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CM Punk, Ace Steel fight with Young Bucks, Kenny Omega after AEW All Out

The alleged incident took place following Punk's post-event media session.
CM Punk / Ace Steel

This story was updated at 10:45 PM Eastern.

More details have emerged regarding an altercation between CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks following the explosive Punk AEW All Out post-event press conference.

Punk didn't mention the Bucks or Omega by name in his pointed comments, but mentioned issues with the executive vice presidents of which the Bucks' Matt & Nick Jackson are along with Omega.

According to multiple sources that lined up with some of Fightful's reporting, there was a fight backstage afterward with Punk allegedly starting things by swinging fists at the Bucks' Matt Jackson. Punk trainer/friend and AEW producer Steel (part of the storyline that got Punk into Sunday's Jon Moxley match) threw a chair that hit the Bucks' Nick Jackson in the eye and blackened it. Steel (Chris Guy) allegedly bit Omega and grabbed his hair.

As of this writing, no one involved, nor AEW, has commented publicly about the alleged incident, part of which is due to potential legal issues.

Fightful reported Monday night that Steel isn't expected back with the company. 

Some other notes from a Fightful report Monday night:

  • FTR, who are friends with Punk, weren't in the building when all this was happening.
  • Steel's wife was there taking care of Punk's dog, Larry

During the aforementioned media session, Punk targeted Colt Cabana, "irresponsible people that call themselves EVPs," Hangman Page and even MJF.

After bringing up and expounding on his issues with Cabana (Scott Colton), Punk said the following:

"Now, it’s 2022. I haven’t been friends with this guy since at least 2014, late 2013. The fact that I have to sit up here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs and couldn’t f*cking manage a Target and they spread lies and bullsh*t and put into the media that I got somebody fired when I have f*ck all to do with him, want nothing to do with him, do not care where he works, where he doesn’t work, where he eats, where he sleeps. And the fact that I have to get up here and do this in 2022 is f*cking embarrassing. And if y’all are at fault, f*ck you. If you’re not, I apologize.

What did I ever do in this world to deserve an empty-headed f*cking dumb f*ck like Hangman Adam Page to go out on national television and f*cking go into business for himself? For what? What did I do? What did I ever do? Didn’t do a goddamn thing."

AEW Tag Team Champions Swerve In Our Glory were talking to the media after Punk and a reporter caught security running backstage around the time the incident likely would have taken place.

Punk defeated Moxley to regain the AEW World title while Omega and the Bucks won the inaugural Trios titles.