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AEW All Out live results: Jon Moxley vs. MJF, Omega & Page vs. FTR


The Buy-In --

The first half hour of the Buy-In was all video packages and talking head segments with Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez. 


Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss) defeated Serpentico (w/Luther)

This was a clunky opener with a couple of strange spots. It got good once they began trading near falls near the climax. 

Janela attacked Serpentico at the opening bell. Serpentico cut him off and sent him crashing into Kiss on the apron. 

Serpentico worked Janela over. There was a weird spot where Serpentico went to the top rope as if he would hit a senton but jumped down and hit a stomp instead. Serpentico then went back up top and tried the senton but Janela got his knees up. 

Janela came back with a death valley driver and a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Janela missed a moonsault. Serpentico hit a thrust kick and a DDT for a near fall. 

Serpentico took the ref. Janela ran the ropes. Luther was supposed to trip Janela but missed his ankle on his first attempt at grabbing the ankle. 

Janela hit a fisherman buster off the top for a near fall. Janela then hit a top rope elbow for the pin. 

Private Party defeated Alex Reynolds & John Silver

A very good match. Some good near falls in this one as well. 

Silver and Kassidy began. Kassidy usually gets the hot tag while Quen is worked over but they deviated from that pattern here. Kassidy got cut off and Reynolds and Silver went to work on him. 

Quen got a hot tag. Silver blocked the Silly String. Silver hit a running knee to Quen and a helicopter spin neckbreaker for a near fall. 

Reynolds tagged in. Reynolds and Silver hit a tandem suplex into a jackknife cover for a two count. 

Quen hit a Pele kick on Silver. Kassidy made it back to the apron and tagged in. Kassidy and Quen hit the Gin and Juice and Kassidy pinned Silver. 


All Out --

Tooth and Nail match: Big Swole defeated Dr. Britt Baker (w/Reba)

The audio quality on BR Live for this match was not good. The match was worse. What a strange choice to open the show. 

Swole arrived at Baker's dental office. Reba checked her in. Swole wandered around the building. Baker appeared in the background like a horror movie villain. 

They brawled around the office. Baker hit Swole with a framed diploma. They brawled outside and on top of a dumpster. Reba was trying to help Baker and got tossed in the dumpster. They did a couple of near falls. 

They brawled back inside. Baker trapped Swole on a chair. She tried to attack with a dental drill and tried to stab Swole with a novocaine needle. 

Swole grabbed the needle and stabbed Baker in the leg with it. Reba, still covered in trash from the dumpster, started freaking out. Swole hit Dirty Dancing on Reba, punching through another framed diploma. 

Swole strapped an anesthesia mask on Baker and Baker passed out for the finish. 

The Young Bucks defeated Jurassic Express

This 100000 percent should have been the opener. Excellent match. The story with Matt and Nick is that they've become more aggressive since kicking Hangman out of The Elite. 

Both teams went back and forth at the outset. Jungle Boy tried a springboard tornado DDT on Matt. Matt blocked and hit his northern light suplex sequence. 

Matt and Jungle Boy tried a tandem suplex spot over the top to the floor but they couldn't quite pull it off. Matt dumped Jungle Boy over the barricade. Jungle Boy just beat the count back inside. From that point, The Bucks cut Jungle Boy off and began working him over. 

Marko Stunt tried to interfere with a crutch but ate a superkick from Matt on the outside. Luchasaurus got a hot tag. He connected with a moonsault press off the apron to the floor.

Both teams jumped in as things got chaotic. Luchasaurus hit a chokeslam on Nick. Jungle Boy hit Matt with a poison rana. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus hit the Extinction Level Event on Matt. Jungle Boy covered for a two count. 

In the highlight spot of the match, Luchasaurus sent Nick over the barricade, then hit a springboard dive from the top rope over the barricade onto a group of extras. 

Jungle Boy hit a springboard but right into a Matt superkick. Matt covered for a near fall. Nick hit a superkick for a near fall. 

Matt and Nick hit the BTE Trigger and Matt pinned Jungle Boy. 

Casino Battle Royale: Lance Archer won to earn a future AEW World title match

The rules here were four groups of five entering at three minute intervals, then one final entrant.  Eliminations were over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor or the stage. 

Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade and Rey Fenix were in the first group. 

They put some good workers in group one and there was some solid action. 

Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana and Ortiz were in the second group. 

Santana and Ortiz hit Taylor with a baton on his way to the ring. Hobbs tossed Blade after Fenix hit Blade with a kick. Hager tossed Daniels. 

Billy, Penta El Zero M, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Darby Allin made up the third group. 

Billy hit a Fameasser on Hager and hit some crotch chops. Cage tossed Billy right away. Allin hit a code red on Starks, then tossed Fenix. Santana tossed Taylor. 

Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss and Lance Archer were the final group. 

Spears took his time getting into the ring, first joining the announce table, then stalling on the stage. Tully Blanchard walked out and gave Spears a loaded glove. 

Kiss dumped Hager. Cage threw out Kiss. Trent eliminated Santana. Archer threw out Trent and Ortiz. 

Matt Sydal was the final entrant. 

