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AEW Dark Elevation results: Konosuke Takeshita, Mercedes Martinez in action

Monday's show saw the ROH Women's title on the line.

It’s Monday and you know what that means: a two-match AEW Dark: Elevation that was taped last Wednesday at Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was odd due to it having just two matches. Despite that, it was a breeze to watch and left most people wanting at least one more match.

Paul Wight and Mark Henry were on the call tonight, joined by Caprice Coleman later on the show.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Ryan Nemeth (w/ Peter Avalon)

Takeshita got a great reception before the match began. Avalon tried some heel shenanigans to help Nemeth, but it wasn’t of much help. He tried to ground Takeshita with some amateur wrestling, but his showboating was his downfall and the beginning of the end. 

Avalon tried to intervene once again but it distracted Nemeth and set up Takeshita (5-3) for his jumping knee to end the match.

ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez defeated Mazzerati to retain the title

Martinez's size was a big factor from the start as Mazzerati had trouble dealing with it. Martinez worked her left arm for a portion, but it didn’t factor into the match. The biggest spot of the match (and of the episode) was Martinez's delayed standing suplex, which got a near fall. 

Martinez used the Brass City Sleeper for the submission to retain the title and improve her overall record to 9-3.