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AEW Dark Elevation results: Darby Allin vs. Bear Bronson


It’s Monday and you know what that means: a six-match AEW Dark: Elevation featuring the usual debuts and returns. These matches were taped last Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Red Velvet defeated Angelica Risk

This match was the AEW debut for Risk. This was a short, but nice match. Risk was able to get in some offense, but Velvet (13-2 this year) won with the Final Slice for her seventh straight victory.

Lee Johnson (w/ Dustin Rhodes) defeated Marcus Kross

This match was prep for Johnson's big TNT title match against Miro. Once again, it was great to see Kross still has the best hairstyle in the business. One of the best parts of this match was Kross trying to do a KameHameHa (the signature attack of Son Goku from Dragon Ball). Johnson (9-2) won with the Brain Dog.

After the match, Miro appeared to cut a good promo about the upcoming title defense.

Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy, Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor) defeated Ashley D’Amboise

Earlier on the show, there was a Statlander video package about her undefeated streak since her return and being ready to challenge for the AEW Women’s title. She also talked about her friends (Cassidy, Best Friends and Yuta). She got one of the biggest pops of the night.

She did several cartwheels after booping D’Amboise’s nose which was impressive. Amboise did a good job selling Statlander’s offense. Statlander (13-0) won with the Big Bang Theory, her thirteenth win in a row.

Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall) defeated Rosario Grillo & Hunter Knott

This was Grillo and Knott’s second match as a tag team in AEW. Solo and Comoroto dominated with Comoroto showcasing his strength which the crowd liked. Solo and Comoroto (2-0) won this match with a double stomp.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Dani Jordyn

This was Sakazaki’s last AEW match for now as she returned to Japan and TJPW last week. Something very surprising was the reaction she got from the North Carolina crowd, who clearly loved her and her awesome theme entrance. This was a nice little match as Sakazaki brought the best out of Jordyn as both worked great together. Sakazaki (6-1) won with an airplane spin.

Darby Allin (w/ Sting) defeated Bear Bronson (w/ Bear Boulder)

Allin and Sting got the biggest pop of the night. This was a match about speed vs. strength. Bronson did a great job working as a hoss and being the heel. Allin took advantage of his speed for most of the match which helped him throughout. This was another of example of Allin being the best underdog wrestler in the world (or at least tied with Riho). Allin (16-2) won with the Coffin Drop and and could be the next challenger for AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

Final Thoughts:

This was an episode shorter than usual and because of that, most of the matches were the top AEW talent dominating their opponents. David Crockett was a special guest commentator and was great at it as he seemed to have fun watching the current generation wrestle on Elevation. The match of the night was Allin vs. Bronson while Sakazaki vs. Jordyn is also worth watching.