Sydal climbed to the top rope to hit his big shooting star press on Hobbs, then promptly slipped and crashed to the mat. Poor guy. 

Penta got thrown out. Kazarian got tossed by Archer. Cage accidentally hit a lariat to Starks. Allin threw out Starks. 

Starks pulled a body bag from under the ring. Cage put Allin in the body bag with tacks and threw him over the top rope to the stage. 

Sydal and Spears fought on the apron. Sydal hit a double stomp off the post to Spears and Spears fell off the apron. 

Hobbs hit a spinebuster on Sydal into some tacks. Archer hit Hobbs with a pounce. Cage and Archer traded power strikes. Hobbs and Cage fought on the apron. Archer eliminated both with a dropkick. 

The final four were Kingston, Butcher, Archer and Sydal. 

Sydal tossed Butcher. Archer hit Blackout on Sydal. Kingston threw Sydal off the apron. 

Kingston and Archer were the final two. They fought on the apron. Blade ran out to help Kingston and grabbed Archer's ankles. Archer kicked him away. 

Jake Roberts tried to scare Kingston with a snake. Archer tossed Kingston off the post onto Butcher and Blade for the final elimination. 

Broken Rules match: Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara

This was beyond bizarre. 

They began the match in the adjoining football stadium. Guevara tried to hit Hardy with a golf cart but missed. 

Hardy hit a DDT on a picnic table in the stadium concourse. 

They climbed onto a scissor lift. Guevara speared Hardy off the lift. They were supposed to crash through a table. They hit the table but it appeared that Hardy's head hit concrete on landing. 

Referee Aubrey Edwards gave the dreaded X sign. 

They tried a couple of spots but Hardy couldn't maintain his balance. Aubrey again gave the X sign. 

Dr. Sampson intervened. They rang the bell. Hardy appeared to regain his senses and cut a promo on Guevara. 

The announcers began addressing this as if it were a real-life injury situation. 

All of a sudden, they cut back to Hardy and Guevara as they brawled into the arena. 

Hardy and Guevara climbed a truss. Hardy hit a right hand. Guevara fell off through a crash pad and was counted out. 

If Hardy was really knocked out on the scissor lift spot, the match should have been stopped. It appeared Aubrey tried to stop it.

It was incredibly irresponsible to let the match continue if Matt was knocked out that badly moments before. If the knockout was a work it was really tasteless. 

Your choice, irresponsible or tasteless. 


AEW Women's World Championship match: Hikaru Shida defeated Thunder Rosa to retain the title

A very good match. Shida is great. Rosa is a superstar. 

They opened by trading palm strikes. Rosa went for an ankle lock but Shida immediately made it to the ropes. 

They had a striking battle. Shida connected with a knee lift on the outside. Shida grabbed a chair and set it up for a launch pad for a running knee. Rosa beat her to the punch and hit her own running knee off the chair. 

Rosa sent Shida into the apron and posted her. Rosa hit a drive-by kick on the apron. Rosa went to work on Shida's back after the attack on the outside. Shida hit a running knee but kept selling her back. 

Shida hit a vertical suplex and a high kick for a pair of near falls. Rosa blocked a falcon arrow and rolled Shida up for a two count. 

Rosa hit a running clothesline in the corner and a swinging dropkick in the corner. Rosa kicked Shida to the stage. Rosa teased a DVD on the stage but Shida blocked. 

They fought to the top rope. Shida teased a superplex to the stage. Rosa blocked and hit a DVD on the apron. Rosa got a near submission off an armbar. Rosa went up top but got cut off with a superplex. 

Shida hit a meteora off the second rope to the stage. They did a countout tease. They traded strikes from their knees. 

Shida hit a backbreaker for a near fall and then hit a running knee strike for the pin. 


Alex Marvez interviewed Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. 

Ford said they're getting married. Sabian said they're getting married live on Dynamite. First, though, Sabian will have his bachelor party and reveal his best man this week on Dynamite. 


Dustin Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona & QT Marshall (w/Brandi Rhodes & Allie) defeated Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno (w/Anna Jay)

This felt like a good TV tag match. Not sure that it needed to be on the show but it was good. 

Dark Order attacked as the faces made their enrance and we were off to the races right away.Dustin got some shine. Marshall missed a QT Special and got cut off and worked over.

Cardona got a hot tag and hit Radio Silence and a tope con giro. Sky was in for a couple of spots including a TKO. Anna Jay and Brandi jumped in. Brandi speared Jay. 

Dustin and Lee tagged in. Lee hit a big lariat on Dustin. Lee then tagged Cabana in, having set him up for the victory. 

Cabana missed a moonsault. Dustin then rolled Cabana up and pinned him. 

JR had a line here about Anna Jay having a wardrobe malfunction. He was also disrespectful to both women in the Shida/Rosa match earlier with two specific lines if you were listening. JR apologized on Twitter but also told people to "lighten up."


Tony Schiavone interviewed Dustin after the match and informed him that he had been booked to face Lee for the TNT title on Wednesday. 

Dustin said they won the match for Cody tonight and he can't wait to have a chance to have gold again. He said he's bringing hell with him against Lee on Wednesday.


