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Jordan Parsons, Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney diagnosed with CTE


Former Bellator fighter Jordan Parsons and 90s ECW stars Brian Knighton (Axl Rotten) and John Rechner (Balls Mahoney) were diagnosed with CTE based on brain examinations by Dr. Julia K. Kofler at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian, who was in conjunction with Dr. Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist whose work was highlighted in the movie "Concussion."

Omalu released the information to the Boston Globe on Thursday. He also reviewed Kofler's diagnosis and endorsed her findings.

Konstantine Kyros, the lawyer involved with a class action lawsuit against WWE regarding concussions, was interviewed for the story saying he has no plans to sue Bellator. Parsons' mother contacted Kyros about an examination of her son, who claimed that he got the brain examined to explore whether athletes in sports other than football, hockey, boxing, and wrestling were at risk of CTE.

"Out of the tragedy of Mr. Parsons' death, I hope the results serve to warn and educate other athletes and their doctors about the hidden risks involved," said Kyros.

Brian Flinn of WWE said the organization would not comment until it has reviewed the search on the diagnoses of Rechner and Knighton. The family of Knighton is involved in a Kyros-led lawsuit.

Flinn claimed Kyros was pushing the CTE story to counter negative publicity about WWE court motions to sanction him from improper conduct that were filed earlier this week.

Omalu said that it was impossible for the CTE in Parsons to have been caused when he was hit by a car in an accident that ended up being fatal as he crossed a street.

Knighton and Rechner were frequent tag team partners known for their willingness to both give and take hard chair shots to the head, and nicknamed The Chair Swinging Freaks. Both took ridiculous amounts of punishment in being stars of hardcore wrestling.

Both had severe health problems for years before their deaths, each at 44, Knighton from an accidental heroin overdose and Rechner from a heart attack.