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Sean Waltman arrested on drug possession charges last weekend


Sean Waltman (who is best known as X-Pac) missed a booking for IPW:UK last weekend because he was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport while attempting to fly out to the show.

TMZ reported today that Waltman was arrested after being stopped at customs, where it was found that he was carrying "three cannabis chocolate bars, two THC liquid cigarettes, and 38 methamphetamine capsules." Waltman was on a Customs and Border Protection watch list for narcotics, which was likely due to drug-related issues he's had in the past.

Because of the large amount of pills that he was carrying and $736.10 in cash that he had on him, Waltman was arrested on felony charges of possession of narcotics with the intent to sell.

An existing warrant was also found that stemmed from a prior DUI arrest. Waltman was released on bail after it was set at $35,000.

Waltman has a history of substance abuse issues, though he's seemingly been doing better in recent years. He denied that he had relapsed in a tweet last night: "I've had a crazy weekend. I'll get into it on the show Wednesday. Way too much to tweet about. Still mentally strong & healthy. No relapse."

While appearing on "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro," Waltman also denied that he was using anything other than cannabis.

Concern over what had happened to Waltman began after IPW:UK wrote on Facebook that they hadn't heard from him after he was supposed to land in the United Kingdom on Saturday prior to last Sunday's show. Undergaro then posted an update on Waltman, saying that he was dealing with issues but was okay and would be speaking about them soon.