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AEW Dark Elevation results: Leyla Hirsch, Lance Archer, Fuego Del Sol, more in action

Seven matches took place on this week's AEW Dark Elevation.

It’s Monday and you know what that means: a seven-match AEW Dark: Elevation taped last Wednesday at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mark Henry, Paul Wight and a returning Tony Schiavone were on the call for this week’s episode of Elevation.

Jay Lethal defeated Jorah Johl (with Matt Hardy & Jose)

Lethal started the match strong, but Johl was able to use his strength to put things in his favor for a few minutes. Lethal tried to go for Lethal Injection, but Johl was able to counter it. The second time, however, Johl was not lucky. Lethal’s record is 6-1 after this bout.

After the match, Matt Hardy cut a promo about Johl disappointing him. Hardy threatened Johl that he would delete him from AHFO if he doesn’t impress soon.

Red Velvet defeated Skye Blue

While Velvet and Skye were facing each other, Leyla Hirsch showed up and distracted Velvet. Blue used this for a superkick and a nearfall. Red Velvet connected with the Final Slice and was able to win the match and improve her record to 45-21.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Alan Angels

Paul Wight and Mark Henry mentioned on commentary that if they were in the ring facing Angels, they would rip off Angels’ earring to teach him a lesson. This was very funny.

Kazarian and Angels had a battle of small packages and it ended with both standing tall. Angels tried to use his speed to overwhelm Kazarian, but the experience of the latter played a factor in this match. Kazarian sent Angels flying with a Stan Hansen-esque lariat. Kazarian went for a flying leg drop, but Angels countered it into a reverse figure four. Angels tried to go for another small package, but Kazarian countered it into a chicken wing to win the match by submission. Kazarian’s record after his match with Angels was 64-29.

Diamante, Emi Sakura & Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated LMK, Kayla Sparks & Paris Van Dale

This match was the AEW debut of Paris Van Dale. The heels started the match quickly by attacking the non-AEW wrestlers. Nyla Rose’s power in particular helped her team establish the early advantage. Diamante with a brand-new submission move (modified rear naked choke) was able to win the match for her team.

Lance Archer defeated Fuego Del Sol

Fuego Del Sol tried to outsmart Archer, but failed. Archer tried to go for a Blackout, but Fuego escaped at the last second with a flip. Archer spent most of the match toying with Fuego. Fuego tried to go for his famous Tornado DDT, but Archer countered it with a suplex. Archer on his second attempt was able to hit the Blackout and improve his record to 47-10.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Willow Nightingale

Hirsch started the match not taking Nightingale seriously. Nightingale used her size advantage to overwhelm Hirsch. Nightingale went for a beautiful moonsault but there was nobody there, allowing Hirsch to win the match by submission with an armbar. Hirsch's record after this bout is 32-12.

Evil Uno & Stu Grayson defeated Chaos Project

Luther tried to use Serpentico’s back for an assisted cannonball on Grayson, but it failed miserably. Serpentico tried to go for a Lethal Injection, but Grayson and Uno countered it into Fatality to win the match. Their record is 25-7 after this match.

Final Thoughts:

The chemistry of the commentary team has improved a lot since day one, you could clearly notice this when Schiavone, Henry and Wight were talking about cupcakes. In terms of matches, Kazarian vs. Angels was the best match of the night, but Archer vs. Fuego is also a match worth watching.