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MLW Fusion results: Teddy Hart defends the Middleweight title


Quick Recap:

  • Daga defeated Ariel Dominguez
  • Ricky Martinez defeated Air Wolf
  • MLW Middleweight champion Teddy Hart defeated Myron Reed

Show Recap:

- We open backstage with Salina de la Renta, flanked by El Hijo de LA Park, on the phone talking to someone about gaining an advantage at Battle Riot. She tells Hijo to go to “that place” they were talking about and give that person whatever they want. She then says, "Just when you thought Promociones Dorado was over, “We are back...bitch!”

- A recap from last week is shown when Teddy Hart was arrested for allegedly throwing a brick through MJF's car's window. We then see the 3-on-1 beatdown given to Brian Pillman Jr. by Dynasty (Alexander Hammerstone, MJF and Richard Holliday). Hart will issue an open challenge for his MLW Middleweight title tonight.

Daga defeated Ariel Dominguez (7:48)

Low Ki was on commentary as they were playing up a rematch between he and Daga. We get a recap from the last time Daga and Low Ki were in the ring together, complete with Low Ki trying to rip Daga's ear off.

A big dropkick from Daga starts us off. Jim Cornette tells us Daga is not as quick as Dominguez, so he will need to hit some high impact moves to stop him. Daga stayed in control and began whipping him from corner to corner, connecting with a forearm, clothesline and slap to the face after each whip. An enzuigiri, superkick and lariat floored Dominguez for a two count. A standing moonsault also got a two count with Daga dominating the opening exchanges but Dominguez showing heart kicking out each time.

Dominguez fought back with a back elbow, flying clothesline, and a springboard DDT for a two count of his own. Dominguez low-bridged Daga and landed a springboard cross body to the outside. Back in the ring, Dominguez went for a second springboard DDT but Daga caught him. Dominguez slipped out the back and rolled through looking for a German suplex, but Daga landed on his feet and took back control with a right hand straight to the temple.

Daga planted Dominguez on the back of his head with a German suplex then impaled him on the mat with a big delayed DDT for the win. Daga confronted Low Ki at the commentary table after the match and officials pulled them apart before any contact could be made.

- We saw what happened after last week's Fusion where Salina de la Renta was going to give a post match interview with LA Park, Ricky Martinez, Hijo and Low Ki, but out of nowhere, Mance Warner jumped Park. Eventually, the numbers game gave the advantage to Promociones Dorado as Warner was eventually beaten down.

- We then cut to Myron Reed with a selfie recorded message for Teddy Hart and his open challenge tonight. He says that if he gets a fair, unbiased official he will beat Teddy and take his belt.

- This week's episode of H2TV had Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. together again. Teddy questions their “dynasty” name, and tell them that they have more years in the business than them, and that they have become diamonds.

Ricky Martinez (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Air Wolf (6:25)

Air Wolf immediately jumped in the ring and went for Martinez with a pair of head scissors, a dropkick, a springboard dropkick and then a big running crossbody over the top rope. On the outside, de la Renta got in Wolf's face which gave Martinez the opportunity to take the upper hand but Wolf caught him with his own right hand to prevent it. Martinez pulled Wolf off the guardrail, smacking the back of his head in the process. After the quick start from Wolf, Martinez was in control jus like that.

In the ring, Martinez locked Wolf up between his legs and rammed his head repeatedly off the mat. A slingshot suplex nearly didn't come off but Martinez powered him over and got a two count from it. Air Wolf had some hope when he caught a kick from Martinez, but the Sicario quickly turned that into a big neck breaker to floor the aerial luchadore again. Air Wolf did fight back shortly after and got a two count of his own after a 619 on the bottom rope and a springboard DDT.

Air Wolf landed on the back of his head again as he was on the top rope but Martinez kicked the back of his leg and Wolf fell to the mat. Martinez then picked up the three count after a pop-up knee to the chin.