AEW World Tag Team Championship match: FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) defeated Kenny Omega & Hangman Page to win the titles 

As far as an individual performance goes, this may have been Omega's best outing in AEW. 

The match itself felt like an extremely long series of moves, back and forth, with no real flow as to which team had the upper hand. There's a way to tell the story that the teams are evnly matched and still have it make sense. 

Omega and Page worked on Cash at first. Dax and Cash then worked on Page. Omega got a tag and hit you can't escape on Cash. He also used a v-trigger, a kotaro krusher and a terminator dive. JR of course crapped all over Omega doing a dive. 

Page and Omega did some double team spots. Page hit a German on Cash. Omega hit a v-trigger for a near fall. Omega and Page went for Last Call but Dax blocked. 

Omega got cut off and had his right leg worked over with dragon screws. Dax and Cash hit double diving headbutts. 

Page and Omega made a comeback. Page missed a Last Call. Omega accidentally hit a v-trigger on Page. Omega had his right leg chop blocked. 

FTR hit the Mind Breaker spike piledriver but Page kicked out. 

They hit a second Mind Breaker for the pin. 

I'm a big fan of FTR. If you put a gun to my head I'd tell you the best tag match I've ever seen was FTR vs. American Alpha at TakeOver: Dallas. This just didn't do anything for me.  


After the match, Tully celebrated with FTR in the ring over a fallen Page. They left two beer cans next to Page in a mocking toast.  

Omega climbed into the ring with a wooden table. He teased using it on Page. Page collapsed at Omega's feet. Omega kicked the beers out of the ring. 

They did a long tease of Omega turning before he simply walked to the back. 

The Bucks met Omega in the back. Omega walked out and Matt and Nick followed him. The Bucks wanted to talk to Omega. He wanted to leave. 

Omega gave the Bucks an ultimatum, get in the car with him or not. They didn't. Omega left. 

This was underexplained. 

Is Omega leaving The Elite? Why did The Bucks not go with him, didn't they kick Hangman out of The Elite?


Mimosa Mayhem match: Orange Cassidy defeated Chris Jericho

This was a strange cocktail, a mix of a brutal brawl that left Jericho bloody and a lot of teasing falls into pools of orange juice and champagne. 

There were mimosa vats on two sides of the ring. 

Jericho went for a quick win with a codebreaker and a Liontamer attempt. Cassidy escaped. Jericho hit Cassidy with a table and broke a platter over his head. They did several mimosa bump teases. 

They brawled to the floor and Jericho ended up bleeding. 

Back on the mimosa platform, Jericho put Cassidy through a table. Cassidy hit Jericho with an ice bucket. They did some mimosa teases. 

Cassidy hit a Michinoku driver and an Orange Punch. Cassidy hit a running PK and a swing DDT for a two count.

Jericho hit another codebreaker but Cassidy kicked out. Jericho teased lawn darting Cassidy into the vat but Cassidy blocked. 

Cassidy blocked a razor's edge into the mimosa. 

Cassidy hit two Orange Punches and Jericho fell off the post into the vat. 

Well done. Like a true WCW veteran, Jericho found a way to do a job without doing a job. 


Full Gear was announced for November 7. 


A fan tried to grab Moxley as he made his way to the ring through the stands. 

AEW World Championship match: Jon Moxley defeated MJF (w/Wardlow) to retain the title

MJF used a headlock takeover and taunted the crowd. Moxley sent MJF outside and hit a suicide dive. He dropped MJF crotch-first on the barricade. 

The tide turned when MJF dropped Moxley shoulder-first on the apron. MJF went after the laeft arm and shoulder from there. Moxley sold like his shoulder was dislocated. 

MJF continued working on the shoulder and sent Moxley crashing off the apron into the barricade. Moxley hit a slingshot on MJF, sending him into the post. MJF bladed and bled like crazy. Moxley tried to pop his shoulder back in which was a nice bit of selling. 

Moxley hit an x-plex for a near fall. Moxley bit at MJF's bloody forehead. MJF hit a double stomp to Moxley's left arm. MJF used the Salt of the Earth. Moxley forced a rope break. 

MJF hit the Heat Seeker. Moxley kicked out at two. MJF went for a second Heat Seeker. Moxley blocked and hit an air raid crash for a near fall. 

They traded slaps from their knees. Moxley hit some knees and headbutts as they got back to their feet. 

MJF took the ref and used the distraction to hit a thumb to the eye. Moxley used a sleeper. MJF took the ref again and hit a low blow for a near fall. This spot would have worked with a bigger crowd on a different night. 

MJF hit Cross Rhodes for a two count. 

Wardlow took the ref and threw MJF the Dynamite Diamond ring. Moxley cut MJF off and hit the Paradigm Shift as Wardlow still had the ref. The tried to sell this like a big screwup by Wardlow. Moxley then covered for the pin. 

I'm not a big fan of babyfaces cheating. Why do the stipulation? Just do the match. 

Aside from that, this was an old school world title match that featured good work from everyone involved. The show was too long but that's not the fault of either of these guys.