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House of Hardcore Melbourne, Australia, results: Tommy Dreamer; Mickie James vs. Victoria

Dreamer HOH

Submitted by Russ Wilkinson

The show opened with Tommy Dreamer welcoming the crowd and thanking everyone for coming. He was interrupted by Muhammed Ali Vaez who wanted a match with Dreamer. He declined and introduced the surprise guest of Hurricane Helms which had a huge reaction and led to a match. 

- Hurricane Helms vs. Muhammed Ali Vaez

Decent opening match with a lot of comedy spots. The crowd was doing the Sesame Street Count's “Ha ha ha” after every near fall, something that occurred sporadically throughout the night. After about 10 minutes, Hurricane won with the chokeslam.

- Syd Parker vs Adam Brooks

This was the match of the night. Parker came out in green face paint with a Mohawk which led to one fan chanting ‘Sheamus’ very loudly for most of the match. Very hard hitting contest with several great spots, turnbuckle suplexes, double stomp from the top rope and a ton of near falls leading to the first "This is awesome" chant. Match ended with the referee turning from the action to tie his shoe, and Parker used green mist on Brooks to set up a double arm ddt for the win.

- The Estate (Cousin Ali, Emanuelle, Gabriel Wolfe, Slade Mercer) vs JXT, Dowie James, Mike Burr, Josh Shooter and Mr Juicy

Fun 10 man tag that was done under lucha like rules with no tags and competitors coming in and out of the ring as one was knocked out. Both teams cleared the ring with by doing multiple uppercuts and splashes in the corners which led to everyone diving one by one from the top rope to the outside. Once the chaos settled down, JXT and Dowie gained control, leading to a german suplex top rope splash combo for the win.

- Bull James (the former Bull Dempsey) vs Mark Silva

Very typical big man match. The crowd got the most out of doing the Bull ShiI chant for his entrance and the same fan who was chanting ‘Sheamus’ earlier was trying to get noticed by Silva by chanting his real last name ‘Commetti’ as his dad is a popular sports commentator in Australia. Neither guy was able to knock the other down until Silva did a variation of the world’s strongest slam on James which was fairly impressive for the win.

- OCW Champion Maddog vs. Cletus Blood

The crowd was really hot for both competitors but more so for Cletus who was smaller and plays an underdog character. Match opened with some basic wrestling which devolved into a brawl. Major spot was a huge super frankensteiner by Cletus with both competitors standing on the top rope in the corner. Once they recovered, Maddog grabbed a chair and lighter fluid, and lit the chair on fire but was countered by Cletus who hit Maddog with the chair.

Maddog recovered by hitting him with a flaming elbow (a piece of material on his elbow caught on fire) and then the flame moved onto a patch on his leg so he hit a flaming leg drop off the top rope. The crowd was very hot for this segment (pardon the pun). Cletus kicked out and made a comeback and getting a roll up for the win and becoming the new OCW champion.

- Mickie James vs Victoria

Decent women’s match with both women playing to the crowd by using their sex appeal (ie. Grabbing their breasts, James winking before clamping on the Last Chancery). Victoria went to hit a standing moonsault and appeared to hurt her leg. It all ended up being part of the show as she hit Mickie from behind. The match ended with James getting the win and Victoria, upset with the referee, hit the Widow's Peak on the ref after a second attempt as her hands slipped and the ref fell forward the first time.

- Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Andy Phoenix vs Krackerjack vs Carlito

Big reactions to start the match for Carlito and Dreamer then a chant for Krackerjack once the match was underway. Andy and Krackerjack squared off with some arm wringing and Tommy and Carlito went to do the same but Carlito ducked out of the ring to start. The match very quickly became a plunder match with each competitor grabbing a weapon: Andy with a chair, Tommy with a cane, Krackerjack with a stapler and Carlito with an apple.

Tommy attacked Andy with the cane and was blocked with the chair, and then Andy went to hit Carlito and he spit the apple in Andy’s face. Krackerjack went to use the stapler and it was reversed and he was stapled himself, then fell out of the ring. When he came back, his face was covered in blood. Dreamer grabbed a ladder and they did several spots in the corner with everyone being run into the ladder.

The match ended with Dreamer being crotched on the ladder laid across the middle rope and Carlito hitting the backstabber from that position for the win. Carlito is the number one contender for the OCW title.

Other Notes:

- MVP and Magnus were unable to gain entry visas to Australia so were unable to attend the show.

- The title match was originally scheduled as a ladder match but the ceiling was too low to stand on top of a ladder.