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AEW Dark Elevation results: Roppongi Vice vs. The Factory

Lee Moriarty, Ruby Soho, Hikaru Shida and Penta Oscuro were also in action.

It’s Monday and you know what that means: a nine-match AEW Dark: Elevation taped last Wednesday at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, Texas. Excalibur, Mark Henry and Paul Wight were on the call tonight.

Lee Moriarty (w/ Matt Sydal) defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Moriarty started real hot, but thanks to Luther’s guidance, Serpentico was able to control the match. Moriarty’s technical wrestling regained him the edge as he picked up the win with a crossface submission, upping his '22 record to 6-3. 

Abadon defeated Danni Bee

This was Bee's debut. Abadon won in a squash with the Black Dahlia, improving her overall record to 30-3.

Penta Oscuro (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated JPH

This was JPH's debut. Oscuro was more aggressive since he became more “sinister." Oscuro used his armbreaker to win the match, improving to 60-30 overall.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Brandon Cutler

Cutler is the perfect stooge as his selling is so reminiscent of Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco when they were stooges during the WWE Attitude Era. Kazarian dominated most of this match and prevented Cutler from using his cold spray. Kazarian submitted Cutler with the chicken wing crossface to improve his overall record is 67-29.

Jamie Hayter (w/ Rebel) defeated Rache Chanel

Hayter (3-0 in '22) won with a brainbuster in a short match.

Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) defeated Sonny Kiss

Caster’s entrance rap was amazing this week due to an Ed, Edd and Eddy reference. Kiss tried to control the flow, but the numbers game wasn't in his favor. Caster grounded his opponent for good portions of the match, hitting the Mic Drop and picking up the win (with some help from Bowens along the way). 

Hikaru Shida defeated Madi Wrenkowski

Shida (53-12) won in a short match, using a combination of an axe kick and a falcon arrow to get the win.

Anna Jay & Ruby Soho defeated The Renegade Twins

Soho and Jay started strong, but Charlette and Robyn used some dirty tricks to stop the babyfaces. A combination of a No Future kick and the Queenslayer on Robyn got Jay and Soho another win.

Roppongi Vice (w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) defeated The Factory (w/ Nick Comoroto)

This match took place due to The Factory invading a NJPW Strong show with NJPW allowing the reunion of Roppongi Vice to teach The Factory a lesson.

Aaron Solo and QT Marshall blindsided Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero and attacked them before the bell rang. The match was built around a Baretta hot tag and him then cleaning house. Comoroto interfered in favor of The Factory and even stopped Barretta from hitting a suicide dive on Marshall. Roppongi Vice used Strong Zero on Solo to win their first AEW match as a team.

The main event delivered and it was great to see Roppongi Vice back together again.