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MysterioMania results: Bobby Lashley & Rey Mysterio vs MVP & Ricky Banderas

Preshow: Engranaje Jack defeats Límite with a roll up while he has the legs in ropes. Both are local wrestlers. It was fine.

Hugo does a promo, thanks the crowd and says the event is possible because two guys from Antofagasta (city of the north of Chile) contacted him.

Santana Garrett defeats Taya with a small package for became the first women's champion in Wrestling SuperStar. Good match. Taya was heel and was with a wrestler of Argentina for gain heat.

Robbie E makes a promo saying that he is Mister Saco Wea (is a chilean way to say some like bag of rocks). He is super over. Robbie has to participate in a 20 man battle royal with chileanwrestlers for a cup. The winner was Twiggy eliminating last Robbie E. Mister Saco Wea was almost the whole match out of the ring making a really fun show. The winner of cup can cash it for a chance for the Chile's Championshisp. It was fine, but some long.

Gladiator Angel and HellSpawn (both from Chile) defeats the tag team champions, Eddie Edwards and Pentagón Jr. when Angel pinned Edwards after a death valley driver of HellSpawn and a diving splash. Pentagón was the replace of Davey Richards. Pentagón hits really hard and they make much better work than the chileans.

Apocalipsis defeats León Apolo when Apolo take out the mask of Apocalipsis and retain the LCW Championshisp. Worst match of the night. Boring match.

They announced next show on August 7 with Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Ivelisse, Drago, Mr. Anderson, Mr. 450 and others. The crowd is very happy with the announce, in special with Jeff Hardy.

Alex Hero vs Carlito ended in doble count out. Carlito was over and the chilean Hero was booed. Hero is tiny and the crowd don't bought his attacks. Second worst match. Twiggy appears with the cup, but challenges Hero for August.

Konnan appears and Hugo give an award for his career. Very short segment.

Matt Hardy defeats Johnny Mundo with Twist of Fate. Moments before the referee was knocked and can't make the count for Mundo, when he applies the End of the World. Hardy invites his wife and son to ring. It was good, but they can do some much better.

In main event Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio defeats MVP and Ricky Banderas. Mysterio hits the 619 in the heels and a splash in Banderas, meanwhile Lashley uses the Spear on MVP. MVP was a good heel. Mysterio was super over.

It was an ok show, but nothing outstanding happens in the matches. The booking was so-so, Hugo has to improve in that. The crowd was very active, big pops for Robbie E, Carlito, Hardy and Mysterio.