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Altercation between CM Punk, Young Bucks took place after Punk AEW All Out media scrum


An altercation that was described as “a melee” broke out between The Young Bucks and CM Punk following Punk’s comments at the AEW All Out media scrum on Monday morning.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez reported multiple sources saying there was “an altercation” between the two parties after Punk gave comments during the media scrum. A security guard was seen running out of the scrum shortly after Punk left. Tony Khan was not informed of the situation until after the scrum wrapped up, and as of 1:41 am central time Monday, everyone was still in the building. Dave Meltzer described the situation as “a melee”.

Punk sounded off during Monday’s scrum, dismissing speculation regarding himself and Colt Cabana, who was moved to the Ring of Honor roster following Khan’s purchase of the company earlier this year. He eventually made negative remarks regarding Hangman Page for his promo prior to their match at Double or Nothing earlier this year, and accused “EVPs” of “spreading lies and bullsh*t” to the media.

Now, it’s 2022. I haven’t been friends with this guy since at least 2014, late 2013. The fact that I have to sit up here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs and couldn’t f*cking manage a Target and they spread lies and bullsh*t and put into the media that I got somebody fired when I have f*ck all to do with him, want nothing to do with him, do not care where he works, where he doesn’t work, where he eats, where he sleeps. And the fact that I have to get up here and do this in 2022 is f*cking embarrassing. And if y’all are at fault, f*ck you. If you’re not, I apologize.

What did I ever do in this world to deserve an empty-headed f*cking dumb f*ck like Hangman Adam Page to go out on national television and f*cking go into business for himself? For what? What did I do? What did I ever do? Didn’t do a goddamn thing.

It’s not [Tony Khan's] position to make it very f*cking clear [that Punk didn't have anything to do with Cabana being moved to ROH]. There’s people who call themselves EVPs that should have f*cking known better. This sh*t was none of their business. I understand sticking up for your f*cking friends, I f*cking get it, I stuck up for that guy [Cabana] more than anybody. Okay? I paid his bills until I didn’t and it was my decision not to.

Punk regained the AEW World Championship on Sunday, defeating Jon Moxley to win the title for a second time. The Young Bucks, with Kenny Omega, became the first AEW World Trios Champions at All Out, defeating Hangman Page & The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) in the tournament final.