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AEW Dark Elevation results: PAC vs. Chuck Taylor


It’s Monday and you know what that means: a 13-match AEW Dark: Elevation featuring the usual debuts and returns. These matches were taped last Wednesday in Garland, Texas.

Jungle Boy (w/ Jurassic Express) defeated Marq Quen (w/ HFO)

This was a battle of future prospects in AEW. On a side note, Private Party’s entrance rules. One of the best spots was Quen countering JB's top rope armdrag with several flips. Quen was great as the cocky athletic heel and complimented JB really well. Quen was really close to winning when Marko Stunt accidentally distracted the ref and Private Party went for Gin & Juice. However, JB kicked out at 2.8. He (13-2 this year) won by submission with the snare trap. Eddie Kingston sat in on commentary and was really good, putting over the young guys.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Amber Nova

Sakazaki was super over and I can’t blame the crowd. Who doesn’t love the Magical Girl? This match is the perfect representation of the gap between Joshi and women’s wrestling in the US. Sakazaki won this match with an airplane spin, upping her record to 5-1.

Thunder Rosa defeated Myka Madrid

This match was Madrid’s AEW debut and also Rosa’s first officially as an AEW contracted wrestler. She also had one of the biggest pops of the night. She dominated most of the match, but Madrid got a few spots to showcase her offense and it looked alright, especially her tarantula submission. On her birthday, Rosa (20-2) submitted her with the Peruvian calavera necktie -- her 16th straight victory.

Luchasaurus defeated Jorah Johl (w/ HFO)

This was a short match Luchasaurus won with the Whiptail.

Scorpio Sky defeated Fuego Del Sol

Sammy’s Vlog superstar and Alabama’s top luchador got a surprisingly big pop before the match, AEW fans love the master of the tornado DDT. Sky was good as hell with a crowd fully behind Del Sol. He had a few hope spots, but was phenomenal selling all of Sky’s offense. This was a more competitive match than I would have expected and it was great because of that. Sky (11-1) won with a great looking TKO.

Angelico defeated Marko Stunt

The feud between HFO against Jurassic Express & Christian Cage continued with several matches on this episode of Elevation. Stunt outwrestling the master of llavero on several occasions was pretty fun. Stunt and Angelico going back and forth was really good. Him being flexible also helped Angelico’s llavero game. Angelico (9-6) won by submission with a combination of a torture rack and arm trap.

Kris Statlander & Tay Conti defeated Madi Wrenkowski & The Bunny

Earlier, The Bunny had a backstage interview talking about her feud with Statlander and that she wanted to rip her face off. Statlander and Conti got great reactions coming out for their entrances. They showed great chemistry as a team and they did a lot of combo moves that looked pretty cool. If there’s ever a women’s tag team division, they could be great champions together. Statlander hit the Big Bang Theory on Wrenkowski for the win.

Wardlow defeated Bear Bronson

BIG MEATY MEN, SLAPPIN’ MEAT is the best way to describe this match which featured lots of power moves. It’s pretty impressive watching Wardlow lift Bronson. Wardlow (6-1) won this match by ref stoppage with the Spoils of War.

Jake Hager was on commentary which Wardlow noticed. After the match ended, they stared at each other. It’s obvious they are going to face each other again pretty soon since their record against one another is 1-1.

Lee Johnson (w/ Dustin Rhodes) defeated Luther (w/ Serpentico)

Content creator James Darnell won the AEW Games Elite GM invitational tournament so he got to book a match as a prize.

The best spot was when Luther tried to bodyslam Serpentico twice onto Johnson, but failed both times. One thing is for sure: Serpentico did not have a good time. Johnson (9-2) won with a spinning splash, but it was a very rough landing.

After the match, Miro appeared to cut a great promo and announce Johnson would be the next challenger for the TNT title.

Eddie Kingston defeated Serpentico

During his entrance, Serpentico was selling the effects of the previous match which was a nice little touch. Kingston dominated and threw Serpentico around. Serpentico worked Kingston’s left leg for most of the match which Kingston (18-6) won with a back fist.

Lucha Bros (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated Dark Order's 10 & Alan “5” Angels

This match was the AEW return for Rey Fenix after being out due to injury. His last match for AEW was a singles win against Chuck Taylor in April.

He and Angels began the match and had some pretty cool stuff going. A singles match between both would be cool to see. On a side note, Abrahantes and Penta have been practicing their catching the glove gimmick. One of the funniest spots of the night was when Fenix accidentally hit the one the cameras when he was going his rebounding spot from the ropes.

This match was hot and the crowd was very into it. Lucha Bros need to be Tag Team champions soon. Angels and 10 were also good here and were able to keep up with Penta and Fenix. Lucha Bros won after the Fear Factor from Penta combined with a Fenix stomp to Angels. This was a really good match.

Brock Anderson & Gunn Club defeated Chandler Hopkins, Cameron Cole & Izzy James

Credit to Anderson for coming out with matching gear colors with the Gunn Club. It’s always funny seeing Billy Gunn being a tall monster in this promotion as he plays the part so well. Colten Gunn picked up the win for his team with the Colt 45 and remains undefeated in AEW. Watch out Omega, Miro and Bucks: he's coming for you and your titles.

PAC (w/ Lucha Bros & Alex Abrahantes) defeated Chuck Taylor (w/ Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta)

This was PAC’s first singles match since his draw against Orange Cassidy. This was also a rematch between both wrestlers as their previous encounter was last year on Dynamite.

This was a really good back and forth match between these two veterans. The crowd was engaged and it benefited a lot because of it. PAC won with a beautiful black arrow, upping his record to 6-1-1.

After the match, Andrade appeared with Chavo Guerrero and his assistant to confront Death Triangle, but when it appeared they were going to attack, they decided to leave and pick their spot another time.

Final Thoughts:

Kingston was a great addition to the commentary team as he blended so well with Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight. Hopefully, he’ll be a regular on the booth again sometime.

The show had a lot of good matches from the opener between JB and Quen to the main event. Other matches worth watching: Angelico vs. Stunt, Sky vs. Fuego and my match of the night: 5 & 10 vs. Lucha Bros.

Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling had another promo where Sterling talked about why vegan BBQ was better than traditional BBQ which got great heat with the crowd. I'm sorry to inform to Hangman Page that Jade Cargill now owns the title of best cowboy in the promotion.