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Daily Pro Wrestling History (08/01): Harley Race downs Jumbo Tsuruta for NWA gold

Harley Race.gif


St. Louis, Missouri: 
- Orville Brown beat Charley Strack 
- George Tragos beat Al Sparks by DQ


Jacksonville, Florida:
- Eddie Graham defeated Hiro Matsuda for the (Florida) Southern Heavyweight Title 

Amarillo, Texas:
- in a non-title match, Dory Funk Jr. beat AWA Champion Fritz Von Erich


Omaha, Nebraska:
- AWA Champion Verne Gagne beat Reggie Parks 
- Nebraska Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat Art Thomas


Tampa, Florida:
- Florida Champion Paul Jones beat Jack Brisco by DQ
- Florida tag Team Champions Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens no contest with Mr Wrestling Tim Woods & Ron Fuller
- Zodiac beat Dale Lewis
- Buddy Colt beat Johnny Walker 
- Hiro Matsuda beat Jim Dillon


Kansas City, Kansas:
- Bulldog Bob Brown defeated Harley Race for the Central States Heavyweight Title  


Omaha, Nebraska:
- Nick Bockwinkel beat Canadian Champion Dino Bravo by DQ
- Mad Dog Vachon & Greg Gagne beat Jerry Blackwell & John Studd 
- Tito Santana beat Super Destroyer Mark II


Tokyo, Japan:
- Harley Race defeated Jumbo Tsuruta for the NWA United National Heavyweight Title (now part of the All Japan Triple Crown) 


Minneapolis, Minnesota:
- Nick Bockwinkel beat AWA Champion Curt Hennig by DQ
- Wahoo McDaniel & DJ Peterson beat AWA Tag Team Champions Boris Zhukov & Soldat Ustinov in a non title match
- Greg Gagne double countout with Larry Zbyszko 
- Original Midnight Express beat Steve O & Jerry Blackwell 


Memphis, Tennessee:
- AWA Champion Jerry Lawler beat Buddy Landel
- Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden no contest Jeff Jarrett & Bam Bam Bigelow
- CWA Champion Phil Hickerson beat Scott Steiner 
- Brickhouse Brown beat Max Pain