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AEW's Toni Storm opens up about decision to leave WWE

The 26-year-old was with WWE from 2017 to 2021.
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Toni Storm has opened up about her decision to leave WWE. 

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the 26-year-old said it had been her childhood dream to perform for WWE. She continued to say, however, that she eventually felt working for the company wasn't for her. 

"When I left WWE, I wasn't banking on going anywhere else," Storm said on the show.

"I kind of left suddenly and wasn't prepared for life outside of that at all. So, I'm just so thankful that Tony Khan reached out and has given me a job, a second chance, an opportunity to really do what I love, which is pro-wrestling. I'm excited," she continued. 

Storm went on to say that not being able to travel home and the WWE road schedule factored into her unhappiness at the time. 

"I'm not saying that I have a problem with WWE at all, I'm actually really grateful for the time that I got to have there," Storm said. "I learned so much and you know what? It was so cool, it was real and it was cool but in the end it wasn't real cool. Something just happened and I left. I felt like I was having an out of body experience, to be honest. Have you ever just lost your mind? That's kind of what happened. The stress of not seeing family in years and then just so many overwhelming things all at once. I've been happier ever since."  

"I guess I just freaked out and went home," she continued. 

Storm was involved in a storyline with Charlotte Flair on Smackdown at the time of her departure from WWE. Her last match in the company was on a house show from Washington on December 28, 2021. 

Storm continued to talk about having a realization that she no longer wanted to work for WWE. 

"There was just a moment where I realized it wasn't for me and as much as I might have romanticized it as a child and thought that this is my dream and this is what I have to accomplish, I just realized maybe it's not. And maybe this isn't the place for me and who am I to take someone else's spot that actually really wants to be here? That's not fair. I just thought, I'm still going to be a wrestler." 

"There was really no point in going further and I didn't leave on bad terms or anything like that but it became abundantly clear that it just wasn't the place for me, at all." 

"It wasn't the place for me, it just wasn't. I really thought it was and I guess I romanticized it so much in my head, I thought this is where I've got to be and I guess I got there and it wasn't the same thing that I wanted. It just didn't sit right. There's so many reasons," she continued. 

Storm debuted for AEW on the March 30 episode of Dynamite from South Carolina. She defeated The Bunny in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament qualifier that night.