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AEW Dark Elevation results: Sydal vs. Janela, Fenix vs. Taylor


By Juan Reneo for

It’s Monday and you know what that means: time for AEW Dark: Elevation. Tonight was a very interesting card for episode seven of this series.

Rey Fenix (w/ Penta El Zero Miedo) defeated Chuck Taylor (w/ Trent?) (7:21)  

This was a solid match between Fenix and Taylor that most served to build the feud between Death Triangle and Best Friends. Alex Abrahantes (Penta’s manager and AEW’s Spanish commentator) came out to distract Taylor, giving Fenix the opportunity to roll him up for the win.

I really liked the idea of AEW doing things that connect this show with the others and gives people that don’t follow a reason to do so.  

Ryan Nemeth (w/ Peter Avalon, Cezar Bononi and JD Drake) defeated RYZIN (3:34) 

This was Nemeth’s fourth singles win. The biggest surprise was that RYZIN got more offense than one would have expected. During the match, Nemeth did Pee Wee Herman’s dance which Tony Schiavone pointed out on commentary.  

Later, Nemeth, Avalon, Bononi and Drake did a comedic segment. Drake appeared with a very cool shirt while Avalon had the funniest line from this segment with “Let’s touch (finger) tips.” 

Orange Cassidy defeated Dean Alexander (:54)  

Before the match started, Cassidy and Alexander threw their jackets at each other. Luckily for Alexander, Cassidy’s throw was as lazy as you would have expected. This was another quick win for Cassidy.

The Acclaimed defeated Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis (4:57) 

Once again, Caster had a great rap for his entrance. This featured return of Anthony Bowens after being on the sidelines for a few months due to a knee injury. Gray and Alanis are an interesting tag team and we saw glimpses of that here. However, Caster and Bowens were victorious in the end.

Nick Comoroto (w/ The Factory) defeated VSK (1:40) 

This was a dominating performance for Comoroto. VSK had a few hope spots, but couldn’t handle Comoroto's power. After the match, Comoroto destroyed VSK for good measure. Fun fact: If anyone needs an accountant that can also wrestle, VSK is your guy.  

Rising Star: Leyla Hirsch 

This was another amazing and must-see video package, one of many AEW has produced on Elevation recently. It was the life and wrestling career of Hirsch. AEW should find a way to show this and future Rising Star segments on Dynamite.

Leyla Hirsch and Ryo Mizunami defeated Amber Nova and Diamante (4:29) 

This was a very fun match. Nova and Diamante worked as the heels during most of the match -- Diamante, in particular. Hirsch looked really good and all her moves looked crisp. After the match, Diamante attacked Hirsch and Schiavone announced that both wrestlers would face each other on next week’s episode of Elevation. 

Kris Statlander (w/ Best Friends and Orange Cassidy) defeated Tesha Price (2:12) 

This was Statlander’s second match after coming back from nearly a year off due to a knee injury, Statlander booped referee Bryce Remsburg's nose, but Price was not a fan when Statlander tried to do the same with her. Statlander looked sharp while Price screamed a lot during the match. Statlander won the match with her Big Bang Theory (cradle piledriver).

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page defeated Dark Order's Alex Reynolds and Alan "5" Angels (9:50) 

Earlier in the show, Page and Sky did an short but solid interview with Dasha. Page and Sky were having their first argument about what their tag team name should be. Page suggested “Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page” while Sky suggested “Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky." Both have great natural chemistry on promos and in the ring as we saw.

Reynolds and Silver also had a good promo earlier that reminded me of a BTE skit as Angels did his best John Silver imitation.

This was a pretty good match featuring solid tag team work from both sides. Sky and Page have natural chemistry and work so well together, especially as heels. Reynolds and Angles held their own and worked really well together, but it wasn't enough as they lost clean.

Big Swole and Red Velvet defeated Nyla Rose and Madi Wrenkowski (w/ Vickie Guerrero) (3:01) 

Before the match began, Guerrero cut a promo to introduce Rose. She asked Justin Roberts to turn around to check him out, but rejected him. Guerrero was also not a fan of Rose’s partner. The match was fine and ended after Rose got frustrated, power bombed Wrenkowski, and left with Guerrero. On a side note, Swole debuted a new hairstyle.

Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) defeated Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) (10:39)  

This was another pretty good match to end this week's show as Janela and Sydal worked well together. The spot of this match (and the night) was Sydal’s mid-air counter of a suplex into a hurricanrana. This was probably one of Sydal’s best AEW showings, only second to the match he had with Omega on Dynamite a few weeks ago.  

Final Thoughts:

This was an entertaining episode of Elevation. The video packages and promos were solid, especially Hirsch’s Rising Star video. My match of the night was Sky and Page vs. Angels and Reynolds. Also, AEW has been booking a lot of tag team matches in their women’s division making for some interesting tag teams like Swole/Velvet and Mizunami/Hirsch. It would not be surprising to me if they announce another tag team tournament for the division soon.