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AEW Dark results: Kingston vs. Delaney, Sydal vs. Serpentico

AEW Dark 21-Dec-2021

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. This week's AEW Dark matches were taped in Orlando, Florida, at the Elite Zone (aka Universal Studios).

Gunn Club (Austin and Colten) defeated Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) (7:05)

This was set up on Dark a few weeks ago. Billy Gunn wasn't at ringside to leech some heat off his kids which was kind of surprising. Anderson was great on the mat, working over the left arm of both Austin and Colten. The Gunns got a long, but not noteable, heat segment on Johnson before he got the hot tag to Anderson. He hit a double DDT on both Gunns, but only got a near fall on Austin. After a bit of a miscommunication between Brock and Austin, Brock got tripped up by Colten and small packaged by Austin for the three count in a weird finish. 

Abadon defeated Charlette Renegade (1:04)

A running senton squished Renegade like a bug followed by Abadon's inverted DDT finisher for the pin and win.

Eddie Kingston defeated Colin Delaney (3:50) 

Kingston worked a headlock early on and gave Delaney a clean break, but in a way that intimated he was going to go ham on him. Delaney slapped Kingston and then, that's what happened. Delaney had a nice spot where he walked over the ropes and sprung in with a cutter on Kingston. Kingston came back with exploder suplex, a Saito suplex, and a DDT for the pinfall in an inspired squash. 

Penelope Ford defeated Willow Nightingale (2:30) 

Taz let us know on commentary that going forward, he’s going to try to interject a fun fact about himself in every match. (Excalibur: “Like you have your entire career?") Also, why hasn’t Taz’s obsession with the color orange led to a feud between Team Taz and Orange Cassidy? Nightingale hit a crazy pounce on Ford that sent her flying. She missed a moonsault though and Ford dropkicked her and locked in the Muta Lock for the submission. 

Tony Schiavone interviewed Sonny Kiss backstage to hype up a Kiss vs. Joey Janela street fight match next week. Janela interrupted, but shockingly, no one wound up getting thrown into a garage door.

Brandi Rhodes defeated Robyn Renegade (w/ Charlette Renegade) (4:35) 

I question the bonds of sisterhood between Charlette and Robyn since Robyn didn’t bother to accompany her sister to the ring for her squash earlier. 

The Renegade sisters got into it with the fans at ringside. Robyn looked pretty dominant early on, getting a near fall after a suplex and working her over in a chin lock. Rhodes battled out and hit a superkick. After more interference from Charlette at ringside, Arn Anderson came out to ringside to run her off.

Back in the ring, Rhodes hit an enziguri and a pop-up elbow strike for a near fall. Robyn came back with a frog splash for a near fall. Brandi hit a pump kick and locked in a Regal Stretch (Taz called it the “Stretch Mark" which seems insensitive, no?) and Robyn tapped out. 

Jora Johl defeated Julius Coleman (2:06)

Coleman made his AEW debut in this loss. Johl hit a sit-out death valley driver, followed by a pump kick for the pinfall. 

The Wingmen cut a Christmas-themed promo where they promised to beat Best Friends as Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi will face Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta on Dark next week. I appreciate the effort to set up matches for the next show. 

Isiah Kassidy (w/ Jora Johl) defeated Carlie Bravo (4:09) 

I found it Interesting that Matt Hardy didn't accompany his guys to the ring. Kassidy looked good here. Johl tried to interfere on Kassidy’s behalf, but got thrown into the entrance stage. Back in the ring, Bravo hit a scissor kick for a near fall. Bravo missed a charge in the corner and Kassidy hit a jumping cutter off the middle rope for the win. 

Kiera Hogan defeated Shalonce Royal (2:27) 

Royal is the jobber that sings bad opera during her moves. She is not to be confused with Taz, the commentator who sings badly during the matches. Hogan won with a spinning kick. 

Bear Country defeated Zack Clayton and Mike Orlando (5:06) 

I hope Bear Boulder has made plans for what his career will look like after Saturday when Hook ends the career of Bear Bronson on Rampage. 

Orlando is a huge guy and Bronson had no problem walking him around the ring and suplexing him. Clayton distracted Bronson and Orlando hit a discus clothesline for a near fall. Clayton came in with a dropkick for another near fall. Bronson hit both his opponents with a crossbody off the middle rope and got the tag to Boulder who hit a DDT on Clayton and a fallaway slam on Orlando at the same time in an impressive spot. The Bear Country Jamboree (not the Bear Bomb) got Bear Country the victory. 

Tony Khan needs to come to his senses and make it Bear Country vs. Hook on Saturday so it’s a fair fight. 

Schiavone interviewed Bear Country in the ring and they are looking for more competition. The Acclaimed answered the challenge and it looks like it's on, perhaps for next week.

10 (w/ -1) defeated Leroy Patterson (w/ Howdy) (3:00)

Patterson was dressed in Amish-style garb until his clothes fell apart and he ripped them off. Sadly, that was the least of the problems in this match. He could barely run the ropes and took an ugly bump against the turnbuckle, falling awkwardly in the corner. When he was supposed to go over the ropes on a clothesline, it was totally mistimed and he was just kind of stuck against the top rope before he finally slumped down and 10 kicked him out of the ring. 

On the floor, -1 stole Howdy’s hat and 10 clotheslined him when he gave chase. Back in the ring, 10 hit a spinebuster with the full nelson getting the submission. After the match, -1 rode Howdy around the ring like a horse. This might have eclipsed that Michael Nakazawa squash from the spring as the worst match I’ve ever seen on Dark.

Red Velvet defeated La Rosa Negra (2:12)

Negra hit a gourd buster for a near fall. Velvet took Negra down off the top rope with a cazadora that probably shouldn't have been tried as Negra nearly landed on her head. Velvet hit the Final Slice for the pinfall. 

Shawn Dean defeated Lucas Chase (2:00) 

Dean won quick with a swan dive splash off the top rope.

Matt Sydal defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther) (7:01)

Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn got left off the show, but Luther was still here. Sigh. 

A standing mariposa from Sydal got a near fall. Serpentico came back with a high boot, and a clothesline to the back of the head got him a near fall. Luther’s screaming at ringside was annoying as always. Serpentico sent Sydal to the floor and Luther held him as Serpentico went for a tope, but Sydal got away and Luther took the brunt instead. 

Back in the ring, Sydal hit a sliding knee for a near fall and a top rope meteora for another near fall. Serpentico came back with a thrust kick and a leaping flatliner. Sydal got the win with the lighting spiral. This was disappointing. 

Final Thoughts: 

Leroy Patterson was certainly memorable, but I don’t think he’ll be coming back. Nightingale looked pretty impressive in her role and I hope it plays into a job for her sooner or later. I'm looking forward to Acclaimed vs. Bear Country whenever that happens.