- We saw a video package from Contra Unit highlighting their reign of terror so far in MLW. Jacob Fatu said how the mighty have fallen, how he has done things that God has turned his eyes away from, and that they will salt the earth with the ashes of their enemies.

- The Dynasty were backstage with a message for the Hart Foundation. They said they have shattered the illusion of the Hart Foundation and exposed the fraud that is Teddy Hart. Hammerstone said he saw Pillman shed a tear when Teddy's necklace shattered last week. "Real diamonds don't shatter...real diamonds like them, he said, adding the Hart Foundation are in for a real treat at Battle Riot as they will cement themselves as the most dominant force in MLW.

- New participants were announced for Battle Riot Friday of WrestleMania weekend: Avalanche Robert Dreissker from wXw, Jimmy Yuta, Rey Horus, Kotto Brazil, Ricky Martinez, Lance Anoa'i, Myron Reed, Richard Holliday, Rich Swann, Jordan Oliver, Leo Brien, Michael Patrick and Dan “The Beast” Severn.

- MLW World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor had a recorded message for Jimmy Havoc. He described him coming over the pond bringing objects, staple guns, thumb tacks, pizza cutters, and anything he can get to have an advantage in MLW. Lawlor went on the say he has had one bump in the road during this past year, and that bump has been Jimmy Havoc. He said we haven't seen Havoc since Tom sent him to the hospital, and he is going to be the one going to hospital again when they meet again in New York City.

- Daga was backstage where he told us he is looking for Low Ki and wants a rematch with him.

- Salina was backstage on the phone again, saying she sent him (Hijo) a long time ago and he should have been back by now. She bumped into LA Park and told him she couldn't find his son. LA Park said he will handle it.

MLW Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart (w/ Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr.) defeated Myron Reed to retain (10:59)

They exchanged arm ringers with Hart flipping out of his. They then exchanged hard right hands before Hart hit a big powerslam, but began holding his ribs, still feeling the effects of the beating from MJF and Holliday a few weeks ago. Hart then hit a big powerbomb lungblower and a springboard moonsault but again grabbed his ribs and was not able to capitalize. He was not able to whip Reed off the ropes and was showing he was in a lot of trouble.

Reed took advantage of Hart's injury by kicking and stomping at his ribs. Hart then took an Irish whip to the corner, face first like his uncle Bret, but tried to fight back with a German suplex, but Reed landed on his feet and kicked him in the ribs again to floor him. A big double knee facebreaker followed for a two count and we nearly had a new champion.

Reed threw Hart to the floor and launched him ribs first into the guardrail. He then hit a huge frog splash back in the ring and got another very close two count when Hart kicked out at the last minute. Reed got in the referee Frank Gastineau's face as he argued the two count which gave Hart the chance to capitalize. He got Reed down to the mat and tried to apply an armbar, but couldn't due to the pain in his ribs. He struggled to get to the middle rope and took too much time which let Reed hit a dropkick and then a big springboard hurricanrana back into the ring.

Reed missed a big springboard 450 splash as we heard that Promociones Dorado were freaking out backstage as they still couldn't find El Hijo de LA Park. Hart finally locked in a hammerlock to Reed then planted him with a DDT. Hart could only get an elbow on top of him so Reed easily got his shoulder up from the pin. A neckbreaker set up Reed for a springboard moonsault but Reed got the knees up and Teddy kicked out at the last minute.

This infuriated Reed so he got into the referee's face again. He threatened to hit him which gave Hart a final opportunity as Reed's back was turned. Hart hooked him up and rolled him up long enough for the three count and the win.

- Backstage, de la Renta told us that Promociones Dorado was back as they had found Hijo. She was going to let him tell us himself but when he walked into the shot, he hit LA Park with a right hand. Hijo took his mask off to reveal Mance Warner underneath. We then went off the air with Warner and LA Park brawling backstage.

Next week: Battle Riot II live.