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AEW Dark Elevation results: Moxley/Allin/Kingston in trios action


It’s Monday and you know what that means: an eleven-match AEW Dark: Elevation with the usual returns and debuts. Even though this is the first post-All Out show, these matches were taped prior to the pay-per-view last week at the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Bear Country defeated Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon (w/ JD Drake & Cezar Bononi)

At the beginning of the show, The Wingmen cut a very entertaining promo about both their matches tonight with Bear Country and Dante Martin. This was Bear Boulder's second match back after an injury kept him out these last few months. During the match, Nemeth starting dancing as he clearly wants to compete with Angelico and Tay Conti for the best dancer in AEW award.

The strength and size of Bear Country were the determining factor as they won this match with an elevator splash, upping their AEW career record to 8-2. After the match, Drake and Bononi attacked Bear Country.

Emi Sakura (w/ Lulu Pencil) defeated Missa Kate

Once again, Sakura was bullish to her opponent, continuing her change in character since she moved to the U.S. and returned. Sakura controlled most of this match as Kate had almost no chance. She got in a little offense and what she did show was pretty solid. Sakura (5-1) won with a modified backbreaker and has yet to lose a match since her return.

Lance Archer defeated GPA

This was GPA’s first match on Elevation and second overall in AEW. Archer got one of the biggest pops of the show, kicking it off by carrying GPA to the ring. Archer (20-3) won in a squash with the Blackout.

Kiera Hogan defeated Blair Onxy

Hogan (1-3) picked up her first AEW win in a short match after hitting Face the Music (fisherman’s neckbreaker).

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated Laynie Luck

Side note: Rose’s entrance theme is so good and a bit underrated. Luck tried to go for a rana, but Rose (20-4) countered with a Beast Bomb for the win.

Anthony Bowens defeated Griff Garrison (w/ Julia Hart)

Bowens worked more aggressively than usual. If you love the word "cravate," you’ll love this match for the commentary. Garrison used a falcon arrow, but Bowens kicked out and Eddie Kingston almost left the commentary table because of it. This match also saw the return of Max Caster who interfered in favor of Bowens, helping his Acclaimed partner pick up the win.

After the match, Brian Pillman Jr. appeared with a kendo stick to defend his partner so it seems the feud between both teams will continue.

Red Velvet defeated Queen Aminata

Aminata went after Velvet as soon the match started. One of the best spots was a combination of a cazadora and a bulldog from Velvet (26-6) who won with a great looking Final Slice. Extra credit goes to Aminata how she sold the move.

Dark Order's John Silver & 10 defeated Isiah Moore & Travis Titan

The Dark Order had a backstage segment talking about the recent turmoil the group is facing, leading to Alan Angels challenging Evil Uno to a match on Tuesday's Dark. This was Titan and Moore's first match as a team in AEW.

Titan and Moore made the mistake of mimicking Silver’s pose which was beginning of the end. In a measure of revenge, Silver had the spot of the match with a double suplex to Moore and Titan. 10 picked up the win with the full nelson submission for this new tag team, upping their record to 2-0.

Dante Martin defeated JD Drake (w/ The Wingmen)

This was a clash of styles to say the least. The rest of the Wingmen intervened several times to help Drake out. Martin leapfrogged the ringpost to take out the Wingmen. It was a cool spot, but the Wingmen failed to catch him. Nevertheless, Martin (17-5) won with a springboard moonsault.

Riho defeated Skye Blue

Like Archer, Riho got one of the biggest pops of the show. She and Blue had great chemistry from the start with the latter hitting a great cartwheel and European uppercut combo. Blue got a great nearfall on Riho with a superkick. Riho was up to the task, hitting a beautiful northern lights suplex with a great bridge for a pin attempt. Riho (13-5) won with the Samato in a solid outing for both women.

Jon Moxley, Darby Allin & Eddie Kingston (w/ Sting) defeated Chaos Project & RSP

Moxley, Allin and Kingston went for Chaos Project and RSP as soon as the bell rang. Allin hit a great looking Code Red on Serpentico in the opening minutes. Kingston laid in some Kenta Kobashi-esque chops on Luther, so clearly he was watching some of his matches recently. Allin hit a coffin drop to pick up the win for his team.

This was yet another fun trios match from AEW and I really hope they announce those Trios titles soon. 

Final Thoughts:

The commentary was pretty good with Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight and Kingston. The show flew by and like in recent weeks, nothing overstayed its welcome. The show also did a good job building the Diamante/Big Swole feud and the current turmoil in the Dark Order.

The best matches of the show were the main event and RIho vs. Skye Blue.