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Terry Funk recovering from COVID-19


Terry Funk is currently recovering from COVID-19, according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer said the 76-year-old recently contracted the virus and is doing fine outside being in isolation. The Amarillo, Texas, resident believes he got it from attending church recently.

"The Hardcore Legend" canceled a scheduled appearance at the March 2020 Big Event convention in New York City due to health reasons. It was reported earlier this year that he wasn't doing well with Dustin Rhodes tweeting that Funk was experiencing "a lot of pain" in his hip but that "he's a tough SOB."

Funk last wrestled in 2017 and had performed sparingly in the years leading up to that event. He last famously made some 2016 dates following hernia surgery despite his doctor said he needed to take it easy. 

A fixture in wrestling for nearly 60 years, Funk is a multiple-time Hall of Famer and has won singles or tag team titles in every major organization he has been part of.