH and NOAH from the past week.

With ROH, we note the angles on the show, the return of Kenny King, business, ROH vs. NXT and where things are going.

We look at the USADA response to the Thomas Hauser story that we covered in the previous issue.  This goes into a lot of details on drug testing in boxing, what questions were and weren't answered, and more on Erik Morales failing tests for PED's and still fighting Danny Garcia in Madison Square Garden.

We also look at Josh Gross' story on Vitor Belfort, how his suspicious drug test information got out, whether this test would have or should have kept the Jon Jones fight from taking place.  We look at all kinds of questions with drug testing during the TRT era of UFC as well as a book covering pro wrestling that Gross is working on.

We've got a look at the next major AAA show, Heroes Inmortales.

We've got our weekly look at the ratings for all the major shows of the past week and why this week was so disappointing across the boards.

We also update Dr. Wagner Jr., after his leaving CMLL and who that has affected his business, Atlantis after winning Friday's match, and L.A. Park goes crazy on CMLL during an indie house show.  We also look at AAA plans for big shows and top American talent they are interested in, as well as two of the best young wrestlers in the business expected to be regulars there.  We also look at another business deal Rey Mysterio is talking about, and AAA's last TV taping and why people in the company were very happy about an aspect of it.

We also look at the last ever meeting with Genichiro Tenryu and Great Muta, new titles Wrestle-1 is introducing, Cima's latest injury as well as Dragon Kid's injury, and updates on the NOAH tag tournament, the Dragon Gate tag tournament, and an upcoming NOAH singles tournament that features six North American stars.

We also have early notes on the Tokyo Dome show in January, and a mayor comes to a new Japan show.

We also look at a retirement show over the weekend that sold out Korakuen Hall, and a second Korakuen Hall sellout for an indie show with a number of big names.

We also look at what promotion was in talks with Spike TV, Justin Credible's announced retirement, non-WWE note for WrestleMania weekend, Tammy Sytch's legal situation, a new book on the early days of pro wrestling, the WWC Aniversario show, GFW's U.K. tour notes, longtime MMA name becomes the first person to compete in pro wrestling, MMA and Roller Derby in the same lifetime, update on Larry Matysik, update on Kris Travis, and an update on Otto Wanz.

We also look at new ROH TV deals, a huge match coming to ROH early next year, as well as look at the next four weeks of ROH television.

We also have more on the situation involving David Angle, the older brother of Kurt, and the homicide charge in the death of Kurt's sister-in-law.

We've got more on TNA ownership, TNA loses another television deal, the story behind the e-mail that Dixie Carter accidental sent to the wrong people a few months ago, More on Bound for Glory, legal update on Bram, as well as a look at TNA's first weekend of U.S. house shows of 2015.

We also have notes on the UFC ticket sales in Melbourne, Ronda Rousey promoting the show and an interview that got tremendous play, Dana White talks another potential stadium show for next year, UFC early 2016 schedule, and Dana White gives a new answer regarding the future of Georges St-Pierre.

We also look at fighters supporting Nick Diaz, Matt Hughes' public situation with Matt Mitrione over Diaz, Dana White talks Nick Diaz, what is next for Diaz and different ways his career can go from here.

We've also got an update on Jon Jones, a look at this wee's UFC show, why Miesha Tate is upset, more on C.M. Punk in movies and fighting, why the Bellator champion will be on Fight Pass in a fight this week, plus new UFC signings and new UFC fights.

We also look at a new division Bellator is opening, Frank Shamrock on why he was interested in fighting and if he still is, Will Brooks talks why he's unhappy with Bellator and this week's Bellator show.

We also note a documentary on drug issues in combat sports, Jon Fitch blames Nevada for licensing Rousimar Palhares and his injuries and fighter stops a parking lot beating in front of a night club the day after his fight.

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