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AEW Dark Elevation results: Jungle Boy vs. Angelico


It’s Monday and you know what that means: a 12-match AEW Dark: Elevation featuring a few debuts. These matches were taped last Wednesday in Austin, Texas.

Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) defeated Zachariah

This was the AEW singles debut for Zachariah, a student at Dustin Rhodes’ wrestling school. Roberts was on commentary and appeared he had a blast during this short match. This was pretty much a squash as Archer destroyed Zachariah, winning after the Blackout.

Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy (w/ Kris Statlander & Wheeler Yuta) defeated Chaos Project

The crowd was super hot for Cassidy. One of the funniest moments of the match was Luther trying to put his hands in Cassidy’s pockets. This was better than expected, especially because of the dynamics of each team, and Chaos Project’s gimmick of Luther using Serpentico as a weapon worked very well. Cassidy and Taylor won when Luther fell over Serpentico and they took advantage to get the pin. This was one of the more bizarre and creative finishes I have seen in AEW.

After the match, The Bunny and The Blade came out and stared at Cassidy ahead of their match at Wednesday's night two of Fyter Fest.

Hikaru Shida defeated Dulce Tormenta

This was Tormenta's AEW debut. Fun fact: she comes from a wrestling family that are all from Texas. She got a great pin/submission combo that looked really neat. In the end, Shida, who got one of the biggest pops on the show, won with the Katana and is now 35-4 in her AEW career.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook & FTW Champion Ricky Starks) defeated Lucas Chase

This was Chase's AEW debut. In a short match, Hobbs won with Town Business, upping his record this year to 18-3. Later on the show, Hobbs cut a promo putting over Starks as the new FTW champion and telling Brian Cage to stay home.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Baron Black

Kazarian’s entrance theme is freaking awesome. This was more competitive than expected and Black’s offensive looked great. Kazarian (20-3 this year) won by submission with the chicken wing.

After the match, Brandon Cutler ran out to attack Kazarian, but he tripped. Kazarian beat him up and proceeded to spray him in the face. Doc Gallows then ran out and attacked Kazarian, leading to their newly-announced match on Wednesday.

Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus) defeated Angelico (w/ Private Party)

The feud between Jurassic Express and Christian against HFO continues. Private Party dancing during Angelico’s theme was pretty funny. JB got the biggest pop of the night with the crowd singing along during his entrance. The crowd was really fired up for this.

This was one of the better matches of the night. Angelico worked JB's left knee for most of the match and JB did a great job selling throughout. JB won by submission with the Snare Trap, his 52nd AEW career win.

Red Velvet defeated Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds)

These are two very athletic wrestlers and for the first few minutes, they basically did an anything you can do, I can do better sequence and it ruled. This was one of Hart’s better showings in AEW. Velvet (11-2 this year) won with the Slice of Cake for her 20th career AEW victory.

Gunn Club defeated Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson

This battle of Nightmare Family tag teams was also the clash of the only undefeated wrestlers in AEW in Anderson and Colten Gunn.

Billy Gunn being a giant in AEW is always a fun aesthetic in how it plays out in matches. Johnson got a great hot tag during this match. In the end, Colten picked up the win after he countered Johnson’s roll-up and grabbed his tights. Gunn Club’s record is 6-0 and Colten remains undefeated.

Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy) defeated Fuego del Sol

There’s no better match that represents the story of David and Goliath. No shocker here, but del Sol got a great pop -- probably the biggest among the enhancement guys. He tried hitting his famous tornado DDT, but that was the beginning of the end. Luchasaurus won with a combo of a chokeslam and knee to the face that looked brutal as hell.

Dante Martin defeated Shawn Dean

For most of the match, Dean tried to slow Martin down and take advantage of his size and strength. This match showcased how much Martin has improved since he had this unexpected singles run. Martin (12-4 this year) won with the Forced Landing.

Tay Conti & Serena Deeb defeated Vertvixen & Jazmin Allure

Conti and Deeb got a great pop during their entrance. The best spot of the night was Deeb doing a combo of a Serenity Lock and a northern lights suplex on both Allure and Vertvixen. Deeb picked up the win with the Serenity Lock.

Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated The Wingmen (JD Drake & Cezar Bononi)

At the beginning of the show, Kingston and Penta cut a promo hyping the match. Bononi cut a promo talking about the airport system in Texas and that being the reason the other members of The Wingmen were not on Elevation tonight. Penta and Eddie got the biggest pop of the night.

Abrahantes failed twice on catching Penta’s glove for the Zero Miedo taunt and it was pretty funny. He should probably practice more. This match was nothing out of this world, but the crowd being so hot really helped big time. Penta and Eddie won with a combo of a backfist and the armbreaker.

After the match ended, Penta cut a promo about being happy in Texas and that he and AEW would return. Abrahantes then translated Penta’s promo. Kingston also cut a fantastic promo putting over the fans and thanking them.

Final Thoughts:

Austin was such a fantastic crowd, even during a five-hour show. Chaos Project vs. Cassidy & Taylor and Red Velvet vs. Hart are matches worth watching, but the match of the night was Jungle Boy vs. Angelico. The promos on the show were also pretty good for the most part. Even Bononi's promo felt exciting because of the fans and the reaction. The only negative was a segment showing Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling meeting with a Hollywood producer.